20 Brussels Griffon To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 5 January 2022

Brussels Griffon are one of the most Instagram-friendly dog breeds.

These little Belgian dogs have big personalities and unforgettable facial expressions.

There are two types of Brussels Griffon: the rough-coated Brussels Griffon and the smooth-coated Griffon (often called Petit Brabancon).

It’s hardly a surprise that some of Instagram’s biggest dog stars are Brussels Griffon.

In fact, a quick search on the photo-sharing app shows that the Brussels Griffon hashtag has over 750,000 results.

We’ve taken a look at some of the biggest Brussels Griffon accounts on Instagram.

Brussels Griffon originated in Belgium (Photo: @squidthegriff / Instagram)

Brussels Griffon originated in Belgium (Photo: @squidthegriff / Instagram)

So let’s take the plunge at take a look at 20 social media stars in the Brussels Griffon community.

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20) Chia the Griffon (@chia.the.griffon) – 3,000 followers

Chia the Griffon (@chia.the.griffon) is based in Vancouver, British Columba. This beautiful little lady loves trips to the beach, hanging out with her dog friends and exploring the beautiful hiking areas of BC along with her Irish sidekick Niamh.

19) Petit Olive Brussels Griffon (@alohaolive) – 4,911 followers

We’ve got Petit Olive Brussels Griffon (@alohaolive) to check out next. She’s a just a tiny salty Olive in a big, big world. It’s safe to say Olive’s big smile will make you want to follow this adorable little lady. She’s closing in on 5,000 followers on Instagram.

18)Gus (@gus.the.griffon) – 6,300 followers

Staying in Canada, we’ve got Gus (@gus.the.griffon). He’s got an Instagram profile that is extremely easy on the eye. This is a Brussels Griffon who knows how to pout! Gus has mastered the consistency of his pout, whether he’s indoors or outdoors.

17) Jeff (@petit._.jeff) – 6,540 followers

We’ve got a small chubby man called Jeff (@petit._.jeff) up next. He considers himself one of the goodest good boys ever. Jeff is living his best life in Michigan. This little character has got over 6,540 followers on Instagram.

16) Barney (@barneyforthepeople) – 7,029 followers

Let’s head to Brooklyn where we’ve got Barney (@barneyforthepeople). He’s got the cutest face, whether he’s sleeping, smiling, sunbathing or sulking. It’s little wonder that Barney has already amassed a fanbase of over 7,000 on the photo-sharing app.

15) Boy George the Griffon (@boygeorgethegriffon) – 8,703 followers

A gremlin in disguise, Boy George the Griffon (@boygeorgethegriffon) is based in Sydney, Australia. He’s living his extra life Down Under. He’s a beautiful example of a black Brussel Griffon. You’ll be left charmed by his handsome good looks like over 8,700 followers on his Instagram.

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14) Winston (@winstonthebrussels) – 9,776 followers

We’ve got a smooth operator up next. Winston (@winstonthebrussels) is a smooth coat Brussels Griffon. Born grump, Winston has been perfecting his pout since October 2018. Winston’s motto is simple: everyday he’s brusseling. This LA pup is closing in on the 10,000 milestone.

13)Walter Chestnut The 3rd & Norm (@walter_chestnut_iii) – 11,500 followers

Next up is a Petit Branbancon with quite the name. Walter Chestnut The Third (@walter_chestnut_iii) doesn’t lack confidence. His confidence level is Kanye West. He’s got a younger brother called Norm. You can watch these two adorable pups grow up together in Canada.

12)Gogogriffon (@gogogriffon) – 12,800 followers

Simply described as a “catfish monkey dog” in their bio, Gogo (@gogogriffon) is a Brussels Griffon who loves to dress up. Whether it’s St Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas, this dog can be found rocking an outfit to suit the occasion.

11) Brus Griffon (@mister_griff) – 20,300 followers

His bio says he’s a well dressed Brussels Griffon living in the less fun part of New York, Bruss Griffin (@mister_griff) is a stylish dog the Empire State. This Belgian dog looks good in a suit – he’s quite the dapper pupper. Almost 20,000 followers are enjoying his colourful adventures around NYC.

10) Petunia (@petit_petunia) – 22,200 followers

Next up we have a two-year old Brussels Griffon called Petunia (@petit_petunia). She’s a tiny monkey fruit bat living in Chicago. This tiny Petit Brabancon has the sweetest little face so it’s no surprise she’s got over 22,000 followers.

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9)Chamaco the Griffon (@mynameischamaco) – 24,200 followers

The King of Los Angeles, Chamaco the Griffon (@MYNAMEISCHAMACO) likes to mix with the stars in the city of angels. Whether it’s Darth Vader or Hello Kitty, this pooch can often be found wearing a costume or a mask. This little superhero has 24,200 followers on the photo-sharing app.

8) Bob (@grumpygriffbob) – 25,700 followers

Bob (@grumpygriffbob) is the most senior member of our Brussels Griffon list. He’s reached the ripe old age of 12. You can find Bob living out his golden years in Los Angeles, California. Bob may be shy but he’s get nearly 26,000 followers on Instagram.

7) The Bone Squad (@the.bone.squad) – 30,900 followers

What’s better than one Brussel Griffon? No the answer isn’t two – it’s six! Bentley, Oliver, Nala, Elliott, Indie and Monroe are all part of the Bone Squad (@the.bone.squad). Described as six tiny humans trapped in Brussels Griffon bodies, you can definitely get your Brussels Griffon fix on this Instagram account.

6)Bing and Walter (@bingandwalter) – 31,300 followers

One part of Bing and Walter (@bingandwalter), Bing is an adorable Brussels Griffon. With a sibling of a different breed, Bing proves that this breed tend to be sociable and get along with other dogs. With over 31,000 followers, Bing is sure to light up your Instagram feed.

5) Bart Danzig (@bartdanzig) – 88,000 followers

Named after musician Glenn Danzig, Bart and Blaine (@danzigbros) are two Brussels Griffon living a rock n’ roll lifestyle in Los Angeles, California. With smooth coats, this pair are precious duo who will fill your Instagram feed with colour. They are quite the social pair, often posing alongside their pug and husky pals.

4) Sprout (@brussels.sprout) – 144,000 followers

Trying to make it in the hustle and Brussel of New York City, Brussel Sprout (@brussels.sprout) was one of the first Brussels Griffon to achieve Instagram fame. With a face that is so expressive, it’s no wonder this NYC pooch has 144,000 followers on Instagram. Quick to don an outfit or a pair of shades, this is one cool pup.

3)Bobbie California (@sadbobbie) – 214,000 followers

We’ve got a Hollywood big shot at number three. Bobbie California (@sadbobbie) likes to think of himself as a male model. He can’t use a keyboard but he’s got Instagram figured out with over 214,000 followers.

2)Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle (@digbyvanwinkle) – 248,000 followers

Digby and Aloysius (@digbyvanwinkle) are a pair of Brussels Griffons based in New Zealand. This duo aren’t afraid to get down and dirty, whether it be on the beach or walking in the woods. Sporting full beards that would leave any hipster green with envy, Digby and Aloysius are small dogs with big personalities.

1) Squid (@squidthegriff) – 320,000 followers

Proving that big things come in small packages since 2017, Squid (@squidthegriff) is a Brussels Griffon based in Australia. This cheeky chappy is always quick with a clever caption. Not afraid to dress up in an outfit, Squid provides plenty of giggles for his Instagram followers, which stands at over 320,000. You can check out his interview with helloBARK! here.

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