20 Brittany Spaniels to follow on Instagram

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Updated on 16 June 2020

The bright and upbeat Brittany Spaniel is the 26th most popular dog in the USA.

You’ve probably heard of Cocker Spaniels, King Charles Spaniels and Springer Spaniels, but Brittany Spaniel is a lesser-known variety of Spaniel.

A member of the American Kennel Club’s sporting group, the Brittany Spaniel require a lot of exercise to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Hailing from the westernmost region of France, they were traditionally used by French hunters, capable of working on duck, woodcock, pheasant and partridge.

Nowadays they make much-loved pets thanks to their affectionate and playful personalities.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 Brittany Spaniels to follow on Instagram.

20) Pixel (@meghapixelbean) – 840 followers

Pixel (@meghapixelbean) is a Brittany living with a Bengal cat called Bean. Pixel can be found in Arizona chilling with the cutest feline companion. This Brittany is a three-year old Brittany Spaniel.

19) Kona (@icecream_kona_) – 860 followers

Kona (@icecream_kona_) is a Brittany pup that was born in October 2019. Kona loves snacks. This Brittany has a talent for untying Mom’s shows. You can sometimes find Kona exploring the USA with Aspen the Adventure Dog.

18) Aspen (@aspen_the_adventure_dog) – 1,070 followers

Aspen (@aspen_the_adventure_dog) is a Brittany with a passion for adventure. He likes to chase squirrels, is passionate about food and is a cuddle expert. You can find Aspen seeking adventures in Colorado and further afield.

17) Belle June and Beast Lee (@furrealbeautyandthebeast) – 1,327 followers

Belle June and Beast Lee (@furrealbeautyandthebeast) are two Brittanys living a fairytale life in Michigan. These two seem inseparable with lots of adoable photos of these Britanny buddies their Instagram page. Belle is 12 months older than Beast.

16) Kepler (@kepl.r) – 1,400 followers

Kepler (@kepl.r) is a Brittany that loves adventures chasing the sun. This Brittany is just over 18 months old. This handsome boy can be found in Melbourne, Australia. This cheeky chappy has over 1,400 followers.

15) Unai (@unai._brittanyspaniel) – 1,879 followers

We’re moving to the Spanish island of Mallorca to meet Unai (@unai._brittanyspaniel). Living on an island with lots of sand, sea and sun, Unai appears to be living his best life.

14) Callie (@calliethebritt) – 2,240 followers

Callie (@calliethebritt) is a Brittany Spaniel living in Tennessee. Callie is a pretty lady who loves to sport a stylish bandana. This fashionable dog has mesmerizing green eyes.

13) Mac and Moose (@brittanybrothers) – 2,316 followers

Mac and Moose (@brittanybrothers) write on their Instagram that they were forced to be brothers but now they’re best friends. They welcome everyone to join their pack by hitting the follow button along with over 2,300 followers.

12) River and Pancho (@riverandpancho) – 2,500 followers

Pancho (@riverandpancho) is a Brittany Spaniel who is part of a pack of four dogs. Pancho’s siblings include Ringo the Chihuahua and River and Dori the Mini Dachshunds. You can follow this adorable pack’s adventures in Florida.

11) Bullet (@bullet_thebrittany) – 2,800 followers

Bullet (@bullet_thebrittany) is a Brittany dog living in Canada. A show dog, Bullet loves treats, long walks and car rides. He’s a self-professed mama’s boy who is a regal eight-year old Brittany.

10) Cooper (@darealcoopdawg) – 2,800 followers

We’ve got another American Brittany up next in the shape of Cooper (@darealcoopdawg). This seven-year old Brittany is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Cooper has nearly 3,000 followers on Instagram.

9) Belfast (@belfasthebrittany) – 3,800 followers

You may expect this Brittany to be based in Northern Ireland but Belfast (@belfasthebrittany) is a LA dog. One of Belfast’s passions is chasing squirrels in the city of angels. Belfast has close to 3,800 fans on the photo-sharing app.

8) Hank (@hankinidaho) – 4,114 followers

We’ve got an all-American family pup and a bird boy next up in our feature on Brittany Spaniels. Meet Hank (@hankinidaho)! He’s based in Idaho, where you find him living his best life with his family.

7) Jello and Jinx (@bbrand123) – 4,475 followers

Jello and Jinx (@bbrand123) are two Brittany Spaniels who love to go on adventuring. Their continuing the legacy of their Jet and Jasmine, who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

6) Baxter (@baxter_the_brittany_spaniel) – 5,860 followers

Baxter (@baxter_the_brittany_spaniel) is a three-year old Brittany Spaniel. This charming pup can often be found with his tongue out – every day is tongUe out day for Baxter! He’s a fashion conscious canine with a passion for bow ties and bandanas.

5) Beau (@beau_the_brittany) – 6,300 followers

Beau (@beau_the_brittany) has his own Instagram page but there’s a good chance you’ve spotted him on his mom’s account (@bellabucchiotti). This cute Brittany Spaniel can be found exploring lakes, mountains, and woodland with his dog momma. Together, they’re living their best life.

4) Bjorn (@bjorn_spanielbreton) – 6,800 followers

Bjorn (@bjorn_spanielbreton) lives in Valencia, Spain. He's a professional prankster. Bjorn is a beach Brittany who loves to play in the sand. This Spanish pup has nearly 7,000 followers on Instagram.

3) Nitro and Kodak (@nitro_gunn) - 8,250 followers

Next up we've got Nitro and Kodak (@nitro_gunn). They're two Texan dogs who can be found exploring the bluebonnets in the southern state. These two Brittany Spaniels have a unique bond: they're father and son.

2) Hilda (@teamcusag) - 8,600 followers

Hilda (@teamcusag) is a Brittany Spaniel with a best friend called Otto, who is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Together, they love to explore northern Norway. With big brown eyes and an orange coat, Hilda is a beautiful example of a Brittany Spaniel.

1) Odie (@odievonzamok) - 53,500 followers

Finally, we've got Odie (@odievonzamok). This six-year old is a fan of shenanigans and outdoor adventures. Odie has been known to chase a chipmunk or two. When he's not hightailing after critters, he loves to snuggle with his pet parents.

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