Brie the Chihuahua questions and answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 9 January 2020

Brie is a rescued Chihuahua making waves on Instagram.

He’s a rescue dog who survived a puppy mill so Brie had quite the eventful start to life.

Brie has gone from homeless to social media star with over 46,000 followers on social media.

It’s little wonder Brie has such a big following given his adorable looks and big personality.

We spoke to Brie’s mom Limda to learn more about this heroic little Chihuahua and what life is like with a Chi.

You can follow Brie on Instagram here: @brie_the_chi.

1) How did you first hear about the Chihuahua breed?

Brie the Chihuahua (Photo: @brie_the_chi / Instagram)

Brie the Chihuahua (Photo: @brie_the_chi / Instagram)

Limda – When I was a little girl and a very ostentatious older lady who lived across from my nana (grandma) had two chihuahuas. They were very old and still feisty and I liked that about them. I remember once these two old chihuahuas scaring off a huge german shepard that was barking at me, i think that’s what sealed it.

Brie – When I cleaned my own butt and it was vewy smol and I was like “what the hell kind of animol am i?” .. someone shouted “A chihuahua” and I was like “cool”.

2) What attracted you to Chihuahuas?

Limda – Something about having the bravest dog on the planet encapsulated into the smallest dog on earth inspired me. Oh and Mickey Rourke had Chihuahuas, I remember a magazine article of him on his ranch with all these tiny Chihuahuas on a couch with him. He said that they were the best companions he had ever had.

Brie – We all hab massib eyes.

3) Can you give us an insight into Brie’s personality?

Limda – Brie is the weirdest little creature I know, when she gets excited she keeps her mouth open and makes odd little chimp noises. She still gets very scared of certain noises and so I have to be careful not to drop things or do anything to startle her. She has a lot of trauma from the puppy farm and that’s always going to be with her i’m afraid, but we no longer have the night terrors, daily indoor wee wee or the fear of humans so things are slowly getting better.

Brie – I am a trained nimja!

4) Has owning a Chihuahua lived up to your expectations?

Brie the Chihuahua (Photo: @brie_the_chi / Instagram)

Brie the Chihuahua (Photo: @brie_the_chi / Instagram)

Limda – I didn’t really have any expectations, I got my first Chihuahua while I was at university, she was called Uma and I had her for 20 years. Maybe some people expect that owning such a small dog is gonna be like having a cat, but it’s really not. Chihuahuas need walks and training, just like another dog.

Brie – Not really, can I send my sister Bou back?

5) Do you think there are any unfair stereotypes about Chihuahuas?

Limda – Yes they are often called rats or yappy little s***s. I have come across people who are incredibly vitriolic against small dogs, and many people joke about them being a snack for bigger dogs. Its very easy to get offended by these comments and there was a time that I did. These days I simply say “poo’s are smaller and their cheaper to feed” and walk off.

Brie – Yes lots of peoples underestimates vewy smol dogs as not as good as big dogs. Me and my pack and chase larger dogs and leaves them cower on the floor until they wee wee …if they is bad dogs. Limda calls us ‘land piranhas’.

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6) Do Chihuahuas bark a lot?

Limda – No more than other dogs. I’ve had various types of dogs that stay at my home that bark more than mine and some less than mine. I don’t feel that small dogs bark anymore than big dogs. you might find a smaller dog barks when it is scared but I don’t think its a statement that can be made for them all.

Brie – We does like to sing on a morning to welcome in the new day. My sister Vesper will bork at big dogs, Dexter will bork at postmen and pigeons and Bou hates leaves. I do not bork as I am good.

7) Are Chihuahuas easy to train?

Brie the Chihuahua (Photo: @brie_the_chi / Instagram)

Brie the Chihuahua (Photo: @brie_the_chi / Instagram)

Limda – I think training is all down to the owner, some breeds are slightly easier whose breeding lends itself to training, such as working dogs like pastoral breeds. Small ‘toy’ dogs have a large brain in equivalent to their size and are longer lived so they can be slightly more stubborn I think. I have heard people say that you can’t house train chihuahuas but if you get a dog from a puppy, you should be able to house train any dog. Some rescue dogs might have problems with house training as they have never been taught.

Brie – What is train? and does it taste of chimkin?

8) Do Chihuahuas make good family pets?

Limda – I would not personally recommend Chihuahuas for a busy family home with lots of children, only because some dogs are very fragile and could easily be injured. You do still see them being bought as toys for children and also for fashion conscious women. These poor dogs are treated like dolls, they are not walked, not trained, dressed up like little babies and end up suffering all sorts of physical and mental ailments.

Brie – I bite smol hoomans and they screm

9) Would you recommend a Chihuahua to a first-time owner?

Limda – I think if someone has done their research, then absolutely. I would never recommend buying a puppy from a breeder as I think there are enough rescue chihuahuas available. But so long as someone knows that they are getting a dog that needs walked, trained and needs to play just like any other dog, they should go for it.

Brie – Do they hab chimkin?

10) Why did you start an Instagram page for your Chihuahua?

Limda – Just over 3 years ago when I first adopted Brie I just wanted to track the day to day progress of her as she was my first rescue dog and I honestly didn’t know how much time we would have together. She was a very poorly little dog when we collected her from the rescue, she had undergone various operations, could barely walk, weighed around 1 pound and was terrified of humans.

Brie – I hab been wif da Limda 3 years I think.. It seems sooooo much longerer.

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11) What’s your favourite memory or story with Brie?

Brie the Chihuahua (Photo: @brie_the_chi / Instagram)

Brie the Chihuahua (Photo: @brie_the_chi / Instagram)

Limda – Its on her freedom ride when this terrified little creature crawled up my chest and nestled in my neck and fell asleep. That was only of the best memories of my life.

Brie – Limda sometimes smells like beef around her neck… yumm

12) How much time do you dedicate to your Instagram?

Limda – Around an hour or so a day these days. I need to put posts together, come up with new content ideas and content for her subscription page also. I tend to go sit in a coffee shop with Brie and scribble down some ideas.

Brie – I lives and breeves it!

13) What are the pros and cons of having an Instagram page for your dog?


Pros – We get so much love and support from the community on Brie’s page, they are all so generous. I have gotten to know many of them personally over the years and Facetime them. Many are in the US and I would give anything to meet them.

Cons – You don’t feel you can have a day off as you don’t want to let people down.

Brie – Pros – I hab another famalee all over da worlb. Cons – Limda is always say “Brie smile” .. am like “bites me Limda”

14) What other Chihuahua accounts would you recommend?

Brie the Chihuahua (Photo: @brie_the_chi / Instagram)

Brie the Chihuahua (Photo: @brie_the_chi / Instagram)

Limda – OMG thats a big ask. I am obviously gonna say my sister who lives with another Mr @sushi_the_chi. I feel awkward saying ones I recommend as thats missing other folks out. Just come and check out the fab guys commenting on my posts.

Brie – I didn’t knows there was any others.. shhhhhh

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