Boris and Doug interview

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 27 January 2023

Boris and Doug are new brothers from other mothers with quite the following on Instagram.

Doug is a Dalmatian pup and Boris is a fox red Labrador and their adorable photos have already secured them a following on Instagram in excess of 130,000 people.

It’s no surprise these two have amassed such a celebrity status in the social media world given their endless adventures together on the beach, on hikes or in the back yard.

Boris and Doug’s account provides a fascinating and heartwarming glance into how two dogs can develop such a deep bond after arriving to their forever home on the same day in March 2019.

We spoke to their Dad Tom to learn more about Boris and Doug, although with an emphasis on the Dalmatian breed.

With a following of 75,000 amassed in little over three months, we wanted to get their advice on how dog owners can step up their Instagram game.

So here’s what Boris and Doug (@boris.and.doug) had to say.

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1) What first attracted you to the Dalmatian breed (in particular)?

We love how their posture and appearance is very regal and toned. They are very playful and love their exercise which is great as we love walking and wanted a dog that would fit in with our active lifestyle.

2) Can you give us a little background to how you ended up with Boris and Doug?

Boris and Doug, Golden Retriever and Dalmatian siblings (Photo: @boris.and.doug)

Boris and Doug, Golden Retriever and Dalmatian siblings (Photo: @boris.and.doug)

We did a lot of research initially to make sure the breeds were right for us. Tom grew up with two Labradors so we knew a lot about them but we had to look further into Dalmatians. We spoke to people who have Dalmatians though and just knew that it would be right for us! We spent months looking for reputable breeders so that we knew the dogs were well looked after and that we could pick up both dogs on the same day, as we wanted them both to come into our family at the same time.

3) Can you give us an insight into their respective personalities?

Boris is definitely the one who is in charge at home. Doug may be bigger but Boris is louder and makes sure Doug knows who is the boss! Doug always looks after Boris when we’re out on walks if a bigger dog comes over though, he always makes sure he is safe by his side. Both of them love to cuddle up with us on the sofa at night, often leaving us with not much room ourselves! Both of them are also very food orientated, if you give them a biscuit they’ll be your best friend for life!

4) What’s the dynamic like between Boris and Doug in the home?

As said before Boris is very much in charge, but they are both great with each other and love playing. They have goodness knows how many toys now but they always seem to want the one toy that the other one has! They’re great with meals as well, if one finishes before the other they will just sit there while the other finishes their food! They have separate beds to sleep in but we always find them cuddled up in the same bed together.

5) What are the similarities and differences between the two breeds?

Both are very playful and full of energy, but Doug does need more sleep than Boris. He will often be asleep a good hour before Boris and he is still asleep in the morning when Boris gives us the wake up call! Both are very food oriented and love their treats, especially frozen carrots!

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6) Is a Dalmatian a good family dog?

We don’t have children ourselves but do have nieces, nephews and friends with children and he’s been great with them all! We couldn’t recommend a Dalmatian enough if a family is thinking of getting a dog!

7) Do Dalmatians shed a lot?

Yes! It feels like we are constantly finding Doug hairs everywhere! We use a soft brush (as his puppy skin is still sensitive) quite often but there is still a lot of shedding.

8) Why do you think Dalmatians aren’t as common as some other breeds like Golden Retrievers and Labradors?

Boris and Doug, Golden Retriever and Dalmatian siblings (Photo: @boris.and.doug)

Boris and Doug, Golden Retriever and Dalmatian siblings (Photo: @boris.and.doug)

We’re not sure really as we love them, but I think people generally know a lot more about Labradors and Golden Retrievers so they will go with them.

9) Do Dalmatians need a lot of exercise?

Yes we walk the boys twice a day at the moment but they are still full of life when we are at home. We can only walk them for two shorter walks a day at the moment while they are growing but we’re looking forward to when they’re older so we can tire them out a bit more on walks!

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10) What advice would give to someone considering a Dalmatian as a pet?

Make sure you do plenty of research on them before getting one. We read books and online blogs about Dalmatians to make sure it would be right for us! Also make sure you are able to give them plenty of time when they are puppies to train them. And be prepared to have a lively dog for a long time!

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11) Why did you decide to start an Instagram page for Boris and Doug?

We first set up the page so family and friends could see the boys growing up without having to spam our own feeds, but now our following has grown so much we love sharing their journey with everyone and seeing how much people connect with them!

12) How much time do you spend on their Instagram page?

Boris and Doug, Golden Retriever and Dalmatian siblings (Photo: @boris.and.doug)

Boris and Doug, Golden Retriever and Dalmatian siblings (Photo: @boris.and.doug)

We spend around 30-45 minutes a day on Instagram, the boys are so photogenic we only have to spend 5 minutes on uploading their pictures but we love reading through everyone’s comments and replying when we are able to!

13) Any tips for our readers when it comes to photographing two dogs (as opposed to one, which is already hard enough!)

We’re very lucky with Boris and Doug as they are so photogenic and sit really well together. We use their favourite toys and treats to get them to focus on the camera when we want them to, otherwise we are constantly taking pictures of them anyway because they’re always doing something cute!

14) What is your favourite memory/post on Instagram?

Our favourite moment on Instagram was when we got featured by WeRateDogs. The amount of lovely comments we got on there about the boys was truly amazing! We also got a great rating of 14/10 too!

15) What other Dalmatian accounts – or other dog accounts – would you recommend to our readers?

There are so many that we love we could honestly go on forever! But our favourites are probably @hi.wiley and @foxrednugget as they remind us of Boris and Doug.

Dalmatians pros and cons


• Their loving nature. We spend so much time on a night cuddling up and it’s just the cutest thing. It makes us so happy that we got such loving breeds.

• How well they get on with other dogs and people. We are yet to meet one person or dog that Doug hasn’t got on with and who hasn’t loved him back!


• Their shedding. We can’t wear black clothes anymore as they just end up covered in white hairs and we look silly!

• Keeping their fur perfectly white. You never realise how hard it is to get a Dalmatian back to being perfect white until they’ve jumped in a muddy puddle and got covered in muck!

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