21 Border Collies To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 10 January 2023

Border Collies are the smartest dog breed in the world.

The American Kennel Club describes the Border Collie as a “remarkably bright workaholic”.

This breed requires lots of mental and physical stimulation given their extremely high IQ.

Having said that, Border Collies will still enjoy some downtime with their pet parents at night.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Border Collie or Border Collie mixes to check out on Instagram.

We’ll travel to the US, Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Canada and more to meet some beautiful Border Collies.

21) Durango (@durango_the_border_pup)

Durango (@durango_the_border_pup) is a Border Collie with a curious personality and a playful streak. Although he shares his name with a Colorado city, you’ll find Durango roaming along the border of Texas and Mexico.

20) Alvin (@ourpalalvin)

Moving from Texas to New York City, we’ve got Alvin (@ourpalalvin) up next. He’s a rescued Border Collie living in the Big Apple. He has two loves in his life: his ball and his mom. Alvin’s got his priorities sorted!

19) Reese and Ryder (@theymustroam)

Reese (@theymustroam) is a Border Collie mutt pup living her best life. She’s got a charming Husky mutt pup for company in the shape of Ryder. Reese is described as a “barking speed demon” with the sweetest personality you’ll ever meet.

18) Copper and Ember (@copper.and.ember)

Copper and Ember (@copper.and.ember) are two Border Collie crosses living in South West. Like most dog lovers, they’d rather be outside exploring. Copper is a Border Collie crossed with a Mini Aussie, while Ember is a Border Collie Kelpie mix. Their coat colors contrast beautifully.

17) Diego and Benito (@dieghitoandbenito)

We’re moving to Italy next to meet Diego and Benito (@dieghitoandbenito). Diego is a Border Collie mix who is the companion of Benito, a blind German Shorthaired Pointer. Their owners are vet students, so this pair are in good hands.

16) Solo, Link and Ultra (@barkrunjump)

Solo, Link and Ultra (@barkrunjump) make up the agility trio called Bark Run Jump. They’re known for their agility, tricks, dock diving and more. You can check out their active lifestyles and perhaps draw inspiration for you and your pup.

15) Finn and Sonic (@finn_and_sonic)

We’ve been to the US, but now it’s time to take a trip to New Zealand. Finn and Sonic (@finn_and_sonic) are two Border Collies exploring the breathtaking New Zealand terrain. They urge dog owners to never leave their canine companions behind.

14) Kiara and Allanah (@aborderstory)

Kiara (@aborderstory) is a Border Collie living with dwarfism. However, this hasn’t prevented Kiara from becoming an excellent agility, trick and dock dog. You watch Kiara explore and train on her Instagram account.

13) Wapi (@wapi_adventures)

We’ve spent a lot of time in Australia, New Zealand and the US so far, but now it’s time to meet a Border Collie in France. Wapi (@wapi_adventures) is a gorgeous Border Collie with a dog photographer owner. Wapi’s photos are simply stunning, so soak them up!

12) Cody, Rylee and Jesse (@codythebc)

Cody, Rylee and Jesse (@codythebc) are three Border Collies living in New Jersey. This trio are three fine examples of Border Collie. Their Instagram grid is awash with deep greens and beautiful black and white coats.

11) River Explores (@riverexplores)

River Explores (@riverexplores) is a Border Collie Labrador mix. You can check out the life of River, who is an adventurous pup living in Vancouver, British Columbia. River has gorgeous amber eyes that will leave you mesmerized.

10) Freddy (@freddy_merlecury)

Next up we’ve got a Springer Spaniel and a Border Collie mix called Freddy (@freddy_merlecury). They live in Derbyshire in the United Kingdom. Freddy has beautiful coloring and a flamboyant coat with black, grey, tan, red and white markings. He’s certainly a showstopper like his namesake.

9) Anja Troha (@anjatroha)

Anja Troha (@anjatroha) is a dog photographer and cinematographer with two Border Collies called Vicky and Tavalu. You can check out breathtaking photos of these two Border Collies exploring beaches, mountains, woodlands and more.

8) Atila (@meuborder)

Atila (@meuborder) appears to be a dog coach with three gorgeous dogs, two of which appear to Border Collies with a Shetland Sheepdog. With beautiful photos and insight into life training dogs, it’s little wonder Atila has over 33,000 followers.

7) Draco, Gemma and Fae (@brodercolliedraco)

Draco (@brodercolliedraco) is a handsome Border Collie who loves to make a splash, whether it’s at the beach or at the pool. His companion is Gemma, who is a working girl working towards getting her novice obedience title. Finally, we’ve got Fae who completes this Border Collie trio. You’ll get your Border Collie fix on this account!

6) Jenny (@jennycarlsso)

Jenny (@jennycarlsso) is a dog mom to Border Collies Charlie and Chess as well as a Sheltie called Lovis. Living in Varnamo, you can watch this trio explore Sweden with their humans. Jenny has a following of over 52,000, which isn’t a surprise given her gorgeous photos of this doggie trio.

5) Maya and Willow (@crazyaboutspots)

Maya and Willow (@crazyaboutspots) are two blue and lilac Border Collies that like to be photographed. They’ve got striking coat colors that complement the beautiful landscapes and sea views in Monterey, California. If you love Border Collie and you’ve got a soft spot for Monterey like us, this is the account for you.

4) Sydney and Ego (@expeditionego)

Sydney and Ego (@expeditionego) are duo that love to explore the beautiful Pacific North West region. They’ve got a staggering 134,000 followers on Instagram, which isn’t a surprise given the array of gorgeous photos on their account.

3) The Super Collies (@thesupercollies)

The Super Collies (@thesupercollies) are a group of five talented Collies who have made appearances on the Late Show, America’s Got Talent and more. This quintet live active lifestyles that you can follow on Instagram along with 158,000 others.

2) Envy, Zain and Trek (@kellybove)

Envy, Zain and Trek (@kellybove) are three rescue dogs living in Pennsylvania. There’s a good chance you’ve encountered this charming trio on Instagram, given they’re social media royalty. Envy and Zain have been dubbed the “famous hugging dogs” before Trek was added to their pack a few years ago.

1) Andrew Knapp (@andrewknapp)

We’ve reached the end of our Border Collie feature with the inclusion of Andrew Knapp (@andrewknapp). Andrew is a proud dog dad to Momo and Boo. Momo has gained notoriety for starring in a series of Find Momo books. Andrew’s love for his dogs is uplifting and a reminder to make the most of every moment with a furry companions.

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