Boomer The Landcloud Questions & Answers

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Updated on 6 January 2023

Boomer was one of the most recognisable dogs of 2020.

With the pandemic sweeping across the world, we all spent a lot of time on social media to provide so much-needed relief from the stress of Covid.

The TikTok craze has propelled a number of dogs into the spotlight, while the addition of Reels to the Instagram platform has provided an endless source of upbeat fluffy video content.

Boomer has amassed 3.3m followers on TikTok, while the CEO of being carried is on the cusp of 340,000 Instagram followers.

There’s a good chance you’ve come across one of Boomer’s videos whether it’s a clip of him being carried by his parents or spreading Christmas cheer.

We spoke to Boomer’s parents to learn more about their charming Samoyed and some of the breed’s characteristics.

You can follow Boomer (@boomer_the_landcloud) on Instagram and TikTok (@boomer_the_landcloud).

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1) What attracted you to the Samoyed breed?

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

I saw one in NYC and fell in love and when we researched the breed, we knew it would be a great match for us. Samoyeds are active dogs, they don’t have a dog smell, they are very family friendly and pack dogs with sensitive hearts.

2) How did you end up with Boomer?

Once we decided we were ready we reached out to a few breeders we had in mind. Usually the wait for a Samoyed is 1-2 years but because Boomer couldn’t go to the family he was assigned to originally, we got lucky and were able to pick him up within in a week. We did, however, get him at 11 weeks when usually pups go home from the breeder at eight weeks old.

3) What is Boomer’s personality like?

He is a very happy and curious boy who is very sensitive. He picks up on emotions really fast and will change his demeanor to match it.

4) What does an average day look like for Boomer?

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

Pre-Covid, he went to work with dog dad 3-4 times a week but otherwise his days include 3-4 walks for about two hours everyday and playing at home in between. He has a play date at least once a week and goes on a hike or to the beach once or twice every weekend!

5) How did Boomer develop his passion for being carried by mom and dad?

When he was a puppy he got tired really fast on walks and would jump up and try to get us to carry him, we gave in and he was so happy when he got carried. Although he doesn’t ask on his own to be carried now, as soon as we indicate it’s time to be carried he gets sooo happy and jumps up!

6) How often do Samoyeds shed and if so, how do you cope with the hair?

They are supposed to shed seasonally but we haven’t experienced a big blowout in the past 2.5 years – probably because he gets brushed every other day and also gets a blow dry often to get rid of the loose hair. The shedding really isn’t bad considering how long his hair is!

7) Would you say Boomer/Samoyeds are high maintenance?

Definitely, he gets brushed for 5-6 hrs every week and gets atleast 2 hours of activity everyday.

8) What are some of the comments/questions you get when out and about with Boomer?

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

Does he shed is the most common one.

9) Does Boomer like to cuddle with his parents when he’s not filming TikTok videos?

He does but in very small intervals – maybe a couple of minutes at a time because he gets too hot.

10) What made you start an Instagram account for Boomer?

We knew we would be taking lots of pictures of our new puppy and didn’t want to overwhelm all our friends on our personal Instagram accounts with puppy pics everyday so we decided to make a new one to log his memories.

11) Do you prefer Instagram or TikTok? If you could explain your reasons why.

I like them both for various reasons, I prefer Instagram for the community it has given us and the friends we have made through it – it’s so much easier to have conversations with people. I like TikTok because it’s really fun!

12) How much work goes into planning your content on both platforms?

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

It really depends, I don’t plan posts ahead of time, it’s always been going with the flow and when and if I feel like posting. I will see a trend or get an idea I want to implement and that will require some planning if it’s a little more elaborate to film

13) What advice would you give to someone who wants to emulate Boomer’s success on social media?

Listen to what the audience is telling you, any feedback is feedback and work on catering to that. People come to your social media page for a particular reason so find that reason and work on giving the audience that. Also, really interacting with people has made a big difference for us, while posting content is for the audience to consume, the conversations and comments we get is a way for me to feel connected to the community we have built and that’s what keeps me going.

14) Would you recommend a Samoyed to a first-time dog owner?

Yes, if you do your research and are aware of what caring for one really involves. I’ve heard of many stories of people who have to give up their Samoyed because they can’t keep it, so we always say please don’t get a Samoyed just because they look cute.

15) Finally, what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when you first got Boomer knowing what you know now?

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

Take more puppy pictures! He grew up way too fast.

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