Best Dog YouTube Channels

By helloBARK!
Updated on 16 March 2020

Every day over YouTube users watch a billion hours of video.

With nearly two billion users a month, YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms.

The video-sharing platform is the second largest search engine.

So if you’re looking to learn about dogs or a specific breed, YouTube is a great place to start.

You may be accustomed to checking out your favourite dogs on Instagram, but YouTube can give you another insight into their personalities and day-to-day lives.

In this article, we’ll showcase some of the best dog YouTube channels that you need to check out.

Life With Klee Kai

Two Alaskan Klee Kai living in London, Copper and Skye are relatively new to the YouTube scene. However, if you want to learn more about these mini huskies and how they’ve transitioned from San Francisco to London, check out their channel.

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20) Herky the Cavalier – 30,000 subscribers

Herky, and her little sister Milton, are the stars of this YouTube channel. Living in Montreal, Canada, they’ve already amassed over 5.5 views on the video-sharing platform. If you want to see what life is like with two Cavaliers, this is the channel for you!

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19) The Husky Squad – 32,000 subscribers

The Husky Squad hope to inspire you with their cinematic style videos of camping and hiking with our three Siberian Husky dogs. They share “How To Tips” dog videos to help you and your pup build a great relationship through bonding, using the right tools, and above all – by living a happy fulfilling life. Read their interview with helloBARK! here.

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18) Denver the Guilty Dog – 43,600 subscribers

Denver’s big start on YouTube came thanks to her famous guilty dog video. After being caught munching on cat treats while her owner was out, Denver cracked under the interrogation to produce an iconic dog moment on the internet. The video has over 53 million views on YouTube.

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17) Sixty Formula – 90,000 subscribers

Britney Spears and Hila are two Siberian Huskies with big personalities. They love to get out and explore the world. Whether you want to learn more about Siberian Huskies or just watch some of their goofy videos, Sixty Formula’s channel has a bit of everything. You can check out our interview with Sixty Formula here.

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16) Odin the German Shepherd – 106,000 subscribers

Odin the German Shepherd is one of the most popular German Shepherds on YouTube. He’s racked up nearly 60 million views on the platform. You can also see guest appearances from Samson the Boxer, Bella the Chorkie, Dirty Hannah the Yellow Labrador and Remington the Yellow Labrador.

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15) Tonka the Malamute – 107,000 followers

Tonka the Malamute is another member of the northern dog community with a sizeable following on the video platform. Having been rescued from a tough situation in Florida, Tonka is now a YouTube star with over 107,000 subscribers.

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14) Life With Malamutes – 224,000 subscribers

Having started a YouTube channel following the success of @lifewithmalamutes on Instagram, we’ve got Phil, Niko and Milo. The aforementioned pair are two giant Alaskan Malamutes also known as big teddy bears and a ragamuffin. Milo is a mainecoon cat. Read out chat with Life With Malamutes here.

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13) Just Jesse 197 – 321,000 subscribers

Jesse is a happy and healthy Jack Russell Terrier who is the star of the original “Useful Dog Tricks” Viral Video Series on YouTube. This talented little guy has no shortage of tricks up his sleeve! He’s fast closing in on 100 million views on YouTube.

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12) Haru the Shiba Inu – 433,000 subscribers

Haru is a calm and sweet Shiba Inu. She’s a lighthearted lady with 433,000 subscribers on YouTube. This elegant lady rarely barks and likes to keep herself occupied. She posts weekly and her current video have clocked up nearly 70 million views.

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11) Vlog After College – 589,000 subscribers

Although Gatsby has his own YouTube channel, you’ll find the latest contest from this cute Corgi on his Dad’s channel, Vlog After College. Ryan posts lots of videos with his Corgi sidekick Gatsby, giving viewers an insight into life with these herding dogs.

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10) Mocha Milk – 771,000 followers

Mocha and Milk are two aptly named dogs with a huge fanbase on YouTube. Mocha is a Pomeranian Spitz mix and his sister Milk is a female Samoyed. They’ve recently welcomed a new arrival so they’ve got lots of great content involving their new pack member.

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alaskan klee kai
Follow Copper and Skye to learn more about Alaskan Klee Kai or to get in touch

9) Crusoe the Dachshund -931,000 followers

Crusoe the Dachshund is a mini dachshund who is famous for his cute and funny dog videos. Crusoe has over 4 million followers online and over 1.1 billion Facebook video views. He’s also got a New York Times Bestselling book, Crusoe says he is the “wiener dog extraordinaire” who will surely brighten your day!

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8) My Mountain Husky – 1.15 million subscribers

My Mountain Husky is a channel dedicated to the adventures of Kakoa and Sky. With their dazzling blue eyes and larger than life personalities, its little wonder their content has been viewed over 170 million times on YouTube.

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7) K’eyush The Stunt Dog -1.29 million followers

K’eyush is a Husky/Malamute cross with a huge sense of humour! He rolls at speed, fails to catch balls, has opinions on television adverts that he must sing to and loves to entertain! As you’ll quickly learn if you hit subscribe, Key is a very smart dog with a sense of style.

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6) Mayapolarbear – 1.56 million subscribers

Another giant of the social media game is Mayapolarbear. She’s a fluffy Samoyed who is being pawsome since July 2016. Her cute expressions will melt your heart. Her even cuter YouTube videos will leave you with an addiction to her channel.

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5) Tucker Budzyn – 1.71 million subscribers

Odds are you’ve come across Tucker Budyzn on Instagram. Did you know he’s got a thriving YouTube channel? His videos, captions and fun personality will have you in stitches. There’s no resisting his Golden Retriever charm.

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4) Kakoa’s World – 2.14 million followers

We’ve got another heavyweight of the YouTube world up next. Kakoa has 2.14 million subscribers and over 565 million views on the video-sharing platform. You can see Kakoa with his fun humans (who like to dress up in costume). This fun-themed channel will make you laugh!

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3) Gohan The Husky – 2.34 million subscribers

Gohan The Husky is the most followed Husky on YouTube. Good job, Gohan! He’s a goof ball who is an expert at producing funny content that will make you giggle. His videos have nearly 270 million views.

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2) Louie The Beagle – 2.7 million subscribers

Louie The Beagle is the biggest dog Youtuber. His content has been viewed a staggering 698 million times. He’s got a little sister called Marie – too. These two do a lot of pranks that will make you smile! They’ve got an eye watering 2.7 million YouTube subscribers.

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1) Maymo – 8.24 million subscribers

Maymo consider himself to be a seriously funny lemon Beagle dog made famous by his extremely cute and derpy activities. His videos have appeared on major television shows and websites, which explains his enormous YouTube following.

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