20 Bernese Mountain Dogs To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 16 August 2021

Bernese Mountain Dogs are big and powerful dogs.

The breed are considered members of the working group, which is hardly a surprise given their enormous size.

But don’t be fooled by these friendly giants, Bernese Mountain Dogs are gentle with children and sociable with all members of the family.

These dogs can trace their roots back to the hills and mountains of Switzerland before dispersing around the world.

American Kennel Club rank the Bernese Mountain Dog as the 23rd most popular breed in the world.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 Bernese Mountain Dogs to follow on Instagram.

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21) Norman (@norman.bmd) – 1,403 followers

Norman (@norman.bmd) is a six-month old Bernese Mountain Dog. You’ll often find Norman exploring luscious woodland. When he’s not on an adventure, this handsome young Bernese Mountain Dog appears to enjoy chewing a bone or a kong. His vibrant photos will put a smile on your face.

20) Moose (@adventures_of_moose_and_aspen) – 3,322 followers

Moose (@adventures_of_moose_and_aspen) is a Bernese Mountain Dog with a younger sibling called Aspen, who is a Great Bernese dog. They appear to have a close bond that is only deepened by their many adventures together. Over 3,000 people are following their adventures on Instagram.

19) Embeley (@a_floofer_named_embley) – 8,149 followers

Embeley (@a_floofer_named_embley) is a Bernese Mountain Dog living in Perth, Australia. The three-year old loves to dig holes, chew stuff and play with his sister. This Lil Miss Fluffy Butt has over 8,000 followers.

18) Abby Bear (@abbeybearberner) – 11,400 followers

Abby Bear (@abbeybearberner) is a mischief maker living in Chicago, by her own admission. She writes that she has low quality pictures and videos but can provide high quality cuteness. Known as Abby Bear on Instagram, her AKC name is Spellbound’s Naughty and Nice.

17) Bunsen Berner (@bunsenberner.bmd) – 16,800 followers

Bunsen Berner (@bunsenberner.bmd) is a Bernese Mountain Dog with a passion for science. Bunsen writes on this profile that he promotes science, empathy and kindness. Bunsen has a little Golden Retriever sister called Beaker. Together they make an adorable couple.

16) Maslow (@maslowtheberner) – 17,800 followers

Maslow (@maslowtheberner) is a four-year old Bernese Mountain Dog. He’s a big goofball who lives with his sister Ditto, who is also a BMD. This handsome boy has amassed a following of nearly 18,000 followers on Instagram.

15) Beesly (@carmen.carmen.carmen.chameleon) – 18,800 followers

Beesly (@carmen.carmen.carmen.chameleon) is a Bernese Mountain Dog living with her sibling Carmen, who is a Great Pyrenees mix. You can often find Beesly and Carmen exploring with their mom, leading to some beautiful photos in the wild.

14) Bayler and Boden (@baylerandboden) – 20,100 followers

What’s better than one Bernese Mountain Dog? Two, of course. We’ve got Bayler and Boden (@baylerandboden), who live in Mount Desert Island, Maine. These two prove that Bernese Mountain Dogs can make excellent family pets given their bond with their two-legged sibling.

13) Bentley (@bernesebentley) – 20,300 followers

Bentley (@bernesebentley) is a sweet Bernese Mountain Dog with over 20,000 followers on Instagram. He’s likes treats, tennis balls and squishing humans. This sociable dog wants to be your Insta friend!

12) Kevin (@itskevintheberner) – 22,600 followers

Next we’ve got a Bernese Mountain Dog on a mission. Kevin (@itskevintheberner) is looking to create smiles, one human at a time. He’s got ambitions to be a therapy dog. If you want something to boost your mood, check out Kevin’s page.

11) Macy and Mac (@max.and.macy.berners) – 23,500 followers

Macy and Max are two Bernese Mountain Dogs that are the focus of (@max.and.macy.berners). Max has crossed the rainbow bridge but Macy is continuing his legacy. Macy is a trooper, having survived life-saving surgery in 2018. This brave doggo is well worth a follow.

10) Maple (@maplethebernerbear) – 26,000 followers

Maple (@maplethebernerbear) likes to snuggle and snooze. However, Maple gets really excited when she meets her friends. You can watch videos of Maple at the park with her friends to see just how excited she gets!

9) Eiger and Eminem (@swisskissberner) – 27,400 followers

Eiger and Eminem (@swisskissberner) are a dad and daughter combination. They love to explore the Pacific North West. They love to explore mountains and go for a paddle. You can watch this beautiful bond deepen on their Instagram page. They’ve got over 27,000 followers on Instagram.

8) Ayra and Hudson (@bernesemountaindogarya) – 28,000 followers

We’ve got a pack of three up next. Ayra and Hudson (@bernesemountaindogarya) are the two Bernese Mountain Dogs on this account along with their Northern Inuit sibling, Ripley. They live in the Bay Area. Ayra and Hudson are thought leaders in disruptive technologies such as barking.

7) Whopper (@thebigwhop) – 28,300 followers

Whopper (@thebigwhop) is a Bernese Mountain Dog living in Sydney, Australia. He’s a two-year old pup living his best life Down Under. You can check out Whopper’s adventures and playtime on his Instagram page. Whopper is another example of a dog that excels in a family setting.

6) Ruth Nielsen (@mazamadog) – 31,300 followers

Ruth Nielsen (@mazamadog) is a dog mom to Fitzroy and River. Fitzroy is a Bernese Mountain Dog and River is a Newfoundland. You can find this trio exploring the outdoors and climbing mountains together. Their account can provide some escapism from your daily life!

5) Klueso Kapel (@kluesokapel_bmd) – 67,500 followers

We’re heading back to Australia to meet Klueso Kapel (@kluesokapel_bmd). This Bernese Mountain Dog lives in Perth. You’ll often find Klueso chilling at the beach. This big, fluffy character has over 67,000 followers on Instagram.

4) Montana (@justinewdm) – 73,400 followers

Justine (@justinewdm) owns a regal Bernese Mountain Dog called Montana. He’s a BMD who loves to explore with mom. He’s definitely made a splash on Instagram with lots of snaps of Montana taking the plunge in beautiful blue waters. This pair love to wander together, hiking the globe.

3) Luna (@luna.the.berner) – 113,000 followers

Next up we’ve got Luna (@luna.the.berner), who has been melting hearts since 2015. Luna is an adventurer, snuggle bug and author. This Bernese Mountain Dog is a canine with many talents. Luna helps to bring joy to the older generation with care home visits, too.

2) Beatrix (@beatrixandmidge) – 128,000 followers

Beatrix (@beatrixandmidge) is an eight-year old Bernese Mountain Dog. He’s got two companions – Midge the cat and a younger BMD sibling called Buster. They’ve got a second account where you can find lots of fun items for Bernese Mountain Dog lovers.

1) Waffle (@wafflenugget) – 163,000 followers

Waffle (@wafflenugget) is an Instagram account dedicated to the adventures of a girl and her service dog. Along with his mom, Kate, Waffle is an advocate for speaking about mental health. You can learn about their story so far, and continue to follow their journey along with 163,000 followers.

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