21 Bernedoodles To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 10 January 2023

Bernedoodles are a popular hybrid dog breed on Instagram.

A quick search of the designer dog breed will yield nearly 1 million photos under the relevant hashtag.

It’s easy to see why Bernedoodles have proven such a social media hit with their eye-catching coat colors.

Bernedoodles are a cross between a Poodle (of various sizes) and a Bernese Mountain Dog.

The result is a standard or mini Bernedoodle who can make a great companion dog.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 21 Bernedoodles to follow on Instagram.

20) Ziggy (@thebernedoodleziggy)

Ziggy (@thebernedoodleziggy) is a Standard Male F1 Bernedoodle. This handsome black and white boy lives in Charlotte in North Carolina. Ziggy has nearly 2,300 followers on Instagram.

19) Zazu (@zazu.thebernedood)

Zazu (@zazu.thebernedood) is one fashionable Bernedoodle pup! He’s a basic dude always in a goofy mood. Living in Ontario, Canada, you can follow Zazu’s adventures in the snow!

18) Phoebe (@phoebe_thebernedoodle)

Phoebe (@phoebe_thebernedoodle) is a F2 Blonde Bernedoodle. With a brilliant blonde coat, Phoebe is quite the show stopper. Soon to turn one, you can check out Phoebe’s day-to-day life in Vancouver, Canada.

17) Kenzie (@kenziedood)

We’re heading to sunny Santa Barbara to meet Kenzie (@kenziedood). Kenzie is a Mini Bernedoodle who loves the beach life! This majestic Dood is close to 4,000 followers on Instagram.

16) Rolo (@rolo_thebernedoodle)

It’s time to meet the Sploot King! Rolo (@rolo_thebernedoodle) is a F1 Mini Sable Bernedoodle. This one year old is yet another example of a Bernedoodle living in Ontario, Canada.

15) Brody (@brody.the.bernedoodle)

Brody (@brody.the.bernedoodle) is a F1 Mini Bernedoodle based in New Jersey. Brody loves to cuddle and do tricks. Brody is a therapy dog who likes to raise the spirits of others.

14) Isla (@the.isla.pup)

Isla (@the.isla.pup) is a pretty pup with a pretty name. This female F1 Bernedoodle has gorgeous colorings with a fluffy coat. It’s no surprise this beautiful Bernedoodle has over 11,000 followers.

13) Eevee (@eeveethebernedoodle)

Eevee (@eeveethebernedoodle) likes to says hello to his fellow Doods. The F1 Standard Bernedoodle is a pretty pup with nearly 12,000 followers. This Vancouver doodle loves walks, camping and lazy days.

12) Blizzard (@blizzard_bernedoodle)

Blizzard (@blizzard_bernedoodle) has the best eyebrows around! This dog model is one of the more senior statesmen on our list at the grand age of seven. Blizzard has a passionate fanbase of over 13,000 people on social media.

11) Ellie (@thebernedoodleellie)

Ellie (@thebernedoodleellie) is just a baby exploring the forest. The F1 Standard Bernedoodle is floofy, goofy and fabulous. Ellie has nearly 14,000 followers on Instagram less than a year after joining the social media platform.

10) Winston (@winston_theminibernedoodle)

Winston (@winston_theminibernedoodle) is a F1 Mini Bernedoodle boy based in Chicago. He likes to make friends on Instagram, which explains why 13,700 followers. Winston likes to snooze, play, jam, tricks and crate training.

9) Mason and Marty (@mason.marty.bernedoodles)

What’s better than one Bernedoodle? Two, of course! Mason and Marty (@mason.marty.bernedoodles) are a pair of Bernedoodles living on the east coast of Canada. Mason is 3 and Mary is 1. Together, they make an adorable pair!

8) Moose (@moose_bernedoodle)

Moose (@moose_bernedoodle) is a F1 Mini Bernedoodle who is enjoy her puppyhood. Whether it’s making new friends, going for walkies or chilling at home. This little ball of fluff lives in sunny California.

7) Waffles (@waffledoodledoo)

Waffles (@waffledoodledoo) is just a little pup living in a big world. This Dood likes to explore the Big Apple. The one-year old is a F1 Mini Bernedoodle. Waffles is a cute pup who loves to go on an adventure.

6) Darwin (@darwinthebernedoodle)

We’re heading to the capital of England to meet London pupstar Darwin (@darwinthebernedoodle). This UK-based Bernedoodle can be found posing in front of some popular London sights.

5) Dennis (@dennis.b.doodle)

Dennis (@dennis.b.doodle) is a Bernedoodle who wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence. This one-year old requires regular grooming, but Dennis has impeccable style. Dennis has over 30,000 fans on Instagram!

4) Hammy Doo (@hamilton_the_bernedoodle)

Hammy Doo (@hamilton_the_bernedoodle) is the King of Tushy Tuesday. Hammy is a not so Mini Bernedoodle. Living in New York City, this two-year old has a regal appearance befitting one of the grandest cities in the world. Hammy is fast closing in on the 50,000-milestone.

3) Wraggles (@wraggles_the_bernedoodle)

Wraggles (@wraggles_the_bernedoodle) is half Poodle, half muppet. He’s been breaking hearts since 2016! You can find Wraggles being unequivocally awesome in Connecticut. The Bernedoodle is a professional hat model.

2) Bernadette (@bernadettethedood)

Bernadette (@bernadettethedood) is the youngest member of That Dood Squad. Her aim is to make the world better one puppy post at a time. You can find Bernadette living her best life in Atlanta.

1) Benji (@lilmanlife)

Benji (@lilmanlife) is not your typical doggo! Living in Venice Beach in California most of the time. Hanging with dad, Benji gets to all manner of adventures in CA. You can watch a beautiful bond blossom between dad and dog!

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