20 Belgian Malinois to follow on Instagram in 2021

By helloBARK!
Updated on 7 January 2021

Belgian Malinois have earned a reputation as excellent protection dogs.

The Belgian breed have a natural instinct to protect but just like any dog, they require consistent training from a young age to give them the best chance of developing into balanced canines.

Their popularity has surged over the past few decades, climbing to 43rd in the American Kennel Club’s rankings of the most popular dog breeds in the United States of America.

Often described as a world-class worker, you’ll find members of the breed performing invaluable roles in society, such as military and police dogs.

They’re also a popular breed on Instagram with nearly two million entries under the Malinois hashtag.

Belgian Malinois (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Belgian Malinois (Photo: Adobe Stock)

In this article, we’ve picked out 20 Belgian Malinois to follow on Instagram if you want to learn more about these powerful dogs.

20) Falcon (@falcon.the.maligator) – 500 followers

Living in the Isle of Skye in Scotland is our first Belgian Malinois. Falcon (@falcon.the.maligator) is a two-year old who likes to eat a raw fed diet. You can watch this handsome Belgian Malinois grow up in the Scottish island’s rugged landscapes.

19) The Yotes (@coyotedogs) – 1,600 followers

Don’t be fooled by their Instagram handle, Kyra Madison and Frank Castle (@coyotedogs) are in fact Belgian Malinois. According to their bio, Kya is most likely to hug a hobo, while Frank occasionally has a brain. These two characters sound like they’re well worth a follow.

18) Harlow (@harlowethemal) – 1,500 followers

Next up we’ve got a female Belgian Malinois. Harlowe (@harlowethemal) is still a young lady at the tender age of one. Her beaming smile will soon win you over if you decide to subscribe to her photo feed.

17) Calvin, Mylo and Oaklee (@2malsonegrinch) – 1,800 followers

You’ll get your fill of dogs if you follow this account. Calvin, Mylo and Oaklee (@2malsonegrinch) are two Belgian Malinois and one Yorkshire Terrier. Mylo and Oaklee are protection dogs with a raw fed diet. Calvin is a bad ass Yorkie.

16) Deedee (@deedeethemalinois) – 2,100 followers

DeeDee (@deedeethemalinois) is a Malinois living in the breed’s native Belgium. Her profile picture depicts DeeDee as a puppy – and she’s still to celebrate her first birthday! So you can watch this elegant Belgian Malinois grow up along with over 2,000 other followers.

15) Cersei and Seven (@cersei.seven.maligator) – 2,600 followers

We’ve got two Maligators to check out at number 16 on our list. Cersei and Seven (@cersei.seven.maligator) are two Belgian Malinois living a raw fed diet. Both are under two years old, so you can watch as they make progress with their training.

14) Valyria, Khaleesi and Drogo (@gameofthrones.malinois) – 3,100 followers

Valyria, Khaleesi and Drogo (@gameofthrones.malinois) are a trio of stunning dogs. Valyria is the youngest member of the pack at eight months old at the time of writing. She’s a Belgian Malinois but her older sister Khaleesi is a Malinois/German Shepherd/Pitbull mix and her older brother Dorgo is a Malinois/Husky mix. So you’ve got plenty of variety if you follow this account!

13) Max (@belgian_max) – 4,400 followers

Max (@belgian_max) is one smart cookie. In fact, his profile reveals that his owner believes Max is smarter than most kids. Who are we to question that? After all, Malinois are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Over 4,400 people are following his photos and adventures.

12) Dakota (@dakota_the_mali) – 5,400 followers

Dakota (@dakota_the_mali) is a Maligator in training in Texas. So you can check out his progress if you hit the follow button on his account. Dakota recently celebrated his first birthday so he’s still developing and maturing.

11) Fosco (@fosco_malinois) – 6,400 followers

Living in the Bay Area in California is Fosco (@fosco_malinois). This beautiful Beligan Malinois is one of the more mature examples of the breed that we’ve featured so far. Fosco is six! If you like photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and dogs, this is a must-follow account for you!

10) Jack (@jack.the.malinois) – 8,205 followers

If you’re into dog photography, you should check out Jack (@jack.the.malinois). His account is awash with breathtaking photos. Jack is exploring the breed’s native Belgian and beyond, documenting his adventures around Europe.

9) Aurora K9 (@aurorak9) – 8,700 followers

Aurora (@aurorak9) is a Belgian Malinois living in Vancouver, Canada. This two-year old has nearly 9,000 followers on the photo-sharing app. The Belgian Malinois is clearly an expert at posing in a variety of different locations, highlighting her supreme obedience.

8) Panda (@panda_the_malinois) – 11, 700 followers

In spite of his name, Panda (@panda_the_malinois) is 100 per cent Belgian Malinois. His dark coloring adds to his striking appearance. The one-year old male lives in Pennsylvania, USA. If you want to see some fun snaps, why don’t you follow Panda on Instagram.

7) Kaya (@kaya.maligator) – 15,900 followers

If you like to follow lifestyle accounts with a dog twist, you should check out Kaya (@kaya.maligator). This rescue pup loves to go on an adventure. You’ll find Kaya in Bozeman, Montana. Maya nearly has 16,000 followers on Instagram.

6) Kat and Millie (@thekatykat1) – 16,500 followers

Millie is a Belgian Malinois starring in her Mom’s travel blog (@thekatykat1). Together, the pair have amassed over 16,500 followers on Instagram. Her mom Kate openly admits that she just photobombs their snaps as Millie is the real star.

5) Emcat Malinois (@mal.the.mal) – 17,200 followers

Aptly nicknamed Mal, Maladay (@mal.the.mal) is based in Dallas, Texas. Her mom is under no illusion that Malady is doggie royalty. Proving to be a brilliant example of the Belgian Malinois breed, she’s got over 17,000 fans on the photo-sharing app.

4) Miss Piper Puppy (@piper.malinois) – 18,100 followers

Although Piper (@piper.malinois) is the name in the header, unfortunately Piper has gone to doggy heaven. However, you will find Jax and Phoenix on this account. Jax is a Belgian Malinois mix and Phoenix is a rescue dog. Together, they make the dashing pair.

3) Nina (@ninathemalinois) – 18,100 followers

Nicknamed the pocket rocket, we’ve got Nina (@ninathemalinois). She’s a female Belgian Malinois with excels at training. This talented lady is one. Eating a raw fed diet, she’s got over 18,000 followers on Instagram. If you want to learn more about Malinois training, check out her account.

2) Red (@redthemali) – 20,800 followers

Red (@redthemali) is a 19 month old Belgian Malinois. Fast closing in on his second birthday, Red gives his followers an interesting insight into the life of a Malinois. With posts about his diet, trips to the vet, training and more, Red’s account doesn’t miss a beat.

1) Weylin (@weylin_malinois) – 23,400 followers

Last but not least is Weylin (@weylin_malinois). Joined by her Dutch Shepherd pack mate Lycan, the pair have amassed a following of over 23,400 followers. You can find lots of photos of their training as well as snaps of their downtime playing some ball.

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