Beauty the German Shepherd Q&A

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 9 January 2020

German Shepherds are one of the most common dog breeds in the world.

They’re known as world-class working dogs but German Shepherds can make great pets – too.

German Shepherds are ranked second in the American Kennel Club’s most popular breeds in the USA.

Beauty is a fine example of purebred German Shepherd living in Arizona, USA.

She’s got over 250,000 followers on video-sharing app TikTok. You can follow Beauty here.

We spoke to Beauty (@beauty.the.gsd) to learn more about her success on TikTok and the German Shepherd breed.

1) How did your first hear about the German Shepherd breed?

Beauty the German Shepherd (Photo: beauty.the.gsd / Instagram)

Beauty the German Shepherd (Photo: beauty.the.gsd / Instagram)

I first heard of German Shepherds from a relative living across the globe. They grew up with a German Shepherd in a third world country with lots of crime. Their shepherd was extremely intelligent and protected their family with his life. He was extremely protective and even stopped a robber one time. Once I heard of this I was very intrigued of the breed and they automatically became my new favorite!

2) What attracted you to the breed ahead of other breeds?

What attracted me to the breed was how loyal and intelligent the breed was. I’ve met many people with GSDs and they all had a very smooth experience training them. The breed is naturally protective and bred to be naturally loyal.

3) How did you end up with Beauty?

After our other German Shepherd in the past, our home was not the same. We needed another dog to cheer up the environment as my mom was quite sick as well. We heard of a breeder in our area and rushed to meet the pups. We immediately fell in love with Beauty and put her on hold until she was 2 months old.

4) What is Beauty’s personality like?

Beauty is a very intelligent, fast learning, and protective puppy. She can be shy around other people but inside she just wants to play and meet new people. When she senses anything is a threat to us she will do anything to protect us. She’s very goofy and loves to run around and could play fetch all day if she could.

5) How easy/difficult was it to train Beauty?

Beauty the German Shepherd (Photo: beauty.the.gsd / Instagram)

Beauty the German Shepherd (Photo: beauty.the.gsd / Instagram)

Beauty was very easy to train. During potty training it took us around a week to get the basis down for her. After that, she was up and out of the doggy door all by herself. Obedience training was even easier. When learning new tricks such as sit, stay, and leave it, it took her a matter of minutes to get down. Little tiny sessions every day perfected her training even more!

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6) Are German Shepherds loyal?

German Shepherds are extremely loyal. They will sit at your doorstep for days if they had to. When greeted they act as if they haven’t seen you in ages. They will never doubt you and put their full trust in you to guide them through times. German shepherds never seek to disappoint you and will protect you from any harm they feel will come.

7) How much exercise do German Shepherds require?

German Shepherds are a very hyper breed. You must have a couple hours out of the day to take care of their needs or else they will be very hard to manage. An hour or two a day is recommended for exercising your shepherd. Running, walks, or socializing with other dogs are great ways of exercise for your shepherd.

8) Have you encountered many health issues with Beauty?

Beauty is still a puppy so we haven’t faced many health issues with her. She has never been sick nor had any diseases. We hope not to encounter hip dysplasia in the future as that is a very costly and popular birth defect with shepherds.

9) What advice would you give to someone thinking about a GSD?

Beauty the German Shepherd (Photo: beauty.the.gsd / Instagram)

Beauty the German Shepherd (Photo: beauty.the.gsd / Instagram)

My advice would be to be prepared. German Shepherds aren’t meant to be a first time dog though with lots of time and patience they are amazing dogs to have. You must be prepared to train very young and be very consistent with it. Also expect most your time to go towards your shepherd, an hour or two a day is necessary for exercising your dog as well as many hours taking care and cleaning up after shedding or waste.

10) Do German Shepherd require a lot of maintenance?

Yes, German Shepherds, though they seem tough and independent, rely much on their owner and are just bug love bugs. They crave attention from their owners and are a very demanding breed. They also shed year round and loose their top coat during the summer, so be prepared to be cleaning up hair constantly and having all your time going towards them.

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11) What is your favourite memory with Beauty?

My favorite memory with Beauty was actually the moment we saw her. She stood out of the whole litter. She was the only one running around and getting into trouble. We thought it was so adorable and knew dominant dogs were hard work, but her goofy personality made us fall in love with her. She was also the biggest out of all the pups weighing almost 20lbs at only 2 months!

12) Why did you start a TikTok for Beauty?

We started a Tik Tok at first to just communicate and share funny memories of Beauty with all my other dog friends! We thought it would be an amazing way to meet more people and share Beauty with everyone!

13) What aspects of TikTok do you like?

I love how rewarding TikTok is. Unlike most social media, the amount of following doesn’t influence the amount of views or likes you get! Everyone has an equal chance of being on the For you page and it is left up to the users to decide which videos they like!

14) Do you prefer TikTok or Instagram as a platform?


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I prefer Tiktok over Instagram since there are many funny challenges and video ideas all the time! It’s also a lot easier to grow you account on TikTok than it is on other platforms and much more rewarding!

15) What other German Shepherd accounts would you recommend to our readers?

I would recommend:

• @mav_and_friends
• @adventures_of_rex
• @lola_our_gsd
• @mimi_the_gsd
• @dextergsd_
• @lucylanethegsd
• @king_bentley_the_gsd

German Shepherd pros and cons


Beauty the German Shepherd (Photo: beauty.the.gsd / Instagram)

Beauty the German Shepherd (Photo: beauty.the.gsd / Instagram)

German shepherds are very loyal and committed. They will protect their owner, family and their house. They are amazing guard dogs and great family pets that will surely keep you safe. They are naturally protective and loyal twords their owners and will stick by you with everything.

They show compassion without being overly needy due to their dominant personalities. They especially bond well with children as long as you socialise them and train them as a puppy or young.

Also, their intelligence and obedience in being trained is fantastic being ranked the top three smartest dog breeds! In addition to being great family and kid friendly pets, German Shepherds make excellent working and show line dogs due to their amazing intelligence and easy training.

They are the perfect working dogs for catching criminals, military service, and security work. As for show lines, German Shepherds are elegant looking, and very easy to train to ignore audiences and distractions!


Shepherds are known to shed a lot, and shed often because of their thick double coat. If you can’t deal with fur around the house or your clothes and furniture, then German shepherds are surely not for you. They also shed year round, meaning their shedding never stops and during summer months, their whole top coat will shed off, leaving huge hair balls and fur constantly coming off in chunks.

German Shepherds, due to over breeding, are more likely to get health problems like hip dysplasia and arthritis which is really popular in shepherds. This leaves you with vet bills which can be very costly at times such as dysplasia surgery ranging from $3000-$12,000 dollars.

In addition to recovery bills and supplements for your dog. German Shepherds also require much of your time to keep them healthy and calm. If left unexercised, shepherds tend to become very hyper, anxious, and not well tempered. You need to have lots of time open to exercising your dog such as walks, runs, and socializing them daily.

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