20 Beagles to follow on Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 5 January 2022

It’s no surprise Beagles are such popular dogs.

Their happy-go-lucky approach to life is charming, while their big brown eyes heighten their cute expression.

Initially used as hunting dogs, the Beagles are now popular family pets throughout the world.

In the USA alone, these friendly, curious and merry canines are the sixth most popular dog breed.

Beagle howls at home (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Beagle howls at home (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Unsurprisingly, Beagles have proven a big hit on social media. There are over 3.3 million results for the hashtag Beagles of Instagram.

Whether you want to learn more about the breed or just enjoy looking at photos of these adorable dogs, Beagles rank alongside Corgis and Pugs as one of the internet’s most popular breeds.

Here are 20 Beagles you should check out on the photo-sharing platform.

20) Splash and Cricket (@littlehounddog) – 10,800 followers

First up on our list is Splash and Cricket (@littlehounddog). Photographed by pet parent Jess, these two Beagles like to hike, camp and travel together. Splash and Cricket like to provide tips and tricks on adventure dog destinations.

19) Ludo (@lifeasludo) – 12,100 followers

Living in Norway, Ludo (@lifeasludo) loves to hunt, hike, ski, cuddle and do all things Beagles. Proving that this breed thrives in outdoor conditions, Ludo is often photographed in the breathtaking countryside in Norway. It’s no surprise that Ludo has already amassed over 12,000 followers.

18) Goofus (@thegoofygoofus) – 12,100 followers

Swapping Norway for India, Mr Goofus (@thegoofygoofus) lives in Bangalore. These one-year-old Beagle has in excess of 12,000 followers on Instagram who like to follow his goofy adventures. If you want to see what life is like for this English breed in India, follow Mr Goofus’ adventures.

17) Bonnie The Bandana Queen (@thebeaglethatisbonnie) – 12,300 followers

We’ve got a sassy Beagle up next! Bonnie The Bandana Queen (@thebeaglethatisbonnie) is based in the North West in the United Kingdom. She’s a little girl with a bold attitude. Bonnie has over 12,000 followers who keep tabs on her sassy adventures.

16) Hodgey (@hodgey.beagle) – 12,400 followers

From sassy to grumpy, Hodgey (@hodgey.beagle) lives in Australia. He’s a proud member of Grumpy Beagles United. Although Hodgey may be grumpy, there’s no denying his photos are irresistibly charming.

15) Marvel Ze Super Beagle (@marvelzesuperbeagle) – 12,700 followers

Have you heard of the super Beagle? His full name is Marvel Ze Super Beagle (@marvelzesuperbeagle) and he lives in France. Weighing in at 13 kilograms, Marvel likes to eat, adventure and skate. When he’s not busy with his three hobbies, he likes to pose for photos for his 12,800 Instagram fanbase.

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14) Hero (@hero.beagle) – 13,200 followers

Hero (@hero.beagle) is the second English Beagle on our list so far. Hero lives in Birmingham in the UK. This cute Beagle likes to review dog friendly hotels to ensure his other canines can be pampered pooches. This hotel Hero has over 13,000 followers on the photo-sharing app.

13) Charlie (@beagle_charlie_the_beagle) – 14,200 followers

Swapping England for the Netherlands, we’ve got Charlie the Beagle (@beagle_charlie_the_beagle). She’s a Dutch Beagle living in Almere. Her passions include balls, naps and running. With a photographer Mom, there’s no shortage of beautiful photos on Charlie’s feed.

12) Almenda (@almendrawithsherlock) – 15,400 followers

If you’re two favourite breeds are Beagles and Siberian Huskies, you’ve hit the jackpot. Almenda is one of half of (@almendrawithsherlock), with her Siberian Husky companion Sherlock making up the other half. Almendra likes to be sweet, enjoy some playtime and exploring the world around. They’re antics have earned them over 15,000 fans.

11) Beagle Universe (@thebeaglelouie) – 18,200 followers

What’s better than one Beagle? Two, of course! Louie and Marie make up the Beagle Universe (@thebeaglelouie). They’ve got the biggest YouTube account in Belgium – as well as 18,200 fans on Instagram. Proving that they’re really savvy online, they’ve also got www.BeagleUniverse.com.

10) Toby (@beagletoby_) – 19,500 followers

We’ve got another Dutch Beagle up next. Toby (@beagletoby_) is the cutest and fluffiest Beagle, according to his Instagram profile. He’s got an adorable appearance that encapsulates the cute appearance associated with Beagles. Toby is closing in on the 20,000 milestone on Instagram.

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9) Millie (@beaglemillie) – 22,100 followers

Providing this article with some Beagle-tude is Millie (@beaglemillie). Living in Lewes, Delaware, Millie loves to collect twigs and chase leaves. She’s the Queen of the Beagle-tude. If you want an insight into life with a Beagle, check out her Instagram account.

8) Anastasia and the Beagles (@girl_with_beagle) – 24,400 followers

Although her Instagram handle might read (@girl_with_beagle), Anastasia has expanded her pack to two Beagles. If you want some dogs, fashion and rock’n’roll, this is the account for you. Anastasia and her Beagles have over 24,000 fans on the photo-sharing app.

7) Maynard and Chloe (@maynardandchloe) – 34,700 followers

We’ve soared past the 30k milestone with Maynard and Chloe (@maynardandchloe). They’re two Beagles who have quite the social media following. Mr Maynard is a seven-year-old Beagle and his baby sister Chloe is four. Together, they’ve got 34,700 people following their lives.

6) Tosha (@tosha_the_beagle) – 35,200 followers

Tosha (@tosha_the_beagle) is our first Swiss representative. Living in Geneva, Switzerland, Tosha is four-year-old Beagle boy. He’s happy at the beach, in the mountains or just chilling at home. Tosha has a fanbase in excess of 35,200 followers.

5) Frida (@fridabeagle) – 39,100 followers

We haven’t got to travel far from Switzerland to encounter the fifth Beagle on our list. Frida (@fridabeagle) is a German Beagle that likes to spread joy on Instagram. With big brown eyes, Frida will win over your hearts. She’s close to 40,000 followers on the photo-sharing app.

4) Dylan (@dylanthecrazybeagle) – 39,600 followers

As the name suggests, you can expect plenty of excitement if you follow Dylan (@dylanthecrazybeagle). Based in Spain, Dylan loves to pose in front of some of Spain’s majestic sights. This talented Beagle loves to swim and can often be spotted in a swimming pool. No stranger to an action shot, Dylan is poetry in motion.

3) Klaus (@klaus_beagle) – 40, 900 followers

Bringing happiness and damaged furnishings, Klaus (@klaus_beagle) has almost 41,500 followers. This Beagle loves to pose for the camera or take a well-earned nap. However, there can be no denying that he is a bundle of Beagle joy.

2) Juni (@beaglejuni) – 43,700 followers

At number two on our list, we’ve got a grumpy Swedish princess. Juni (@beaglejuni) is a three-year old Beagle that loves food, cuddles and squeaky toys. She may be grumpy but Juni has 43,700 followers on the social media website.

1) Maymo (@maymothedog) – 227,000 followers

A master of disguise and purveyor of skullduggery, Mayo (@maymothedog) is a star Beagle on Instagram. This Beagle is a world record holder: Mayo holds the title of animal with the most suscribers on YouTube. With a passion for dressing up, this Beagle will certainly keep you entertained.

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