Beagle Universe Questions And Answers

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

Louie and Marie are the stars of Beagle Universe.

If you love Beagles – or dogs in general, you’ll love Beagle Universe with their fun and educational content.

Louie and Marie have the social media game figured out, with big followings on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

They’ve got three million YouTube subscribers who follow Louie and Marie’s adventures in Belgium.

Their videos have been watched over 702 million times on the social media website.

We spoke to their dad to learn more about their global success, their personalities, the Beagle breed and his tips for YouTube domination.

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1) How did you first hear about Beagles?

Louie and Marie the Beagles (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)

Louie and Marie the Beagles (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)

My uncle had a Beagle when I was six-years old. I fell in love right away.

2) What attracted you to the Beagle breed?

They’re stubborn, dedicated and they don’t take no for an answer just like me.

3) How did you end up with Louie and Marie?

The first breeder we should have had a puppy from crashed his computer and lost all his data. So when puppies weere born, we weren’t informed and missed all of them. But he is friends with the best Beagle breeder in The Netherlands and he had one puppy left. That puppy was from a litter of three but two of them died only one survived. He was called “Numero Uno” aka Louie 😊. Marie came from the same breeder and her name is Alanis Morissette aka Marie.

4) What are their personalities like?

Louie the Beagle (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)

Louie the Beagle (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)

Louie is relaxed, laid back and really enjoys life. He likes walks in the rain , cold… he doesn’t care. He just wants to go out for adventure.
Marie is very cuddly and she loves sleeping on top of you under a fleece blanket. She hates rain and swimming pools!

5) Do Beagles do better in pairs?

The more you have, the more their hunting instinct will show and go hunting together.

6) Do Beagles bark a lot?

If you walk them, play with them and make sure they don’t get bored then they don’t bark a lot. If they get bored, they can bark all day long.

7) Do Beagles need a lot of exercise?

Yes – you’ve got to make sure they are tired by the end of the day or they will get naughty.

8) Are Beagles big shedders?

Yes – short and easy to clean hairs but they shed all year round.

9) What advice would give to someone thinking about getting a Beagle?

Louie the Beagle (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)

Louie the Beagle (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)

Read everything about them and watch lots of videos because a Beagle owner is some kind of special human!

10) What does a normal day look like for Louie and Marie?

Eat, sleep, play, repeat! In the evening, we take them out for a good walk. They are also ceo and manager of Beagle Universe so they manage those Facebook and Youtube pages and handle our Webshop.

11) You’ve got HUGE followings on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. What are the pros and cons of each of these platforms?

Facebook is an older audience , mostly beagle owners. We are one big family there and that’s very important when you sell Beagle merchandise. Youtube is mostly people who look at videos and go to the next one. Instagram I hardly use…can’t spend my time on all of them.

12) Do you have a favourite? If so, why?

Youtube! I love having a video go viral, making the world news, newspapers and so on. It’s awesome to see.

13) Did you have any experience with YouTube or has it been a learning curve?

The Beagle Universe family (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)

The Beagle Universe family (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)

No! I started from scratch as a dog toy reviewer. As of today, I still have no idea how Youtube works. I just make videos that can relate to a lot of people.

14) I just started a YouTube channel for my dogs – LifeWithKleeKai. For me and anyone else just starting off, what advice would have? Is there anything you would’ve done differently?

Something I have been doing recently is following worldwide trends. And make your own video, your dog and your style accordingly.

15) Do you have a favourite video on YouTube? Can you explain why?

Animation Louie by far! I had Louie made into a 3d animation. I always loved animation videos and now I have my own.

16) What other dog accounts do you draw inspiration from or just like to follow?

I don’t follow other dogs and don’t get my inspiration from watching other dogs.

17) Can you tell us your funniest Louie and Marie story?

Marie the Beagle (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)

Marie the Beagle (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)

I had to call the vet once because Louie went upstairs to the bedroom and ate a full package of birth control pills. They had never heard of that happening so she had to call a lot of specialists if this was dangerous or not. Turns out he wouldn’t have babies anytime soon.

18) Finally, what advice would you give to yourself now knowing what it’s like to own a Beagle? Would you do anything differently?

The only advice to myself is to stop getting more Beagles. Once you have one you want another one and another and another. I wouldn’t do anything different as would i do now , give them the best life possible!

Beagle Pros and Cons

Louie and Marie the Beagles (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)

Louie and Marie the Beagles (Photo: thebeaglelouie / Instagram)


Beagles are really loving and friendly dogs, they don’t have family related diseases so they don’t get sick fast. They love to play with everyone. Every dog , child or even a burglar that jumps over your fence will be greeted with love. That’s how welcoming they are. Take them for a walk, give them some exercise and you have the best dog ever.


• Beagles love food in general and they will move heaven and earth to get what they want. Every trashcan in the house will be opened without a doubt. They will most likely beg for food to when you are eating.

• They are hunting dogs so most of them use their nose to track down rabbits or other game when walking them. This can cause your shoulder to dislocate , that’s how hard they can pull on a leash.

• Let them off the leash and you have a 95% chance they’ll take off or they won’t listen to you and will run a couple miles until they find the scent they were following.

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