Ava the Corgi exclusive interview

By helloBARK!
Updated on 29 January 2020

If you’re looking for a Corgi star on Instagram, look no further than Ava.

This Pembroke Welsh Corgi will melt hearts on her Instagram page @littlepnwpups thanks to her gorgeous brown eyes and cute little head tilts.

She may be small but Ava is quite the adventurer – and she now has a partner in crime in the shape of rescue dog Aspen.

With nearly 17,000 followers on Instagram, Ava the Corgi is a rising star on the social media platform.

Here is helloBARK!’s exclusive interview with Ava.

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Why did you decide to create your Instagram account for Ava?

Ironically I told myself I’d never make an Instagram for my dogs, and of course she was just too cute to not share with the world. I had a couple friends urging me to make one. She was about 3.5/4 months old when I started posting regularly!

How much time do you dedicate to building your Instagram page?

At least an hour or two a day depending on whats going on. If we are going out to hike and I take photos then I get home and try to edit within 48 hours, usually that takes extra time. And on certain other days I’ll be busier and have less time but I’d say it averages out to that.

How old is Ava? What’s her personality like?

(Credit: @littlepnwpups)

(Credit: @littlepnwpups)

Ava is a year old and she is spunky! She’s stubborn and sassy but also very sweet and loving. Not to mention extremely active- always ready for our next adventure. She settles down well too (right now she’s sleeping in my lap), generally kind of adapting to my energy level.

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Your favourite memory with Ava?

Hmmm… hard to pick one. I’d say a hike I did called, Silver Star mountain, with Ava a few months back. It’s a 7 mile out and back to a peak that gives you 360 degree views of multiple mountains in the distance (Mt. Hood, Mt St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier I believe). It was the first hike we had done just her and I that she was off leash the entire time. It wasn’t very crowded and the fall colors were just starting to pop. She did so well waiting for me whenever she got ahead and I just felt this immense gratitude to have her in my life.

What Ava does that makes you laugh?

Oh my gosh- pretty much everything. The way she jumps all over me and attacks my face with kisses whenever I come home, the way she zooms around our yard almost every day, the way she plays with our other dog, Aspen and our kitty, Ash, the gremlin noises she makes when she plays with my husband, the list goes on. Between Ava and my husband, Jake, I laugh A LOT, and am so lucky for that.

What’s the best thing about owning a Corgi?

The best thing about owning a corgi is their personality (and obviously their adorable faces). The personality piece is so much more complex than I’ve experienced with any other dog. She pushes my patience daily but has taught me so much about love, forgiveness, and courage.

What advice would you have for people considering a Corgi as a pet?

I would say do a lot of research. I personally would not advise a corgi for a first time dog owner. They require lots of discipline and training. Ava is one of the best things thats ever happened to me but she is work- make sure you have ample time to dedicate to a puppy (or any new dog for that matter). Don’t buy from just any breeder- make sure the conditions of the facility are great, that they do the proper health testing on their lines, and are AKC registered.

What motivated you to create your Instagram page?

(Credit: @littlepnwpups)

(Credit: @littlepnwpups)

I really just started out wanting to have a database for the many photos I was taking of her on my iPhone. Then I started getting into photography and using a DSLR camera- the rest is history!

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What advice would you give to pet owners who want to make their dogs Instagram stars?

I don’t think I would consider my dogs to be stars, I just like to take photos of them on our adventures and post them on social media. But if you want to grow a following consistency and creativity are key! What makes your account unique? What do you have to offer that’s different from the rest of the dog accounts out there?

What are the best ways you’ve found that can build engagement within your Instagram following?

We try to be super active with our engagement! We respond to most DM’s and questions as well as attempt to respond to as many comments as we can. Posing a question in a caption or something to get people chatting with you is a great way to build a community and engagement as well.

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