Arthur The Mini Schnauzer Questions & Answers

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Updated on 16 August 2021

Arthur is a black Miniature Schnauzer living in Brisbane.

Born to be a dog model, Arthur has handsome with features with puppy dog eyes and a perfectly groomed beard.

The one-year old has a little sister called Cleo, who is a salt and pepper Mini Schnauzer.

The breed are consistently ranked as one of the most popular in the world, thanks in part to their hypoallergenic coats.

We spoke to Arthur’s mom Claudia to learn more about this charming pup and the Mini Schnauzer breed as a whole.

You can follow Arthur and Cleo on Instagram here (@arthurminischnauzer).

1) How did you first hear about the Mini Schnauzer breed?

Arthur the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: arthurminischnauzer / Instagram)

Arthur the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: arthurminischnauzer / Instagram)

I have grown up with dogs all my life, so when I was moving out of home with my partner we had the great idea of getting a dog to start our little family. We looked at over 15-20 breeds going back and forth over the pros and cons on what breed would suit us best. We eventually came across a video on Youtube ( 10 small dog breeds that don’t shed) which included Miniature Schnauzers. I was sold straight away!I fell in love with the look of a Schnauzer. I love the beards and eyebrows, which make them kind of look like grumpy old men.After lots of research on Schnauzers, we got Arthur.

2) Why do you think Mini Schnauzers are so popular?

I think Mini Schnauzers are so popular because of their great personality’s and I bet any Mini Schnauzer owner and person who has met a Mini Schnauzer will tell you it’s love at first sight.
They are amazing family dogs, they do well in apartments and houses. They are great for people who are allergic to fur as they actually have hair and rarely shed. Finally, how could you ever say no to their eyes? A lot of people say Mini Schnauzers are “the dogs with the human eyes”.

3) How would you describe the size of your Mini Schnauzer, Arthur?

I do love to say Arthur is my little toddler as he’s roughly that size when he stands on two legs. I would say he’s on the border of being a small to medium dog. His neck to tail is about 40cm long. He stands just below my knee and I’m 5ft 3ins and he weighs around 9kg.

4) How would you describe Arthur’s personality?

Arthur the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: arthurminischnauzer / Instagram)

Arthur the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: arthurminischnauzer / Instagram)

Arthur has the best personality towards all humans and dogs. He loves giving cuddles and kisses. Everyone always comments on the fact he loves receiving affection. He can be a bit silly at times when he is in play mode. He runs into things such as legs, corners of walls/doors. For some reason, he loves to be chased when playing with other dogs . He even tried to walk through a glass door twice. He is also very in tuned into how we are feeling. So if I’m a little down, he will just come sit on my chest and comfort me. He has the perfect personality: loyal, caring, loving, friendly, funny and always happy. I could go on and on about him!

5) Do Mini Schnauzers shed a lot?

I know they say Mini Schnauzer rarely shed because they have hair not fur but Arthur has never left hair anywhere! The only time I see hair from him is when I brush him and that’s not even a lot.

6) Do Mini Schnauzers get along with cats?

Unfortunately I don’t have a cat so I’m not 100% sure but the breeder I got Arthur from had a cat and she said the cat and puppies got along fine. I feel like it’s really up to the owners of all dogs to socialise their pets if they have different types of animals in their homes.

7) Are Mini Schnauzers friendly?

Cleo and Arthur the Mini Schnauzers (Photo: arthurminischnauzer / Instagram)

Cleo and Arthur the Mini Schnauzers (Photo: arthurminischnauzer / Instagram)

In my experience, 100%! He is super friendly. It’s crazy! I have met a lot of Mini Schnauzers and my second dog Cleo is a Mini Schnauzer. They are definitely still friendly but a little on the cautious side whereas Arthur believes everyone and anything will always love him. He loves meeting people and other dogs.

8) Do Mini Schnauzers have any health problems?

Most dog breeds always have some health problems which sucks but you can do some things to try and mnimise the chances, such as getting your Mini Schnauzer from a reputable breeder, feeding them good food and exercising regularly. The main concerns with Mini Schnauzers that I have found are eye problems. It’s a big one! Reputable breeders will have eye certificates for mum and dad and will get the puppies checked out by specialists. Bladder and kidney stones can also be a problem, Obesity can be another one as for some reason Mini Schnauzer can’t take fatty food very well so you do have to watch what they eat. The last problem that comes to mind is dental disease which unfortunately affects most breeds from the age of two.

9) Why did you decide to start an Iinstagram page for Arthur?

I just got Arthur and wanted to share his face to my personal Instagram. I quickly realized he loved taking photos and even posed for them so I created an Instagram for him. I felt like both Arthur and I enjoyed taking photos and bonded over them. It’s also a bonus to make people happy seeing his cute face. We get lovely messages from our followers saying that his Instagram gives them joy or makes them feel better as they recently lost their Mini Schnauzer.

10) What is your favourite memory or post on Instagram of Arthur?

Arthur the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: arthurminischnauzer / Instagram)

Arthur the Mini Schnauzer (Photo: arthurminischnauzer / Instagram)

My favourite post on Arthur’s instagram would definitely be his third post ever. This is when I knew the camera loved him. He has the cutest puppy dog eyes.

11) What advice would you have for someone starting an Instagram for their dog?

My advice would be to make sure your dog likes having their photo taken. I feel the photos come out so much better if you and your dog are in a good mood. I like to make it a game with Arthur and of course have lots of treats on hand! Other tips would be to interact with other dog accounts and your followers, update stories regularly and use hashtags !!!

12) Finally, what are the pros and cons of Mini Schnauzers based upon your experience?

Cleo and Arthur the Mini Schnauzers (Photo: arthurminischnauzer / Instagram)

Cleo and Arthur the Mini Schnauzers (Photo: arthurminischnauzer / Instagram)

Pros: They are super cuddly, smart, Loving, playful, gentle, great family dogs, loyal, a good size, good with other dogs and they age really well. I could go on about these dogs. I’m in love with this breed.

Cons: Grooming can be costly or if you do it yourself like me it takes 1-2 hours, Arthur doesn’t bark but his sister Cleo does and I know most Schnauzers bark a lot. These are the only two cons I can think of but they don’t really bother me, I love grooming my dogs and I don’t mind working with Cleo to help her bark less.

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