Arlo the Moodle Questions and Answers

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Updated on 6 January 2023

Moodles are still a relatively uncommon cross breed.

They’re a mix between a Maltese and a Poodle to create a companion-sized hypoallergenic dog.

Moodles will have traits that mirror the characteristics and personalities of their Maltese and Poodle parent.

Arlo the Moodle is one member of the hybrid breed on Instagram with a growing following.

Based in Sydney, Australia, he’s a Moodle living in a Cavapoo world.

We spoke to Arlo to learn more about the Moodle cross breed, as well as life Down Under.

You can follow Arlo on Instagram (@arlo.the.moodle).

1) How did you first hear about Moodles?

Arlo the Moodle (Photo: @arlo.the.moodle / Instagram)

Arlo the Moodle (Photo: @arlo.the.moodle / Instagram)

We were originally looking to get a Cavoodle, so we found a Cavoodle breeder. They sent us pictures of all their available puppies, which were both Cavoodles and Moodles. We fell in love with the moodle puppies and so we got one of them instead!

2) What attracted you to Moodles?

We love Moodles because of their non shedding nature, their playfulness, their size and their eternal teddy bear/puppy look. They are also very happy to go along with whatever the day brings!

3) How did you end up with Arlo?

Arlo the Moodle (Photo: @arlo.the.moodle / Instagram)

Arlo the Moodle (Photo: @arlo.the.moodle / Instagram)

When we looked at the puppies, Arlo was just the cutest one! He had such a sweet face and looked just like a teddy bear. He was also a bit bigger than his siblings, and we wanted a slightly bigger Moodle.

4) What’s the best thing about owning a Moodle?

The best thing about Moodles is their energy and size. They have enough to go on walks every day and play with you, but if you miss a day of walking they won’t be too fussed. Arlo love snuggling and sleeping as much as he loves an active day out! Moodles are also a great size

5) Do Moodles make great family pets?

For the right family. Moodles can be a little unsure around younger kids, but for an family with older children they are perfect! Moodles are super cute and a bundle of fluff and fun.

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6) Do Moodles bark a lot?

Moodles have a tendency to bark at strangers, the doorbell and unusual noises, but they usually respond well to training!

7) Can Moodles be left alone/do they suffer from separation anxiety?

Arlo the Moodle (Photo: @arlo.the.moodle / Instagram)

Arlo the Moodle (Photo: @arlo.the.moodle / Instagram)

Due to their Maltese genes, they can be prone to separation anxiety, but this can be easily avoided by getting them accustomed to being alone while they are young, and getting a few good enrichment toys!

8) In your experience, are Moodles smart dogs?

100%! Arlo picks up tricks so easily and enjoys training so much!

9) Do Moodles shed at all?

Not at all! It’s so nice to be able to pat and hug him without getting dog hair all over my clothes. He is hypoallergenic too so perfect for people with allergies.

10) What comments/questions do you get when out and about with Arlo?

A lot of people assume he is a Cavoodle, as they are super popular in Sydney! We get asked how old he is often. He is also called cute a lot, with people stopping to pat him 😂

11) Is there a big Moodle community in Sydney?

Arlo the Moodle (Photo: @arlo.the.moodle / Instagram)

Arlo the Moodle (Photo: @arlo.the.moodle / Instagram)

Not so much a big Moodle community, but there is a big insta-dog community and a big ‘oodle’ community. There are definitely a lot of Cavoodles!

12) Would you recommend Moodles to a first-time dog owner?

I would! They are intelligent, loving, and playful. They can be quite nervous though so if you want a dog to take out to lots of places with lots of people they might not be quite right.

13) What’s your favourite memory/story with Arlo?

So many to choose from but one has to be when we took him to the beach for the first time. He was unsure of the water at first but by the end of our day he loved it! He gets so excited now when he realises we are going to the beach.

14) What are the pros and cons of having an Instagram for your dog?

I would 100% recommend having an Instagram for your dog! You get to meet so many new people and dogs, connect with businesses and even have the opportunity for your dog to be a model! The only con is that it can be a bit time consuming but it’s worth it!

15) What other Moodle accounts would you recommend to our readers?

@hisophiebear, @winniedamaltipoo, @momo_x_coco, and @zeus_the_moodle!

Moodle Pros and Cons

Arlo the Moodle (Photo: @arlo.the.moodle / Instagram)

Arlo the Moodle (Photo: @arlo.the.moodle / Instagram)


• They are so cute – Moodles have an eternal teddy bear look and are the perfect size! Their coats are so soft and fluffy, and they look like puppies even when they are fully grown.

• They are very smart – Poodles are the second smartest dog breed so moodles are very trainable and eager to please. Arlo particularly learns very quickly and is very treat motivated!

• They don’t shed – Since moodles are half or more poodle, their hair grows rather than sheds, which means no dog hair on clothes! They are also hypoallergenic os perfect for people with allergies.

• Apartment-sized – Moodles are suited to be apartment dogs because of their small size, but they still must be walked regularly.


• Yappy – Due to their Maltese side, moodles can be yappy. Although, they are intelligent so they can be trained to resolve this. Or on the other hand, they could be a good watchdog!

• Shy – Moodles can be shy/nervous around strangers, and are prone to separation anxiety, They aren’t suited to being an outside only dog, or to someone who works 24/7 or travels frequently.

• Grooming – As Moodles are part Poodle, they need regular grooming to keep their gorgeous fur in good condition. They also need their coats to be brushed daily to stop them from matting.

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