Arlo the Dachshund Questions and Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 17 January 2020

Don’t be fooled by Arlo’s unique coloring.

This little dog isn’t a King Charles Spaniel or Cocker Spaniel despite his beautiful his black, tan and white coat.

Arlo is a four-year old purebred Dachshund living in Queensland, Australia.

With dark brown eyes, striking color and a small stature, it’s little wonder Arlo has nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram.

He’s got a sister called Leia who arrived after the sad death of his brother Huey in 2018.

We spoke to Arlo’s mom to learn more about Arlo’s personality, the Dachshund breed and their Instagram success.

You can follow Arlo on Instagram (@arlo.thedachshund).

1) How did you first hear about Dachshunds?

Arlo the Dachshund (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)

Arlo the Dachshund (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)

Believe it or not, I started to love Dachshunds after seeing Buster in Toy Story.

2) How did you end up with Arlo?

A friend actually sent me the ad for Dachshund puppies. Arlo was the last puppy left in the litter. Everyone else had picked the other puppies because they were dapples or chocolates. I messaged Arlo’s breeder, and the next day we went out to meet him. It really was love at first sight, he was so tiny (he was also the runt of the litter), but he was so unique. He was the only one who had “odd” colouring, and I think that’s why everyone avoided him.

3) Can you give us an insight into his personality?

Arlo is the most sweetest little boy, he loves everybody. His eyes are his personality, so human like. They show so much emotion. He knows when you’re sad, loves a good cuddle and if you’re happy. He just wants to play! Arlo loves a good belly rub and zoomies to let some steam off. The world would be an amazing place if everyone had a personality like Arlo.

4) Is there a big Dachshund community in Queensland?

Arlo the Dachshund (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)

Arlo the Dachshund (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)

Yes! We have our very own community here in Toowoomba, where everyone will meet up for play dates & events.

5) Do Dachshunds like to cuddle?

I can’t speak for all Dachshunds, but I know my two do. Arlo loves a good snuggle cuddle, Leia just wants to be in your lap every 2 minutes.

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6) Can Dachshunds be left alone?

I’ve found that Dachshunds are pack animals. Arlo was always up to mischief when he was left alone. He would chew things, pee on things. The biggest issue we had of being left alone was the crying. He would cry for hours.

7) Do Dachshunds shed a lot?

Arlo the Dachshund (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)

Arlo the Dachshund (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)

I don’t know about anyone else’s Dachshunds, but I found that my two short hairs shed like CRAZY. Even when you just give them a pat, you’re covered in hair. Arlo doesn’t shed too much, it’s more when I give him a brush and it all comes out.

8) Are Dachshunds good family pets?

I like to think so. They’re a bag full of fun, and they are very protective.

9) What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting a Doxie?

Please do your research before welcoming a Doxie into the family, for IVDD, health issues, background on “dapple”. Get pet insurance!!!! I’ve had Arlo insured since we got him, so if anything were to happen we are partially covered. Dachshunds are cute, and a great joy but they do need maintenance.

10) Have you thought about getting a third Dachshund?

Huey and Arlo the Dachshunds (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)

Huey and Arlo the Dachshunds (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)

We do have a third! Leia. She has been in the family since August 2018. We got Arlo a brother back in 2017, and he sadly passed away in May 2018 due to a sudden illness. Arlo was absolutely heart broken. He missed his brother so much, he would cry at the door for someone to play with, he didn’t want to sleep alone, just wanted to be cuddled. It was so sad to see. After about two months, we decided to look into getting him a new pal. We came across Leia. Since the day we brought her home, Arlo has never let her out of his sight. I haven’t regretted it since.

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11) What are the comments you get from strangers when they see Arlo?

“She is so beautiful” 😂 Most people before they know him or his name, think he is a girl because he is so elegant and pretty. But he gets called beautiful no matter where we go. They comment on how sweet he is and mainly his colouring. I usually get asked what breed he is because they think he is mixed with a Cocker Spaniel or King Charles. He’s even been called a “Mini Bernese Mountain Dog” by many people over the years – he does look like one.

12) Do you enjoy running your Instagram page for Arlo?

I do. When I originally made it, it was for a bit of fun and so everyone could see how cute he was. I didn’t expect it to grow the way it did. The only disappointing thing about it now is how much Instagram has changed, I’ve had people message me that they don’t see Arlo anymore on their feed. But aside from that, I love sharing Arlo with the world. And how many people love a dog they’ve never met.

13) What advice and hacks would you offer to other dog owners on Instagram?

Arlo and Leia the Dachshunds (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)

Arlo and Leia the Dachshunds (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)

Post real content. Ask your followers what they want to see. Arlo is known for his costumes and his smile, so we try to post mainly that. We love to change it up a little and post a video, or a photo with Leia or Huey. Post on your Instagram story. Even if it’s just a photo, it’s a great help. Ask questions in your captions. It’s a great way to get engagement from your followers, even as simple as “what’s your favourite treat?”

14) Are there any drawbacks to have social media for your dog?

We see alot of people with the smart comment “who makes an instagram for their dog?”. Well me – and my dog has more followers than you… so 😂 I personally don’t think it has drawbacks, it does take up a little bit of time planning on what to post and what to say. But it’s all for fun. I feel like if I left Arlo’s social media, some people would be heartbroken. They love seeing Arlo and he makes them happy. I don’t see any drawbacks in that.

15) What other Dachshund accounts would you recommend to our readers?

Oh this is tricky, but these are a few of our favs – @livinglifelikeluna, @onatahdachshunds, @hank_hugo, @cheddarandchester & @chucktaylor_and_ollie.
We follow alot of awesome dachshunds & we love them all!

Dachshund pros and cons

Arlo the Dachshund (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)

Arlo the Dachshund (Photo: @arlo.thedachshund / Instagram)


• You have a friend for life. Their nature is so beautiful. They just wanna love and be loved.

• Great guard dogs – If someone is around, they will let you know about it, that’s for sure!

• Attention – I love the attention these little sausages get! No matter where you are, if you are seen with a sausage, you can bet someone will let everyone know there is a sausage around 😂


• Toilet training – Ahhh it sucked trying to train all 3 of my babies. It took months but we got there!

• Barking – I don’t know about anyone else, but omg do these guys bark… at anything…. and everything!

• Allergies – Leia gets quite alot of allergies, and mainly just from the grass because she is so short her little belly rubs on it all the time. But it’s an easy fix with some creams from the vet, that’s the pro to it.

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