Archer the Wolfdog interview

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Updated on 6 January 2023

Archer was a high content Wolfdog with a huge following on social media.

This stunning wolfdog is one quarter of pack that also contains Sol, Luna and Cricket.

Sol and Luna are low content wolfdogs, while Cricket is a rescue mix.

Their Instagram @desertbunnyandwolf has over 180,000 followers on Instagram.

If you want a glimpse into life with wolfdog, this is the account for you.

Archer and his gang live in California where they like to explore the state’s beautiful landscapes but also relax at home.

I spoke to Archer’s Mom to learn more about all things Wolfdog.

You can follow Archer and his pack here.

Note: This article was published on 16 August 2019 before Archer crossed the rainbow bridge on 9 November 2021.

1) How did you first hear about Wolfdogs?

Archer the Wolfdog (Photo: desertbunnyandwolf / Instagram)

Archer the Wolfdog (Photo: desertbunnyandwolf / Instagram)

I was looking on the internet and came across an amazing page with these beautiful animals. I was fascinated and had to learn everything I could about them. They looked wild but were domesticated. I was hooked.

2) What attracted you to these types of dogs?

I was first attracted to their obvious beauty, but then their independence and strong personalities. Wolfdogs do everything with an intensity that I’ve never seen with a regular dog.

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3) Can you give us some background about Archer, Sol and Luna?

Archer is a high content wolfdog with grey wolf and malamute. He has been selectively bred from high content to high content. The wolf is many years removed. Sol and Luna are low content wolfdogs. They’re a mix of shepherd, husky, grey wolf and malamute. I got them all when they were babies .

4) What’s the difference between a high content and low content wolfdog?

Archer the Wolfdog (Photo: desertbunnyandwolf / Instagram)

Archer the Wolfdog (Photo: desertbunnyandwolf / Instagram)

The content of the animal, means the amount of wolf in them. The higher the content, the more wolf they have in their dna. Archer is very high content and Sol and Luna are very low content . A basic chart says wolfdog percentages are approx broke down into:

• lows being 1-49 %
• Mid contents being 50 to 74%
• High content being 75 + %

5) How does Archer get along with your small dog Cricket? Do Wolfdogs socialise well?

Archer and Cricket get along. Because Cricket is new to the pack and a small dog, I separate them during play time. Archer plays very rough and I don’t want Cricket accidentally getting hurt. Otherwise they nap and go for walks together. As far as wolfdogs socializing well, it all depends on many factors. Every wolfdog is different, just like people. Some are naturally very fearful of new people, places and things. It also depends on training and environment. I can only speak for my animals and they are very well socialized. Archer loves meeting new people!

6) What are some frustrating stereotypes surrounding Wolfdogs?

That wolfdogs are vicious. Mine will lick your face with kisses.

That wolfdogs are wild, confused and unhappy. They are very happy in a safe and loving environment.

That wolfdogs make good guard dogs. They would rather retreat than be placed in an uncomfortable confrontation.

That wolfdogs can’t be trained. Although they are very different from regular dogs, they are capable of learning many things.

That wolfdogs are wild and belong in the wild. They wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild, so they would die. They are not wild, they’re domesticated.

7) What’s it like owning a Wolfdog in California? Any particiular challenges or perks?

Having a wolfdog in Ca is great because we have such awesome weather for hiking and exploring. Although it can get hot here. Wolfdogs prefer a colder climate. Luckily, where I live in California, we get all four seasons, so the dogs get to enjoy snow every winter.

8) What comments do you get from people when they meet Archer (or any of your wolfdogs)?

Archer the Wolfdog (Photo: desertbunnyandwolf / Instagram)

Archer the Wolfdog (Photo: desertbunnyandwolf / Instagram)

Most comments I get are questions if Archer is a real wolf, and if he’s friendly with people and other dogs.

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9) Is a wolfdog a good pet?

For most people, wolfdogs don’t make a good pet. You need a lot of time and patience to have a wolfdog, not to mention an escape proof enclosure. They’re physically demanding and need a lot of stimulation and exercise. Most require a raw diet. Some are very fearful and they can be extremely destructive with their chewing. They need another canine companion. They must be supervised at all times and don’t typically do well inside your home. Some have a strong prey drive and don’t do well with smaller animals. Since they’re so powerful and sometimes skittish, some don’t do well with small children. If I worked full time outside of my home, I don’t feel I could have accomplish many things we can do now. It’s also financially expensive, but if you have the space, time and and patience for that kind of commitment, then yes, it can work for you!

10) What advice would you give to someone thinking about a Wolfdog?

Research a ton! Read all you can, talk to other owners, go visit wolfdogs in person. Join on line support groups. Know if wolfdogs are legal in your county/state. Prepare your enclosure first! Are you ready for that huge of a commitment? Can you financially, physically and mentally provide for all of their needs? Know that because one wd can or can’t do something, doesn’t mean it will be the same outcome for you and your animal . All wolfdogs are different. Be prepared for the worst and hope and train for the best.

11) How much does it cost to look after a Wolfdog when all things are considered?

I spend about $400.00 a month on food . That cost doesn’t cover enclosure, enrichment, toys, vet cost and other needs such as baby gates and locks for a wolfdog.

12) When and why did you start an Instagram page for Archer and your pack?

Archer the Wolfdog (Photo: desertbunnyandwolf / Instagram)

Archer the Wolfdog (Photo: desertbunnyandwolf / Instagram)

I started my IG page about 3 years ago. I wanted to share our daily life in hopes that it would help other people and educate them about life with a wolf dog.

13) What advice would you have for someone starting an Instagram page for their dog?

Keep it real and share from your heart, not for the likes. Be honest and be willing to laugh at yourself. Don’t try to be perfect. Beautiful pictures are great, but there’s also the reality of hard times and raw moments. Have fun and engage with others.

14) Do you have a favourite post on Instagram?

My favorite post on IG are the ones of real moments of just being still and petting the dogs while we’re all relaxed. I love those close moments of bonding and trust. Of course I also love the silly funny moments too, even the ones where the dogs are being naughty 😂

15) What other Wolfdog accounts would you recommend to our readers?

Oh gosh, I love too many to mention [wolfdogs on Instagram] but off the top here are some of my favorites. These are a combo of low, mid and high content wolf dogs

1. Wildingwanders
2. Wd_romeo_and_juliet
3. Supernovathewolfpup
4. Cherion_sofawolf
5. Mickyjanicek
6. Wolfy_and_donkey
7. Saayawulf
8. Vago_the_wolf
9. go_timber
10 running.with.wolfdogs
11. Adventuresofthewildings
12. Keisha.wolfdog
13. Faelenwolfdog

Wolfdog pros

Archer the Wolfdog (Photo: desertbunnyandwolf / Instagram)

Archer the Wolfdog (Photo: desertbunnyandwolf / Instagram)

• 1) Their independence. I love the challenge of working with a wolf dog. They do everything heart and soul. Their behavior is more intense than a normal dog. That can be good or bad. But it’s rewarding when they overcome obstacles and chose to please you.

• 2) The strong bond. Having a wolfdog has been an entirely new experience and the bond and trust I have experienced with Archer is different than any other animal I’ve had. To earn the trust of a wolfdog is a magical thing.

• 3) Their intelligence. It’s so fun and frustrating at times when working with a wolfdog. They’re very intelligent and can figure out most things quickly, including how to open gates and doors. It’s a learning experience for me as well as them and it’s something new everyday.

Wolfdog cons

• 1) Wolf dogs can be very destructive with their chewing and extremely stubborn. I’ve had to replace many household items.

• 2) It’s hard to find a dog sitter that understands the needs of a high content wolfdog, so vacations are almost impossible. You can’t just take them to a new place or board them . They can be fearful and easily stressed over new situations.

• 3) Mine are picky eaters . I spend a lot of time and money on special diets and raw food. A wolfdogs stomach is sensitive and often can’t handle normal kibble . Everyday life is challenging with a wolf dog but also very rewarding.

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