Alfie The Cocker Spaniel Questions & Answers

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 26 October 2020

Alfie is an English Cocker Spaniel who has mastered the puppy dog eyes.

This Kennel Club-registered dog has beautiful, big brown eyes that will leave you mesmerized.

With a rich golden color, a beautiful golden coat and sweet expression, it’s easy to see why Cocker Spaniels are one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK.

Alfie is based in Yorkshire where you can find this 11-month old posing for photos for his Instagram page.

Fed hypoallergenic dog food brand Scrumbles, Alfie is fuelled for his daily adventures in and outside the home.

With over 20,000 followers on Instagram, it’s easy to see why Alfie has amassed such a big following.

We spoke to Alfie’s mum to learn more about her English Cocker Spaniel and the breed as a whole.

You can follow Alfie on Instagram (@thecockerspaniel.alfie).

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1) How did you first hear about Cocker Spaniels?

Alfie the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: thecockerspaniel.alfie / Instagram)

Alfie the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: thecockerspaniel.alfie / Instagram)

They’re a very popular dog anyway but a lot of our family and friends have/had cocker spaniels

2) What made you get a Cocker Spaniel?

We never thought about getting a Cocker Spaniel at first, we had other dogs in mind, but we came across @Mila.cockerspaniell on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her and from then on, we were set on a Golden Cocker Spaniel!

3) Can you describe Alfie’s personality?

He is always so happy and giddy, super friendly and very cuddly. Can also be really lazy, hates missing out and would probably win the prize for the whiniest dog!

4) Are Cocker Spaniels good family pets?

Alfie the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: thecockerspaniel.alfie / Instagram)

Alfie the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: thecockerspaniel.alfie / Instagram)

I think so yeah. Alfies a show cocker so not sure if there’s much difference with working cockers, but they’re so gentle and loyal so i’d say so.

5) Do Cocker Spaniels bark a lot?

They can do depending on the situation. Alfie doesn’t really bark though, he only barks when someone knocks on the door, when he’s trying to catch up with another dog or if we chase him haha.

6) Do Cocker Spaniels suffer with separation anxiety?

I’d say so.. I guess it depends on the individual, but Alfie definitely did.. That was our hardest struggle when he was growing up.

7) Do Cocker Spaniels shed a lot?

I think they can do. Depends how much you brush them. I don’t really notice it unless i’m wearing black with Alfie and he has a lighter coat but we brush him everyday so it’s not bad at all. He will shed more when the seasons change but there’s other dogs that shed way more.

8) In your experience, are Cocker Spaniels fussy eaters?

Alfies not a fussy eater at all. He will eat anything you give him, although he has no interest in human food (probably cause we’ve never given him any) but we’re so lucky in the sense that we can leave food out where he could access and he has no interest in it at all!

9) We noticed your feed Scrumbles to Alfie. Why do you like Scrumbles? Would you recommend it to other dog owners?

Alfie the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: thecockerspaniel.alfie / Instagram)

Alfie the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: thecockerspaniel.alfie / Instagram)

We highly recommend! There’s something about Scrumbles that Alfie always gets so excited about and never loses interest like he has done with other treats we’ve used when training with him. Main thing with Scumbles is that Alfie’s poos are great! He’s been up and down before with his poos when we fed him other brands but since the full transition to Scrumbles, his poos are really pretty as Scrumbles would say!

10) What comments does Alfie get out and about in Yorkshire?

He gets a lot of attention when out and about. Everyone loves seeing him do his tricks and says how much of a good boy he is.

11) Why did you decide to start an Instagram account for Alfie?

Just before we picked Alfie up, i decided to start the instagram as a diary for him and just to document him growing up. i’m a graphic designer so i also liked the creative side of doing his feed and that!

12) What tips do you have for other dog owners who want to step up their IG game?

Alfie the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: thecockerspaniel.alfie / Instagram)

Alfie the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: thecockerspaniel.alfie / Instagram)

Take LOTS of pictures, and videos! Reels have become an interesting function on instagram and i’ve been loving that. Try to keep a general theme with the look of your pictures and get involved with the daily internet trends like tonguesouttuesday, wetdogwednesday, throwbackthursday, etc.

13) What is your favourite post or memory with Alfie?

I have a few favourite posts of alfie for different reasons really, so my favourite memory with Alfie is probably recently, when he’s starting cuddling up to us more and placing his head on our necks when we’re in bed.

14) Would you recommend a Cocker Spaniel for a first-time dog owner?

Well i’m a first time dog owner that got a cocker spaniel, and yeah i would! Not going to lie, they are hard work! But they train so well so if you put the time and effort into it, they would be amazing for first time owners!

15) What advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now if you were to go back to when you first got Alfie?

To be honest, not a lot! Probably just to relax a bit and know that he will turn out into the most gorgeous dog! haha. But no.. maybe like not over socialising Alfie with other dogs? I feel like that’s our hardest struggle at the minute that he feels as though he needs to get to every dog he sees or is around and hasn’t learnt manners with other dogs yet!

English Cocker Spaniel Pros And Cons

Alfie the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: thecockerspaniel.alfie / Instagram)

Alfie the Cocker Spaniel (Photo: thecockerspaniel.alfie / Instagram)

English Cocker Spaniel Pros

• Loving – They are such sweet dogs and will always love to please and want affection and cuddles.

• Smart – Cockers are so clever, they pick things up really easy and very trainable!

• Adaptable – With personal experience, I feel like they’re adaptable to your lifestyle. We work at a desk from 9-5 and Alfie will happily lay by my feet for that duration of time.

English Cocker Spaniel Cons

• Ears – Whilst their ears are super cute, they can get a lot of health issues with them, and they also dangle down quite low so when they’re eating/drinking/on wet walks. the ears can get quite dirty/wet

• Separation Anxiety – If they’re not stimulated enough and have had significant amounts of exercise, they won’t do well when left alone.

• Grooming – They need to be brushed regularly if you want to keep on top of shedding and potential knotting in the fur.

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