20 Samoyeds To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 6 January 2023

Samoyeds may have originated in north western Russia, but these beautiful dogs can now be found around the world.

Their big smiles, friendly personalities and trademark coats make them a firm favourite with dog lovers.

Samoyeds were used by nomadic people in Russia for centuries to herd and hunt reindeer.

Nowadays they make great companion canines – they crave human company and love to socialise with new dogs and people.

Samoyed originate from north western Russia (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Their graceful appearance has made them a big hit with the Instagram community.

Maya the Polarbear and Ghost the Samoyed are two members of this breed that you’ve probably encountered on social media at some point.

However, in this article, we’ll take a look at 20 Samoyed accounts that you can check out on Instagram if you’re looking to get your Sammy fix.

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20) Enzo (@londonsamoyed) – 4,500 followers

Described as a cloud on four legs, we’ve got Enzo (@londonsamoyed). You’ll often find Enzo with his big brother Milo. Just four months old, you can watch Enzo grow up in London as he explores the English capital with mom and dad.

19) Molly and Luca (@mollyandlucasamoyed) – 11,500 followers

Another fine example of family-friendly Samoyeds are Molly and Luca (@mollyandlucasamoyed). These two gorgeous dogs can often be spotted with the family’s adorable new arrival. It really is cuteness overload as Molly and Luca cuddle up to their little baby sibling. It’s no surprise that they’ve already amassed 13,500 followers on Instagram with posts like the one above.

18) Riina Polar Bear (@riinapolarbear) – 11,500 followers

Don’t be fooled by the name, Riina (@riinapolarbear) may look like a polar bear but she’s in fact a Samoyed. This fluffy lady lives in Graubünden, Switzerland. Like Saga, you can check Riina out in a variety of beautiful snow-filled landscapes. With a pristine coat that gives Riina a regal look, she’s well on her way to 14,000 fans on the photo-sharing app.

17) Nube (@nubethesamoyed) – 51,500 followers

Next up we’ve got a smiling Sammy that divides their time between Spain and San Francisco. Nube (@nubethesamoyed) is a Samoyed that is made up of 100 per cent cloud. This fluffy canine loves to travel the world, providing a glimpse of their adventures to nearly 20,000 people on the photo-sharing app.

16) Artemis (@artemisnluna) – 19,000 followers

We’ve had Samoyed described as fluffy clouds but Artemis (@artemisnluna) is likened to shaven ice on his Instagram profile. Originally from Canada, you’ll find Artemis in San Francisco, proving that the Windy City is really a hotbed for the Samoyed breed. The two-year old is close to 23,000 followers on Instagram.

15) Murph (@themurphofwallstreet) – 32,600 followers

This is a pup with confidence. Murph (@themurphofwallstreet) is the self-proclaimed cutest pup on Wall Street (in New York City). Who are we to disagree? After all, he’s got over 30,000 people who agree! Murph turned three a matter of months ago. Exploring the New York area, you might spot Murph in front of one of the Big Apple’s pieces of street art.

14) Harley (@samoyedharley) – 33,000 followers

Our first English Samoyed, Harley (@samoyedharley) is close to the 36,000 follower milestone. It’s little surprise as Harley is a pup who knows how to strike a pose. Looking to spread happiness and love, Harley turned eight in May. Samoyeds can live between 12 and 15 years, so the good news is Harley will brighten your Instagram feed for years to come.

13) Ghost (@ ghost.ofwinterfell) – 36,000 followers

We hope you’re enjoying Samoyed owners’ description of their dogs as much as us. Ghost (@ghost.ofwinterfell) is described on his Instagram bio as just a big cloud fart. This Samoyed was named after Jon Snow’s much-loved Direwolf. The two-year old has amassed a following of nearly 37,000 fans.

12) Roshe (@run.roshe.run) – 100,000 followers

We’ve got a Canadian-based Samoyed next on our list. Roshe (@run.roshe.run) clearly relishes the chance to pose in the snow in Alberta, Canada. He describes himself as half bear, half Samoyed. When he’s not brightening up the feeds of his near 40,000 followers, Roshe is a bunny poop connoisseur and treat boss.

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11) Lambeau (@lambeauthederpking) – 41,500 followers

Staying in Canada, let’s check out Lambeau (@lambeauthederpking) from Vancouver. Pretty fly for a white guy, this Derp King has quite the sense of humour. No surprise that he’s got over 39,700 fans following his daily adventures. He knows a thing or two about football – too. Lambeau is a Green Bay Packers fan!

10) Enzo (@fluffyface_enzo) – 34,000 followers

Enzo (@fluffyface_enzo) is a male Samoyed living in California. He is described as a goofy and smart land cloud. This Samoyed has mastered the social media game with a flourishing TikTok account and a YouTube channel so you can get your fill.

9) Zumo (@zumothesamoyed) – 40,500 followers

We’ve got a Samoyed living near Los Angeles to brighten your day next. Zumo (@zumothesamoyed) is a boy Samoyed from the Polar Mist. Zumo is loving life in California, whether he’s on the beach, downtown or hitting up one of the state’s many dog parks.

8) Sally The Fluffy Samoyed (@scotlandwithfluffywolf) – 50,000 followers

Sally the Samoyed (Photo: @scotlandwithfluffywolf)

Sally the Samoyed (Photo: @scotlandwithfluffywolf)

Heading to Scotland, we’ve got Sally The Fluffy Samoyed (@scotlandwithfluffywolf) up next on our list of social stars. This Scottish Samoyed can be found exploring the country’s many beauty spots. Sally has a simple motto: take only photos and leave only paw prints. The eco-warrior pup has nearly 42,500 followers – and it’s easy to see why when you combine this regal pup with majestic Scotland. You can read our interview with Sally here.

7) Isla and Finley the Two Happy Samoyeds (@isla.and.finley.samoyed) – 50,000 followers

What’s better than one Samoyed? Two, of course! Isla and Finley (@isla.and.finley.samoyed) are two happy Samoyeds loving life in Melbourne, Australia. They’re a mother and son double act that like Melbourne’s beaches and peanut butter, while they’re realm includes the couch. They’ve got one simple motto for the 56,000-strong following: spread the flove!

6) Pillow (@pillowthegoodboy) – 52,000 followers

Pillow (@pillowthegoodboy) is described as a Samoyed and a good boy. Pillow has a soft spot for all his followers, writing that he loves you even if you’ve just met him! Based in LA, this three-year old has nearly 60,000 followers.

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5) Simba (@simba.thesamoyed) – 48,000 followers

Proving that Samoyeds really are popular amongst Aussies, Simba (@simba.thesamoyed) is based in Sydney, Australia. This Samoyed recently campaigned to raise money to end cruelty against dogs. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to follow this Samoyed with a cause like over 57,500 other people, his beautiful beach photos should convince you to hit the follow button.

4) Dallas (@samoyeddallas) – 52,000 followers

Don’t be fooled by the name, Dallas (@samoyeddallas) isn’t living in Texas but Vancouver, Canada. Proving that the Canadian city is a popular location for Samoyeds, Dallas loves to pose for a dog selfie – or two. Samoyeds are smart dogs and Dallas lives up to that reputation with his chic eye-ware.

3) Boomer (@boomer_the_landcloud) – 339,000 followers

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

Boomer the Samoyed (Photo: @boomer_the_landcloud / Instagram)

Boomer (@boomer_the_landcloud) is a Samoyed that is popular on Instagram and TikTok. This Samoyed like to spread happiness like peanut butter. You can check out Boomer’s funny videos that are sure to make you smile. He’s get nearly 84,000 followers on Instagram.

2) Carl (@carlthesammy) – 81,200 followers

Carl (@carlthesammy) is a full-time cloud, part-time Samoyed. Based in LA, Carl has already accumulated a following of nearly 88,000 social media users despite celebrating his first birthday in February. It’s not really surprise given he seems to be quite the character judging by his 568-plus photos.

1) Melker (@samoyedmelker) – 85,000 followers

Moving into six figures, we’ve got Melker (@samoyedmelker) next up on our list. This Swedish Samoyed will bowl you over with beautiful photos of the country’s natural beauty. You’ll find this Swedish floof exploring the countryside or posing next to a beautiful collection of flowers. You can check out our interview with Melker here.

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