20 Poodles To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 10 January 2023

Poodles are one of the smartest dogs in the world.

They’re ranked at number two behind the famous Border Collie in Stanley Coren’s Intelligence of Dogs.

While Poodles are intelligent dogs, they’re perhaps best known for their trademark curly coat.

They’re often described as the quintessential hypoallergenic dog breed, meaning they’re unlikely to trigger a dog lover’s allergies.

The Poodle hashtag has over 3.5 million entries on the photo-sharing app, highlighting their popularity.

In this article, we’re going to check out 20 Poodles worth a follow on Instagram.

20) Coco (@cocothetoypoo)

Coco (@cocothetoypoo) is a Toy Poodle puppy. This cute pooch lives in Los Angeles, California. Coco is fast approaching his first birthday with nearly 2,000 followers, which isn’t a surprise given Coco’s beautiful appearance.

19) Moses (@moses_the_puppy)

Moses (@moses_the_puppy) is a four pound Toy Poodle living in Chicago. With a beautiful silver/white coat with gorgeous brown eyes, Moses will often hang with his pal Lacey. Moses is one of the oldest Poodles we’ll feature in this article at the grand old age of 11.

18) Bentley (@bentley_the_poodle)

Next we’ve got Bentley (@bentley_the_poodle). He’s a sharply dressed standard Poodle with a stunning tuxedo coat. Bentley is described as a drama king. He likes to live fashionably with a penchant for bow ties.

17) Teemo (@teemoodle)

It’s time to check out Teemo (@teemoodle). He’s a Toy Poodle living in the Pacific Northwest. The teddy bear lookalike lives in Portland, Oregon where he loves to explore the region’s stunning landscapes. Teemo loves his role as a model posing for his human’s Fujifilm camera.

16) Sebastian (@sebastianthestandard)

Sebastian (@sebastianthestandard) is loving life as much as his mom loves him. The happy Poodle has a great sense of fashion, which shouldn’t be a surprise given Sebastian lives in Beverley Hills. He’s also dipped his paw into the world of business – this entrepreneurial has his own luxury pet fashion company.

Poodle (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Poodle (Photo: Adobe Stock)

15) Gio (@fansofgio)

Gio (@fansofgio) is a Standard Poodle is a model and fasionisto. He likes to share a daily dose of joy with his fun and quirky photos. Gio is based in Austin, Texas. Gio has amassed a following of over 15,400 people on the photo-sharing app.

14) Roi (@megu_roi)

We’ve got a cute little customer up next. Roi (@megu_roi) is a silver Toy Poodle with 17,900 followers on the photo-sharing app. Rio is a four-year old who weighs just 1.4 kilograms. You’ll be charmed by Roi’s adorable features with his big brown eyes set against a stunning silver coat.

13) Mochi (@itsmemochiiii)

Let’s move from a stunning silver pup to a striking ruby red Poodle. Mochi (@itsmemochiiii) is a Toy Poodle living her best life in Vancouver, British Columbia. Mochi is a soon-to-be six-year old with curly red hair and a friendly expression.

12) Lucy and Anatasia (@poodleous)

We’re heading to the Black Forest in Germany to meet a black Poodle Lucy and Anatasia (@poodleous). Anatasia describes herself as a crazy dog lady. This gorgeous Poodle share their thoughts and adventures with you. Lucy’s stunning photos will leave you craving more of this beautiful Poodle.

11) Teddy (@ted_gram)

Teddy (@ted_gram) is a Poodle with a big personality. He lives in the Big Apple where you can check out his daily adventures around New York City. Aptly named Teddy passes more than a resemblance to a fluffy toy.

10) Smily (@smily.the.poo)

It’s time to meet a six-year-old Poodle based in the US called Smily (@smily.the.poo). Smily is a Toy Poodle is famous for his mainly human-like sleeping photos. His hooman says she grooms Smily due to his separation anxiety.

9) The Poodle Gang (@thepoodlegang)

The Poodle Gang (@thepoodlegang) is an account featuring the every day adventures of seven Poodles. If you’re a Poodle lover, you’ll certainly get your fill on this account. These Toy Poodles love to get out for adventures as well as chill at home.

8) Simon (@mylifewithsimonthepoodle)

Time to head to the west coat now to meet Bay Area pooch Simon (@mylifewithsimonthepoodle). He’s a stylish white Poodle who likes sport some tartan. He’s a dog model and product reviewer. Simon was once featured on Buzzfeed’s 25 dogs that are more fashionable than you!

7) Fred (@littlefreddietinkles)

Fred (@littlefreddietinkles) is a red Poodle living in New York City. If you like to see dogs doing cute stuff, Fred is the Poodle for you. He’s gained quite the following already but he has some way to go to catch up with his big brother Agador.

6) Dudley, Harry and Mimi (@dudley.friends)

Dudley, Harry and Mimi (@dudley.friends) are three rescue Poodles who are living the life that they deserve. This trio love to have fun and make new fur friends. Dudley and friends are advocates for rescuing dogs!

Poodle (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Poodle (Photo: Adobe Stock)

5) Jinkee (@lifeofjinkee)

Jinkee (@lifeofjinkee) has been making dog lovers laugh since April 2015. You won’t be surprised to learn Jinkee is a therapy dog. She’s a dog with a business mind, having creating some fun pins.

4) Miso (@miso_ara)

Ara and Miso (@miso_ara) are a cute Poodle duo who recently welcomed a new human arrival to the pack. They’re a red Toy Poodle and a white Toy Poodle who have over 90,000 followers on Instagram. They’re big on the social media site but TikTok fans will probably recognise their videos.

3) Skye (@im.lovebug)

Skye (@im.lovebug) is a rea life teddy bear. She is a professional cuddle bug living in Denmark. Skye is described s a humble dog with a hint of Kanye. She’s got good reason to feel good about life given Skye’s on the brink of 100,000 fans on Instagram.

2) Agador (@poochofnyc)

Agador (@poochofnyc) says he is often called the “Bob Ross of dogs”. He’s got trademark hair that adds to his trendy look. Living in New York City, you’ll often find Agador with his little brother Freddie.

1) Spice Dogs (@spicedogsss)

Haven’t satisfied your Poodle fix yet? Well we’ve got Spice Dogs (@spicedogsss) up next. They’re a pack of seven Poodles with distinct personalities that comes through on their Instagram page. It’s no surprise over 314,000 people have followed this septet.

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