20 Cockapoos To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 9 January 2023

Cockapoos are a cross between Cocker Spaniels and Poodles.

These hybrid dogs have become increasingly popular over the past couple of decades.

They’re a big hit with dog owners due to their usually low shedding coats and hypoallergenic qualities.

These dogs are usually happy and sociable pups that like to live an active lifestyle.

If you’re interested in getting a Cockapoo, talking to current owners on social media can be a great way to get further insight into these hybrid dogs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 Cockapoos to follow on Instagram.

20) Nellie (@cockapoo__nellie)

Nellie (@cockapoo__nellie) is a Cockapoo based in north Wales in the United Kingdom. Yet to celebrate her first birthday, you can follow Nellie’s adventures with her family through a camera lens.

19) Poppi and Oscar (@two.london.poos)

Poppi and Oscar (@two.london.poos) are red fox Cockapoo based in London. They’ve got beautiful coloring and sweet expressions.

18) Hazel (@cockapoo_hazel1)

Hazel (@cockapoo_hazel1) is another Cockapoo who loves adventures. Hazel isn’t afraid of some water, she’s a dog that likes to get wet judging by her Instagram photos. She’s also ball obsessed!

17) Gus (@gus_thecockapoo)

Gus (@gus_thecockapoo) is half dog, half bear. This Cockapoo is a champion snugglebug, so expect plenty of cuddles. He likes to nap. Clearly Gus is living his best American life. He’s amassed a following of over 5,000 people.

16) Bertie (@bertiebear_cockapoo)

Bertie (@bertiebear_cockapoo) is a Cockapoo with a beautiful apricot coat. Living in Wilshere in the UK, Bertie looks to be impeccably groomed with a teddy-bear like face that will win you over. Over 6,000 people are following his daily adventures.

Cockapoo (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Cockapoo (Photo: Adobe Stock)

15) Bauer The Canadian Cockapoo (@ourboybauer)

Bauer The Canadian Cockapoo (@ourboybauer) is our first representatives from the country. He lives Ottawa. The four year-old is always happy judging by his cheery demeanour on Instagram.

14) Wilson On The Cliff By The Sea (@wilson_cockapoo)

Wilson (or Wilson On The Cliff By The Sea to use his full Instagram name) (@wilson_cockapoo) is a dog who loves to be near water. He’s a seaside doggie living in the UK. If you like a day trip to the sea with your four-legged friend, you’ll like Wilson’s account.

13) Eliza (@cockapooeliza)

Eliza (@cockapooeliza) is a one-year old Cockapoo. Proving that the Cocker Spaniel Poodle cross has really enjoyed a surge in popularity in the UK, she’s another Cockapoo based in Bristol. You can follow her life in lots of little squares on Instagram.

12) Mochi (@mochimoo.thecockapoo)

We’re heading to New York City now. Mochi (@mochimoo.thecockapoo) is a NYC-based Cockapoo. She likes to sugarcoat her sass to get more attention. We can’t blame her, she’s a cute girl who likes to wear blue. Mochi has surpassed the 10K milestone.

11) Osito and Simba (@osito_pup_wonder)

From NYC to New Hampshire, let’s meet Osito and Simba (@osito_pup_wonder). Their parents make an occasional cameo – too.

Cockapoo (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Cockapoo (Photo: Adobe Stock)

10) Oliver (@oliversworld)

We’re heading Down Under to meet Oliver (@oliversworld). He’s a Cockapoo living in Melbourne, Australia. He likes to lick, run and receive affection. You’ll find Oliver on one of Melbourne’s sandy beaches.

9) Casper (@cockapoo_casper)

Casper (@cockapoo_casper) is a unique Cockapoo. He’s got dual citizenship. He’s a Cockapoo of weather extremes. You’ll either find Casper on the beaches of California or the snow of Sweden.

8) Graham (@cockapoograham)

Graham (@cockapoograham) is a Cockapoo based on the east coast. You can follow his updates from New York on his InstaGraham profile. He’s got a following on the brink of 20K. So why not give this NYC pup a follow?

7) Miss Darcy Cockapoo (@missdarcysadventures)

We’ve got another Cockapoo with a taste for international travel. Miss Darcy (@missdarcysadventures) has visited over 26 countries. She appears to travel with her faithful companion George (aka Le Mutt). They’ve surpassed the 20,000 mark.

6) Kona (@cockapookona)

We’re heading to the Bay Area in California to meet Kona (@cockapookona). He’s a professional teddy bear. This mini cockapoo boy even has a blanket with his face on it. Kona has over 25,000 fans on Instagram.

Cockapoo plays in bluebells (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Cockapoo plays in bluebells (Photo: Adobe Stock)

5) Riley and Walter (@riley_thecockapoo)

Riley and Walter (@riley_thecockapoo) are two Cockapoos with a business to run. They’re the CEO of Gift Spawt. When they’re not working, these two are professional sock thieves.

4) Sushi (@sushisaid)

Sushi (@sushisaid) is a big hit on Instagram but you need to check Sushi out on TikTok. With over 900,000 fans on the video-sharing platform, this Cockapoo is a real social media star. A video creator and doggie model, Sushi has nearly 28,000 fans on Instagram.

3) Cha Cha (@chachathecockapoo)

Cha Cha (@chachathecockapoo) is a Mini Cockapoo. She’s a happy girl living her best life in California. She’s got green paws with over 100 plants where she lives.

2) Nugget Nelson (@nugget_thecockapoo)

We’re at number two and we’ve finally got our first German Cockapoo. Nugget Nielson (@nugget_thecockapoo) lives in Berlin but you’ll often find Nugget at her favourite Alpaca Farm. That alone should be enough pique your interest in this Cockapoo, who has over 50,000 fans.

1) Marley and Mabel (@cockapoomarley)

Last but by no means least we’ve got Marley and Mabel (@cockapoomarley). Marley is a girl with a boys name. These two gorgeous Cockapoos split their time between Liverpool and London.

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