20 Borzoi To Follow On Instagram

By helloBARK!
Updated on 17 November 2021

Have you heard of the Borzoi dog breed?

Not to be confused with hairy horses, Borzoi are sighthounds that originated in Russia.

Nowadays the breed is popular throughout the world as much-loved family pets.

Like any dog breed, Borzoi have their own set of pros and cons, with considerations such as shedding and price.

If you’re looking to learn more about the breed, you may find it useful to follow some Borzoi accounts on Instagram.

In this article, we’ll feature 20 Borzoi accounts worth a follow!

20) Yeti (@yetiandthebear) – 182 followers

Yeti (@yetiandthebear) is a baby Borzoi living in England but with the spirit of the Welsh dragon. This long girl can be found walking in the beautiful countryside of Somerset and further afield.

19) Luna (@lunatheborzoi) – 962 followers

Luna (@lunatheborzoi) has a name inspired by Luna Lovegood, one of the characters from the Harry Potter series. She’s a Borzoi who loves a good nap on her mom’s queen size dog bed. You’ll find Luna exploring the rugged terrain in Saksatoon.

18) Vivaldi (@vivithelickymonster) – 1,115 followers

Vivaldi (@vivithelickymonster) is a two-year old male Borzoi based in the UK. He loves lots of walks as well as being in the company of his favourite humans. This sock enthusiast has over 1,000 followers on Instagram.

17) Dino and Gyuri (@diamondd.and.gyurika) – 1,374 followers

We’re heading to Slovenia to meet two Borzoi now. Dino and Gyuri (@diamondd.and.gyurika) are two striking Borzoi who love to roam in majestic woodlands with their owner. The tall trees that feature heavily in this account’s profile compliment the slender frames of Dino and Gyuri.

16) Sputnik (sputnik.borzoi) – 2,096 followers

Sputnik (@sputnik.borzoi) is an aptly named Borzoi. Considering the breed hails from Russia, space-lovers will appreciate the name of this Oslo-based Borzoi. Sputnik is a very long, very good boy who loves to boop.

15) Cosmo (@cosmotheborzoi) – 3,273 followers

Cosmo (@cosmotheborzoi) is a Borzoi with a passion for travel. Cosmo has visited a lot of countries, including France, Spain, Ukraine, Romania and more. You can check out Cosmo’s page to keep tabs on this Borzoi’s adventures around the world.

14) Nova (@novatheborzoi) – 3,577 followers

Nova (@novatheborzoi) is a Borzoi fondly described as a domesticated dog horse. This six-year old is living the high life in New York City. If you live in the Big Apple, maybe you’ve spotted Nova riding the subway?

13) Koi (koitheborzoi) – 5,044 followers

Koi (koitheborzoi) is a beautiful 10-year-old Borzoi with a refined elegance. With a passion for adventure and art, Koi has over 5,000 followers on Instagram!

12) Gigi (@gigitheborzoi) – 6,942 followers

We’re heading to Australia next to meet Gigi (@gigitheborzoi). This two-year old loves to be photographed judging by the catalogue of striking snaps on Gigi’s profile.

11) Maya (@mayas_mom19) – 7,121 followers

Next up we’ve got a sassy Borzoi called Maya (@mayas_mom19). Maya isn’t afraid to don a costume for the appropriate occasion to make her 7,000-strong followers smile.

10) Gandalf (@borzoi_gandalfthegrey) – 10,400 followers

Lord Of The Rings fans will be pleased to meet our next Borzoi called Gandalf (@borzoi_gandalfthegrey). Aptly named, this Borzoi is basked in Slovakia. With a TikTok account where you can find Gandalf’s funny videos, there’s something for everyone on this page.

9) Lydia and Merlin (@lydiatheborzoi) – 10,600 followers

Continuing with the wizard theme, we’ve got Merlin and Lydia (@lydiatheborzoi) up next. They’re a Borzoi duo living in Birmingham. If you want to get an idea of what life is like with two of these sighthounds, this could be the account for you.

8) Walter (@theblindborzoi) – 11,000 followers

Walter (@theblindborzoi) is a sightless sighthound. Walter has the biggest smile that is sure to raise the spirt of his 11,000 followers. Based in Florida, you can check out the daily adventures of this blind Borzoi.

7) Birch (@birch.the.borzoi) – 13,100 followers

Birch (@birch.the.borzoi) is a Borzoi who loves hiking, camping, backpacking and adventuring. Birch can be found romping around Tennessee!

6) Laika (@laika.the.borzoi) – 15,200 followers

Laika (@laika.the.borzoi) is one member of this pack based in Alabama in the USA. Laika has gorgeous markings with an elegant build. If you want to see how social this breed can be, you can follow Laika and the rest of the pack!

5) Zarwoe and Laska (@zarwoe.oligarch) – 40,800 followers

Zarwoe and Laska (@zarwoe.oligarch) are two Borzoi living in the wilderness. That means a lot of stunning photographs in the rugged terrain of Sweden. You can follow their snowy adventures along with nearly 41,000 others on Instagram.

4) Lapsha (@loopsnoot) – 47,500 followers

Lapsha (@loopsnoot) is a Borzoi based in Canada. The four-year old has a sense of humour with some clever snaps to put a smile on the faces of her Instagram fanbase.

3) Esper and Ora (@esperborzoi) – 59,500 followers

Esper and Ora (@esperborzoi) are two Borzoi who love to educate their followers about Borzoi and dogs in general. These magic spinning Russian noodle horses have nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram but over a million on TikTok.

2) Tupelo (@tupeytheborzoi) – 77,900 followers

Tupelo (@tupeytheborzoi) is a Borzoi with a snoot to boop! Her full name is Mademoiselle de Snoot but you can call her Tupey Tupe too. She has nearly 80,000 followers on Instagram.

1) Eris (@eriszoi) – 246,000 followers

Now it’s time to meet the Queen of Snoots. Eris (@eriszoi) is a three-year old Borzoi with nearly a quarter of a million followers on Instagram. This advocate for the Russian breed has the most adorable snoot and overbite that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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