10 German Shepherds to follow on Instagram

helloBARK! staff
By helloBARK! staff
Updated on October 04, 2019

German Shepherds are the second most popular dog in the United States.

Only the Labrador surpasses the German Shepherd in the popularity stakes.

These elegant but powerful animals are medium-to-large sized dogs that play a big role in modern society.

The military and police call upon German Shepherds in the line of duty, while another function of GSD is as service animals.

There have been a number of famous German Shepherds, including movie star Rin-Tin-Tin and the first blind eye dog Buddy.

Murray the German Shepherd (Photo: murray_thegsd / Instagram)

Murray the German Shepherd (Photo: murray_thegsd / Instagram)

But what German Shepherds merit a follow on social media?

Here is helloBARK!’s 10 German Shepherds that you should follow on Instagram.

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1) Murray (@murray_thegsd) – 32,000 followers

Murray (@murray_thegsd) is a liver and tan German Shepherd. You’d be forgiven for thinking Murray was a lion, not a dog. Almost three years old, Murray can be found exploring the beautiful, natural landscapes of Montana. With almost 32,000 followers, Murray is a stunning example of a German Shepherd.

Did you know? German Shepherds were the first service dogs in America. A GSD called Buddy arrived from Switzerland to earn the title of the first blind eye dog in United States.

2) Lucas (@theneighbourhoodwolf) – 53,000 followers

This German Shepherd will certainly standout. Lucas (@theneighbourhoodwolf) is a black GSD with a striking appearance. Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Lucas loves to live life and make memories. You’d be forgiven for thinking Lucas is a black panther rather than a German Shepherd. It is easy to see why this elegant and sleek dog has 53,000 followers.

Fun fact: German Shepherds are ranked as the third most intelligent canine in the dog world.

3) Guinness (@guinness_the_gsd) – 17,000 followers

Moving from a Black German Shepherd to Guinness. Not the black stuff, but a German Shepherd with a significant following on social media. Guinness (guinness_the_gsd) is a Pacific northwest explorer. “Not your average rescued pup” according to Guinness’ bio, this German Shepherd is worth a follow.

Did you know? The German Shepherd breed started in the late 19th century when a former German military captain came across his perfect working dog.

4) Cairo (@cairo_sable_gsd) – 37,000 followers

Cairo is one of the elder German Shepherd dogs on our list of Instagram stars. Closing in on five years old, Cairo (@cairo_sable_gsd) has almost 37,000 followers. Cario is based in Nebraska after she was rescued from Las Vegas.

Fun fact: German Shepherd puppies can cost between $500 and $1000 depending on your breeder. However, there are many dedicated German Shepherd rescues in the United Kingdom and the United States.

5) Loki & Tallulah (loki_the_shep) – 54,000 followers

Be prepared for your heart to melt! Loki (@loki_the_shep) and her little pal Tallulah are guaranteed to put smiles on faces. Based in the United Kingdom, Loki is a four-year old German Shepherd with 54,000 followers on Instagram. Loki loves food and walks, typifying some of the key traits of the breed. With a little sidekick, it’s no wonder their photos are such a hit on Instagram.

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Did you know? German Shepherds are susceptible to health issues such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, epilepsy and diabetes.

6) Moki (@mokimeetsworld) – 21,000 followers

Moki (@mokimeetsworld) is a long coated German Shepherd with nearly 21,000 followers on social media platform Instagram. Not bad for an 11 month old puppy! He is a long coat German Shepherd but there is a twist. You get two for the price of one on this account because Moki has a 12-year-old sibling named Bear.

Fun fact: German Shepherds can come in a number of different colours, including black, black and tan, red and black, sable, black and silver and grey.

7) Kim (@alefranz_kim.gsd) – 14,400 followers

If you’re looking for some breathtaking photos of a German Shepherd, look no further than Kim’s account (@alefranz_kim.gsd). Posting adventures of her life with her Italian owner Franz, Kim is a stunning example of a GSD. With 14,400 followers, this elegant German Shepherd is sure to gain more traction on her social channel.

Did you know? Horand von Grafrath (aka Hektor) was the first German Shepherd listed on society’s register and so began one of the most popular breeds in the world.

8) Omega (@omegathegsd) – 14,700 followers

Next up is another Black German Shepherd called Omega (@omegathegsd). Based in Slovakia, this gorgeous working dog has almost 15,000 followers on Instagram. Coming up on three years old, Omega is from a Czech line of dogs. With alert, pointed ears along with gorgeous brown eyes, Omega is stunning example of a black GSD.

Fun fact: German Shepherds underwent a name change in the United Kingdom following World War I due to concerns the use of German would affect their popularity. They were called Alsatian dogs.

9) Beau and Bosely (@mr_beau_and_bosley) – 37,000 followers

What’s better than one German Shepherd? Two German Shepherds of course! You get just that if you follow Beau and Bosely (@mr_beau_and_bosley). Beau is a regal-looking German Shepherd coming up on nine years old. His partner in crime, Bosley, is five years younger and is happy to admit that he is cute (and he knows it!). If you haven’t seen them wearing bear ears, you’ll want to!

Fun fact: German Shepherds are the second-most popular breed in the United States and seventh-most popular in the United Kingdom.

10) Hunter Smith (@huntersmith.gsd) – 27,000 followers

Last but not least is a German Shepherd dog based in Perth, Australia. Hunter (@huntersmith.gsd) is a three-year old long-coated GSD. With almost 27,000 followers, Hunter will put a smile on your face with those bring brown eyes and fluffy coat.

Did you know? Max the Bionic Dog was a German shepherd who had the ability to bite through steel in TV show. The Bionic Woman