10 Beagles you should follow on Instagram

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Updated on October 04, 2019
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Everyone needs a Beagle.

These are the famous words of Charlie Brown, who helped Snoopy to achieve fame in his comic strip.

For those of you who are unable to own a Beagle, there is always Instagram!

Their trademark gorgeous brown eyes, floppy ears and alert tail mean these dogs get a lot of attention.

Beagles were initially bred for hunting purposes but this robust dog has become a firm family favourite.

Beagles come in two different sizes (Photo: Aaron Ramsey / Instagram )

Beagles come in two different sizes (Photo: Aaron Ramsey / Instagram

They tend to be pack driven so you will usually see a Beagle with at least one partner in crime in the dog park.

Their high energy levels means there is another a dull moment with these canines.

You can follow our dogs Copper and Skye on Instagram here (@lifewithkleekai).

10) Maymo (@maymothedog) – 227,000 followers

A master of disguise and purveyor of skullduggery, Mayo (@maymothedog) is a star Beagle on Instagram. This Beagle is a world record holder: Mayo holds the title of animal with the most suscribers on YouTube. With a passion for dressing up, this Beagle will certainly keep you entertained.

Did you know? Beagles were first exported to the United States in 1840s but it took the American Kennel Club until 1885 to recognise the breed.

9) Klaus (@klaus_beagle) – 41, 400 followers

Bringing happiness and damaged furnishings, Klaus (@klaus_beagle) has almost 41,500 followers. This Beagle loves to pose for the camera or take a well-earned nap. However, there can be no denying that he is a bundle of Beagle joy.

Fact attack: There are two sizes of Beagle – small and large. The small are no taller than 13 inches (30cm) and tend to weigh 20 to 30 pounds (9 to 13.6 kg).

8) Charlie (@beagle_charlie_the_beagle) – 14,200 followers

A self professed lover of balls, naps and running, Charlie (@beagle_charlie_the_beagle) doesn’t lack energy. Indeed, this Dutch Beagle is always in action, whether it’s going for a canter on the beach or posing alongside the beautiful tulips in the Netherlands.

Did you know? The large Beagle can reach a heigh of between 13 and 16 inches (33 and 40cm) and can weigh up to 35 pounds (15.8kg).

7) Oscar & Sawyer (@sawyer_oscar_beagles) – 2,500 followers

Considering Beagles played a big part in aristocratic life in the United Kingdom, it is only right we feature some more British Beagles. Oscar and Sawyer (@sawyer_oscar_beagles) has over 2,000 followers and is proud to be British. Based in Scotland, these two Beagle brothers can be found exploring Scotland’s rugged landscape.

alaskan klee kai
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Fact attack: Beagles are relatives of the larger Foxhound. They key difference between the two breeds is their shorter muzzle and wider head.

6) Ludo (@lifeasludo) – 10,100 followers

Moving to northern Europe, next up is a Norwegian Beagle called Ludo (@lifeasludo). Proving that this breed thrives in outdoor conditions, Ludo is often photographed in the breathtaking countryside in Norway. Whether it is walking through snow or exploring woodland, this Beagle keeps her 3,500 followers entertained.

Did you know? There are a couple of health issues that can affect Beagles, including Chinese Beagle Syndrome, otherwise called Musladin Lueke Syndrome (MLS), which occurs when a Beagle walks on its toes, which leads to comparisons to a ballerina.

5) Mora (@morabeagle) – 2,000 followers

Living in Argentina, Mora (@morabeagle) really proves that this breed is a worldwide hit. Hailing from the country of Lionel Messi and from the city of the sea and the wind (Buenos Aires), Mora is often found at the beach. This is a Beagle with sandy paws.

Fact attack: According to Beaglepro, the normal price range for a Beagle puppy in the United States is between $800 and $1500. You shouldn’t pay more than $2000 for a Beagle.

4) Millie (@beaglemillie) – 22,100 followers

Proudly describing herself as Queen of the Beagle-tude, Millie (@beaglemillie) is based in Delaware in the United States. This sassy lady has amassed almost 20,000 followers on Instagram. It’s hardly surprising given she is a regal lady. A twig Collector and a leaf Chaser, there is never a dull moment.

Did you know? Beagles have a reputation for being escape artists. This is hardly surprising given their history of following the scent of small animals, such as rabbits and hares.

3) Asta (@asta_the_beagle) – 2,600 followers

A one-year old based in Germany, Asta (@asta_the_beagle) can be found exploring the countryside, bounding through leaves in thick woodland or having fun about the house. She has got a growing following on social media, with nearly 3,000 Instagram followers.

Fact attack: Some reports have suggested that Beagle’s ancestors can be traced back to Ancient Greece in 5th century BC. However, they are best known for their role in British society.

2) Zaro (@zarothebeagle) – 713

Loving his life and eating everyone’s shoes, Zaro (@zarothebeagle) is a self-proclaimed chewing chimpanzee. As you can already guess, this is a Beagle with personality. No wonder he’s already got 730 Instagram followers and many more to go. Pawsome and he knows it, this is a Beagle well worth a follow.

Did you know? Their stale is called a stern. It stands to attention but doesn’t curl, while it has a white tip which dubbed the flag and plays a role during hunts.

1) @dylanthecrazybeagle – 40,400 followers

As the name suggests, you can expect plenty of excitement if you follow Dylan (@dylanthecrazybeagle). Based in Spain, Dylan loves to pose in front of some of Spain’s majestic sights. This talented Beagle loves to swim and can often be spotted in a swimming pool. No stranger to an action shot, Dylan is poetry in motion.

Fact attack: Beagles make good watch dogs given these pets will bark if they hear a disturbance. The breed will bark if there is someone approaching the house or if they spot a wild animal in the garden.

Celebrity Beagles


Of course, Snoopy is the most famous of all Beagles. Although he is a cartoon character, he has been in existence since 1950s. With almost 1.9 million followers on Instagram, he continues to see his popularity soar even in the age of social media.


Appearing on British television for the first time in 1989, Gromit and his owner Wallace have been entertaining British kids and children worldwide with their hilarious escapades.

Frankie Munoz

Famous for his lead role in Malcolm in the Middle, Frankie Munoz is the proud owner of a Beagle mix called Cooper.

Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey is one of many famous Beagle owners  (Photo: Aaron Ramsey / Instagram)

Aaron Ramsey is one of many famous Beagle owners (Photo: Aaron Ramsey / Instagram)

Premier League footballer Aaron Ramsey has a gorgeous Beagle called Halo. The Arsenal midfielder regularly posts photos of his beautiful dog on social media.