WufWuf Subscription Box Review

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Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 10 December 2021

Are you looking for a UK-based subscription box to treat your dog?

We all like to reward our dogs for being great companions considering they’re just as much part of our family as anyone else.

You may be familiar with the concept of a subscription box that comes packed with toys and treats for your furry friend.

However, some subscription boxes include toys that don’t last very long and treats that aren’t particularly healthy.

Website: wufwuf.co.uk

WufWuf are subscription box company based in the UK and in the EU who are striving to provide dogs with safe and healthy chews and toys.

In this article, we’re going to take a close look at WufWuf, what comes in their box, whether their toys and treats are high quality and what other customers are saying about their service.

Who Are WufWuf?

Wuf Wuf subscription box (Photo: hellobark.com)

Wuf Wuf subscription box (Photo: hellobark.com)

WufWuf are a UK-based company that was created by dog lovers for dog lovers.

Their mission is to provide dog owners with a simple way to keep their dogs mentally stimulated and entertained.

WufWuf want to alleviate the guilt felt by dog owners who don’t always have time to decidate as much playtime to their canine companions as they’d like due to family or work commitments.

Their box contains toys and chews that are safe and healthy to provide pet parents with peace of mind that their dog is eating good quality treats.

WufWuf’s website stresses that they believe it’s important to make their subscription service affordable to dog parents despite including the best products in your pup’s box.

They hope that you’ll enjoy discovering the quality items, the choice and the variety contained within each box just as much as your dog!

How WufWuf Works

Wuf Wuf subscription box (Photo: hellobark.com)

Wuf Wuf subscription box (Photo: hellobark.com)

So you’ve decided to give WufWuf a try but you want to understand a little more about how the subscription plan works.

Firstly, you’ll need to tell WufWuf your dog’s name, size and meat preference. For instance, if your dog is allergic to a particular protein, you should include this information so they can include alternative chews and treats.

Once you’ve entered your dog’s details, your personal information, shipping and payments details, WufWuf will ship your order immediately.

Their website writes that shipping is free and your box should ship no later than the 15th of each month.

Once you receive your box, you’ll get to enjoy your dog’s excitement as they explore the new stimulating toys to play with and treats to get their teeth into.

What Comes In Your First WufWuf Subscription Box?

Wuf Wuf subscription box (Photo: hellobark.com)

Wuf Wuf subscription box (Photo: hellobark.com)

So what will you find in your first WufWuf box?

You get at least five or more items in your box which includes a range of treats, toys, chews and accessories.

For instance, in their special edition Christmas box, they’ve included three bags of premium treats, two pumpkin treats, a hide and seek toy, an orka tennis ball, a hide and seek plush toy and a Christmas scarf.

WufWuf have themed subscription boxes that cover seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween.


Wuf Wuf subscription box (Photo: hellobark.com)

Wuf Wuf subscription box (Photo: hellobark.com)

WufWuf’s subscription service costs £18.90 a month and your dog will get five or more items. Their website claims that the box is valued at over £40 despite costing just £18.90.

WufWuf ship to the UK and all the countries in the EU.

Our Verdict

Having previously tried some other subscription boxes, I was impressed with the quality and the variety of the toys and treats included in WufWuf’s box.

In fact, my dogs still have a Santa Claus plush toy from last year’s Christmas-themed box that has stood test the time (and a house move!).

What Customers Are Saying About WufWuf

WufWuf get an average rating of 4.7 stars based upon nearly 275 reviews on independent website Trustpilot. Of the reviews, 94% are either excellent or great.

Ada described WufWuf as the leading dog subscription box.

Easily the best doggy subscription box we’ve tried. Introduce a lovely variety of treats which we often don’t see in local pet stores. Toys are good quality, my boy loves the stuffed ones, especially the bunny from Easter and spider from Halloween. Customer service is excellent, respond quickly and are very accommodating to any requests. I also like that you can pause it whenever you like, unlike some other subscriptions.

Emma revealed WufWuf’s toys keep her dogs stimulated for a long time.

Excellent value for money. My dog Mika loves her WufWuf box. There’s quite a lot of variety in the box. From the doggy treats to the toys. The toys keep her entertained for ages, and are of a good quality. Would recommend. Will definitely keep using WufWuf.

Jasper revealed his Golden Retriever Leo is obsessed with his monthly WufWuf box.

I love the themes the box got and it’s fun every time we get to open the new box. Leo (my golden retriever) always gets very excited when the postman delivers the next WufWuf box. When I open the box he first get one of the toys out and takes it to his bed, after that he comes back to inspect the rest of the box. All of this with his tail happily wagging. We are big fans! Thanks WufWuf for the great box and service.

Are There Any WufWuf Coupon Codes, Discounts Or Offers?

Wuf Wuf subscription box (Photo: hellobark.com)

Wuf Wuf subscription box (Photo: hellobark.com)

We teamed up with WufWuf to offer our readers an exclusive offer.

You can avail of the opportunity to double your first WufWuf box – so you can receive 2 boxes for the price of 1.

So that’s double the toys, treats and fun at no extra cost when you sign up by clicking this link and entering the discount code hellobark241.

Anything Else To Consider

WufWuf don’t currently offer a subscription box for two dogs so you’ll need to subscribe twice if you think your dogs won’t be good at sharing! Or you could avail of our 2 for 1 offer by entering hellobark241 at checkout.

They make pausing or cancelling their subscription easy – you just simply log in and click “cancel subscription”. So it’s minimal fuss! You’ll need to cancel by the 7th of the month to avoid being charged for an extra month.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our review of the WufWuf subscription box.

Unlike some other dog subscription box companies who include toys that don’t last a long time and unhealthy treats, WufWuf only use quality products.

They’re competitively priced with free shipping in the UK and you can cancel at anytime so you’re not tied into a long-term subscription plan.

If you live in the UK or EU and you want to surprise your dog with quality chews and toys every month to reward them, you won’t go wrong with WufWuf’s subscription box.

Don’t forget our readers can get 2 WufWuf boxes for the price of 1 on their first order. To seize this chance to double your first WufWuf box, click here and enter the discount hellobark241 at checkout.