Weenect Vs Pawfit Dog Tracker Reviews

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 25 January 2023

It can be a stressful experience when your dog runs off and you can’t find them.

If you allow your dog to roam off leash when you’re out for walks in the British countryside, woodland or hills, you may previously have had one or two scares.

However, there are a number of experienced companies that provide GPS trackers for dogs so you can utilise live tracking to keep an eye on your canine companion at all times.

A dog tracker can prove just as useful within the parimeters of your property given most devices will allow dog owners to set up a geofence or safe zone.

In this comparison article, we’re going to take a look at two of the leading dog trackers available to pet owners at the moment.

We’ll take a deep dive into Weenect Dog 2 GPS and Pawfit Dog Tracker, examining the features available to pet parents, what customers are saying about the product and provide our verdict.

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Weenect Dog 2 GPS – The Basics

Where To Buy: www.weenect.com

Alaskan Klee Kai wearing the Weenect GPS tracker for dogs (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Alaskan Klee Kai wearing the Weenect GPS tracker for dogs (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Weenect are a company based in France that have created their Weenect Dog 2 GPS to allow pet parents to keep an eye on their dog throughout Europe. It’s worth noting that they also create trackers for children and OAPs.

Their website explains that their mission is to make your dog’s life safe and provide pet parents with peace of mind their four-legged friends haven’t wandered off or got into any trouble.

The biggest selling point of the Weenect Dog 2 GPS is that it’s the smallest dog tracker available on the market at the moment – it weighs a mere 25 grams.

Therefore your dog shouldn’t even notice that the dog tracker is attached to their collar.

Weenect give pet parents the options to create a geofence/safe zone so the device will send a push notification to your phone if your furry friend should leave the boundaries of your property.

The French company provide 99% coverage throughout Europe provided your tracker can connect to the 2G network.

Furthermore, Weenect Dog 2 GPS contains ring and vibrate features so it doubles up as a training collar. Pet owners can train their dogs to recognise the sound and perform a command.

Weenect Dogs 2 is available to purchase directly on their website at £49.90 plus the subscription fee. You will need a subscription plan to avail of Weenect’s services – they offer monthly (£7.90 per month), one-year prepaid (£5 per month)and two-year prepaid (£3.75 per month) subscriptions.

Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker – The Basics

Where To Buy: www.pawfit.com

Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker (Photo: Pawfit)

Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker (Photo: Pawfit)

Pawfit, like Weenect, are one of the major players in the dog tracker market.

Produced by high tech company Latsen Technology, Pawfit is designed to provide dog owners with peace of mind that they’re pooch is safe at all times.

Latsen Technology produce a range of IoT and AI products so it should be no surprise that Pawfit uses smart technologies to track and monitor your dog at all times.

Pawfit’s primary purpose is as a dog tracker with live tracking. In addition, you can track your canine companion’s daily activity, including location, steps, distance, calories and active/rest hours.

You have the ability to set up safe zones and receive alerts if your dog breaks through the so-called geofence. Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker will monitor the temperature of your dog.

While Pawfit write that their device is pet friendly as it’s waterproof, dust proof, anti-drop and anti-bite, it weighs in at 180g.

The Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker costs £54.99 on Pawfit’s website. Like Weenect, you’ll need a subscription in order to avail of Pawfit’s full list of features. The subscription plans are £3.59 for 12 months, £3.99 for 6 months and £4.79 for 1 month.

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Weenect v Pawfit – Our Recommendation

We’ve reached the crucial part of our comparison article.

There’s little to choose between the two GPS trackers for dogs but we believe Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker to be a slightly superior option.

Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker have different features that some dog owners may prefer, such as more in depth activity monitoring.

The temperature monitoring is something that we haven’t seen with other pet trackers so it’s a unique selling point of the Pawfit device.

Weenect’s device is the smallest dog tracker in the market (eight times lighter than Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker), which means your pup is unlikely to notice that they’ve even got something on their collar.

I liked the ring and vibrate features because I was able to train my dog to recognize the sound or vibration as a signal to return to me. This effectively enhances Weenect’s ability to track your dog and to provide added safety when out and about with your dog.

While we recommend Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker, you won’t go wrong with either of these GPS trackers for dogs.

What Are Customers Saying About Weenect and Pawfit?

Weenect, as a company, have an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 based upon nearly 3,000 reviews on independent review website Trustpilot. The French company get over 82 per cent positive reviews on Trustpilot.

John gives Weenect a glowing review based upon his experience.

At first I was dubious ordering an expensive item from a foreign website but I read previous reviews which were all positive. Hugo my dog had it on now and it’s marvelous. I have six acres of garden and now I know where he is at any time. I would thoroughly recommend Weenect and the tracker to any dog owner.

Stirling believes Weenect can provide dog owners with great peace of mind.

Our Beagle has already tested this tracker by running off in the dark chasing deer a day after we got the delivery. Usually we start wandering around the many forest roads and paths looking for him only to find him back where he ran off from. But sometimes he meets other dogs and their owners and so doesn’t come back. This time he chased deer for an hour in the pitch dark but after switching the Weenect tracker to live mode from the Android app I was able to keep updating his location and simply sit on a bench and wait for his return. I am amazed at how accurate and responsive the tracker is even in dense woodland where GPS and mobile signal are weak. Buy one and never worry about your dog disappearing again!

Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker gets 4.4 out of 5 stars based upon 280 reviews on Amazon’s website.

Paul gave the product a glowing five-star review based upon his experience.

Unfortunately our 11 year old Cocker Spaniel is losing his hearing. He has always been walked in safe places off his lead & enjoys this freedom. We have had recently a couple of incidents where we are unsure where he is and he cannot respond to his whistle or calling. With Pawfit we can accurately determine where he is, and find him rather than the other way around. The ‘fit-bit’ element is also brilliant to gauge how far we walk him in a day. Overall the product does everything that we wish it to do and is programmed to both mine and my wife’s phone.

Dave named Pawfit as his preferred dog tracker having used other devices previously.

This is my 4th dog tracker after giving up on previous products one by one. The problems I’ve had with others have been they’re either too big/heavy, lack features, very short battery life, lose GPS signal or not able to secure properly to my dog. I’ve been using this tracker for 2 days now, and while I might be a little premature in saying this – I absolutely love it! It’s very compact and light so my 15kg spaniel doesn’t even know she’s wearing it. The battery life so far seems the best of all I’ve tried. After four 45 minute walks (using live GPS tracking) in 2 days the battery is only down to about 80%.

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Anything Else To Consider?

While these dog trackers will provide coverage throughout most of Europe, it’s worth nothing that there are so-called white zones. These are areas where your dog tracker won’t be able to connect to the 2G cellular network. In these zones, you won’t be able to use live tracking of your dog.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to check your phone’s service before you decide to allow your dog to roam off leash.

Is There A Pawfit Or Weenect Coupon Code Or Discount?

We reached out to Pawfit and secured a special discount for our readers.

Our readers can save 10% when using the discount code ‘BARK10’ with their purchase. Just click this link and enter ‘BARK10’ at checkout.

Wrapping Things Up – Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our comparison article.

Weenect Dogs 2 is a good device that provides pet parents with the ability to keep track of their dog at all times.

With live tracking and geofence, you’ll know if your dog leaves your garden or yard.

Weenect have a ring and vibrate features that can be utilised to train your dog – too.

Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker has activity monitoring for dog owners who want to be able to track their dog and see how many calories their canine companion burns every day.

While we prefer Weenect Dogs 2 given it’s lightweight and easy to use, you won’t go wrong with either of the GPS trackers for dogs mentioned in this article.

Don’t forget if you prefer to go with Pawfit, our readers can save 10% when using the discount code ‘BARK10’ at the checkout.