Scrumbles Dog Food Review

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 24 January 2023

Finding the right dog food for your dog can be an overwhelming experience.

There’s no shortage of options for pet parents who are researching the different types of dog food.

You’ve got air-dried dog food, raw dog food, dry dog food, wet dog food and freshly-cooked dog food.

It’s a good idea to speak to your vet about what dog food they feel is a good fit for your canine companion.


In this article, we’re going to take a look at Scrumbles, who provide dry and wet food for dogs and cats in the UK.

We’re going to take a look at how Scrumbles works, what recipes they can offer to British pets and what customers are saying about their hypoallergenic food.

Editor's note: The content on this website is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as veterinary, medical or professional advice. The content of our articles does not constitute veterinary advice. It’s always best to speak with your vet or a certified pet nutritionist before making any changes to your pet's diet or feeding routine.

Scrumbles – The Basics


Alaskan Klee Kai Copper enjoyed Scrumbles (Photo: helloBARK!)

Alaskan Klee Kai Copper enjoyed Scrumbles (Photo: helloBARK!)

Scrumbles was founded by Jack Walker and Aneisha Soobroyen. You may have spotted them on Dragon’s Den looking for investment in 2019.

Aneisha and Jack started cooking in their own kitchen to create recipes to help their cat Boo’s sensitive stomach. Their dog Smudge benefited, too.

The Scrumbles website reveals how they tried lots of different pet food options with no luck and the result was a lot of costly vet bills.

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Their About page goes on to explain that they spent a year studying canine and feline nutrition before experimenting with recipes with help from expert nutritionists.

They write online that it took a year and a half of testing different recipes before Scrumbles was born, looking to provide pets around the UK with good, natural pet food.

The Scrumbles website says that they offer a range of “delicious, gut-friendly, hypoallergenic” cat and dog food. They add that all their food is free from nasties and has passed the taste test with Boo and Smudge.

How Scrumbles Works

The Scrumbles website has an online shop where you can order their cat and dog food.

They’ve got a range of different options depending on whether you own a puppy, adult dog or senior dog. All of Scrumbles food is hypoallergenic, which their website explains means their food is “less likely to cause an allergic reaction”.

They add probiotics to their kibble for great gut health and they support local British suppliers, according to their website.

Scrumbles have three dry food options: Chicken Dry Dog Food, Salmon Dry Dog Food and Chicken Dry Puppy Food. They’ve also got some grain-free wet dog food recipes: Chicken, Salmon and Turkey.

You can also select some dental chews and calming dog treats to supplement their dry or wet dog food.

Scrumbles don’t tailor their food to meet your dog’s specific needs unlike some other dry food options that we’ve reviewed.

This means that their food won’t be customised to meet your canine’s requirements, although their packaging has feeding guidelines based upon the size of your dog.


As we touched upon above, Scrumbles provide hypoallergenic pet food, designed for easy digestion. Therefore, they use a limited number of quality ingredients.

The Scrumbles website offers three different dry food recipes. Let’s take a look at the ingredients.

• Chicken Dry Dog Food (for adults and seniors) – 60% Chicken (33% Freshly Prepared Chicken, 23% Dehydrated Chicken, 2.8% Chicken Fat, 1.4% Chicken Liver), 19% Brown Rice, 13.5% Oats, 3.6% Alfalfa, 1.4% Salmon Oil, 0.7% Linseed, Minerals, Vitamins, 0.4% Dried Carrot, 395 kcal/100g.

• Chicken Dry Puppy Food – 64.6% Chicken (33% Freshly Prepared Chicken, 24% Dehydrated Chicken, 6.1% Chicken Fat, 1.5% Chicken Liver), 16% Brown Rice, 13% Oats, 3.6% Alfalfa, 1.8% Salmon Oil, 0.7% Linseed, Minerals, Vitamins, 0.4% Dried Carrot, FOS, 415 kCAl/100g.

• Salmon Dry Dog Food – 50% Salmon (25% Freshly Prepared Salmon, 20% Dehydrated Salmon, 3% Salmon Oil, 1.5% Salmon stock), 19% Sweet Potato, 14% Potato, 7% Peas, 3.6% Alfalfa, 0.7% Linseed, Minerals, Vitamins, 0.4% Dried Carrot, Glucosamine (400mg/kg), MSM (400mg/kg), Chondroitin Sulphate (300mg/kg), FOS, 356 kcal/100g.

They’ve also got some grain free wet dog food recipes: Chicken, Salmon and Turkey. – onto the ‘grain free wet dog food’ linking to

Meal Preparation

Unlike some dry dog food companies that tailor their meals to meet your specific dog’s needs, Scrumbles produce hypoallergenic pet food but pet parents will need to exact portion control.

Scrumbles provide a feeding guideline on the outside of the bag. They suggest portions based upon the age and weight of your puppy or dog.

However, they don’t provide a scooper so it’ll be up to pet parents to measure out the right portion to ensure you’re not underfeeding or overfeeding your dog.

While there’s nothing wrong with this traditional approach to dog food, some pet parents may prefer using dog food companies that pre-portion each meal so there’s no margin for error.

It’s recommended that you store your Scrumbles bag in a cool, dry place and reseal the bag after use.

Price And Delivery

The price of Scrumbles can range from £11.49 to £40 per bag depending on the size of your dog. For example, a 2kg bag costs £11.49 but a 7.5kg bag will set you back £40.

I worked out that it would cost me £11.49 for a 2kg bag every three weeks to feed Scrumbles to my three-year-old 10kg Alaskan Klee Kai.

Scrumbles will offer free delivery with orders worth over £29. Otherwise, standard delivery costs an additional £4.99.

There is an option to subscribe to Scrumbles rather than make a one-off purchase which will save you money in the long run.

What Are Customers Saying?

Scrumbles get an average rating of 4.7 based upon 154 Google Reviews.

Simone left a five-star review (on behalf of her dog) after feeding her dog Dave some Scrumbles.

I love fish and Scrumbles salmon is by far my favourite. The size of the pieces suit me perfectly, I usually eat too fast. Mum loves to know that I’m getting extra benefits nutritionally and also for my bones, joints, skin and tummy. Prevention is always better than cure, she says. Dad likes the company’s grounded ethos.

A pet parent with a fussy eater revealed that Scrumbles passed the taste test in her household.

I bought some Scrumbles Salmon Dry Food (for adults and seniors) for my dog. I bought it because it is grain free and contains natural ingredients. He is normally quite fussy but loved this. He seemed to really enjoy it so I will definitely buy them again. The packaging is really nice too.

Jodie revealed that her Doberman was a big fan of the Salmon recipe, too.

This is a brilliant product, it’s really fresh. I purchased the Salmon 2kg bag for my dog (who may I add is a bit fussy at times!) and she really took to it! Also love the fact the bag is fully recyclable.

Our Verdict

I received a sample pack of Scrumbles to review, with help from my two taste testers. My Alaskan Klee Kai are fussy eaters and they’re used to a home-cooked dog food diet. In the past, they’ve been picky with dry food.

They were sent Scrumbles Chicken Dry Puppy Food. My youngest dog is the more food motivated of my two Klee Kai and he quickly devoured his helping of Scrumbles. My eldest Klee Kai had a few bites but she didn’t finish the meal (but my younger AKK finished it off for her).

The Scrumbles bag was easy on the eye and I appreciated the fact that their packaging was 100% recyclable. I really liked that the food was hypoallergenic given my Alaskan Klee Kai’s history of stomach issues. It was great to see that Scrumbles have taking into account gut health by adding probiotics to their recipes. The feeding guidelines were easy to follow – too.

Having said that, I’ve traditionally used dog food companies that pre portion each meal for my dogs, so I do prefer that method.

Any Negatives?

Although Scrumbles provide hypoallergenic dog food that cater to canines with sensitive stomachs, their food isn’t tailored to your specific dog. Some dog food companies get pet parents to fill out a detailed questionnaire so they can customise their food to your dog’s specific requirements.

If you’ve got fussy eaters with sensitive stomachs like my dogs, you may prefer to go for a company that does pre portion your dog’s food. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Although the Scrumbles website recommend resealing the bag to keep your dog food fresh, I couldn’t see the seal on my bag so I had to use a clip to keep it shut. I noticed a couple of other customers reference this in their Google reviews.

Is This The Best Dry Food For Dogs?

Scrumbles is a good choice for pet parents who are looking for hypoallergenic dry dog food within the UK.

While their meals aren’t pre-portioned, they use high quality ingredients and their recipes are free from any so-called nasties.

You can check out our guide to some of the best dog food options for picky eaters in the United Kingdom via the link below.

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You can only buy Scrumbles in the UK so if you’re a US-based reader, you can see our recommendations for the best dry food for dogs in the USA via the link below.

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Anything Else To Consider?

Scrumbles use quality ingredients in their foods and all their recipes are gluten free, according to their website.

Their website recommends changing your dog’s food gradually to avoid any potential stomach upsets. This transition can take between 7 and 10 days. Their website recommends starting with 10% Scrumbles and 90% of your dog’s current food.

Scrumbles Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our review of Scrumbles.

They’re a dog food company that cater to picky eaters with sensitive stomachs, providing hypoallergenic dog food.

Scrumbles offer a variety of dry food recipes for dogs of all ages, so there’s something for every canine irrespective of age.

They only use natural ingredients so you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting a balanced and healthy diet.

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We've picked out three great dog food options for picky eaters in the UK to help you keep your pets motivated at mealtime