Pooch & Mutt Christmas Gift Box review

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 19 November 2020

Pooch & Mutt are looking to bring some festive cheer to your dogs.

They’re a health food company whose products happen to be consumed by canines.

Pooch & Mutt wanted to shake up the dog food market with a healthy option for our precious pooches.

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If you haven’t previously tried Pooch & Mutt, their Christmas Gift Box could be the perfect introduction.

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In this article, we’re going to review the Pooch & Mutt Christmas Gift Box review to let you know whether it’s a present worth purchasing for your pup.

Pooch & Mutt – The Basics

Pooch & Mutt are a health food dog company looking to lead the pet food revolution.

They want to steer pet parents away from the major players in the pet food market.

Instead, Pooch & Mutt hope you’ll consider a healthy and natural alternative for your canine companion.

Created by Gus Blaskey in 2007, he was spurred into action when a natural joint supplement for horses helped his three-month old dog Cookie.

Pooch & Mutt was born.

The company stresses that their key value is honesty. They’re fully transparent about what goes into their food and who is behind them.

What’s in their Christmas Gift Box?

Pooch & Mutt have created a Christmas Gift Box, which could be the ideal introduction to the forward-thinking company.

They’re hoping their Christmas Gift Box will allow dog owners to share the festive joy with their pooch. Here’s what is included:

• Rope Toy – So they get a toy on Christmas day too! The durable rope toy is designed for all dog breeds.

• Christmas Turkey and Duck Wet Food Carton – So they can have Christmas dinner with you.

• Christmas Dinner Tube Treats – To enjoy the taste of Christmas throughout the whole of the festive period.

• Christmas Turkey Chew – Only for those pooches who have made it onto Santa’s ‘”who’s a good boy then?” list.

If you’re looking to support small British companies rather than big corporations at Christmas, Pooch & Mutt are an ethical and award-winning company.

Our verdict

Pooch and Mutt

Pooch and Mutt

My Alaskan Klee Kai Copper and Skye were excited as soon as the Christmas Gift Box arrived. They new something exciting was in store.

Of all the gifts inside, the biggest hit was the rope toy. Proving that my dogs really are just like children, we had to ensure they both got time to play with the toy to avoid vocal disagreements.

Skye is particularly destructive where toys are concerned and I was impressed with the durability of the rope toy. She still hasn’t made a dent in the material, which isn’t the case with most toys. It speaks for the quality of the material used.

They really enjoyed the Pooch & Mutt Tube Treats. We used these treats for exceptional behaviour inside and outside the home. They worked an absolute treat.

We were unsure whether the turkey and duck wet food would be a hit because Skye isn’t the biggest fan of wet food. However, we mixed it in with their regular dog food and the bowls were empty.

The natural and wheat free turkey chew was soon gobbled up by both Copper and Skye.

Overall, I was impressed with the all four products, especially the treats and toys. My dogs were left very satisfied with both.

Customer reviews

Pooch & Mutt Christmas Gift Box has a five-star rating on Amazon. Overall, the British company has an average of over 4.5 stars on the online retailer.

A customer called Frank gave five stars for the Christmas Gift Box:

It looks super smart! My dog loves everything this brand makes.

A dog owner called Laura left a five-star review on Feefo:

Lovely presentation, my dogs will love this!

Where to buy?

Pooch & Mutt Christmas Gift Box is priced at £9.99 on Amazon.

Anything else to consider?

If you like what Pooch & Mutt stand for, you may want to consider some of their other products.

They offer dry food, wet food, supplements, treats and chews, Christmas gift ideas and more.

In conclusion

We’ve reached the end of our review of Pooch & Mutt’s Christmas Gift Box.

My dogs loved the food, treats and toy included in the box, while I loved the fact that Pooch & Mutt use natural ingredients in their products.

Competitively priced in the dog gift box market, you won’t go too far wrong with Pooch & Mutt offering.