Petcube Play review

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By helloBARK! staff
Updated on June 24, 2019

It is never to easy to leave your dog at home alone.

While we would all like to spend every minute of every day with our pets, life tends to get in the way.

Those moments of separation, however brief or long, can be an uncomfortable experience filled with worry.

Some dogs are fine when left to their own devices but others can be destructive and mischievous.

For dog owners who have pups that suffer with separation anxiety, it can be a particularly difficult experience.

Petcube Play is one of a number of pet cameras available to pet owners on the market at the moment.

In this reivew, we are going to look at what features Petcube Play has, what customers think of this product and the price of the device.

So let’s get down to business and start our review of Petcube Play.

What is Petcube Play?

Photo: Petcube

Photo: Petcube

Petcube Play is an interactive camera that allow you to play with your pet using their app on your smartphone.

The device is designed to entertain your precious pooch when you’re away from home.

It has an indoor pet camera that gives pet parents the ability to monitor what they’re four-legged friends are doing.

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So you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe and well when you’re away from the home.

Petcube Play has a built-in laser (that is safe for dogs) which allows you to interact with your dog using your smartphone.

Should you be too busy to play with your dog yourself, Petcube Play has an autoplay mode to keep your furry one entertained.

Treat dispenser

Unlike some of Petcube’s other models, Petcube Play doesn’t have a treat dispenser.

So this product is for entertaining and monitoring your dog rather than rewarding for good behaviour.

Two-way speaker and HD video

The device does have a two-way speaker system so you can communicate and reassure your dog when you have left the home.

You can get a clear view of your pet as the camera streams in 1080p HD video with 138° wide angle view.

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Not only that, but you can use their digital zoom to get a close up view of your pets to make sure they’re not being mischievous.

Audio and movement detection

Petcube Play does have movement and sound sensors that will send push notifications for any major events.

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If your dog is barking a lot or anxiously crying, you will receive an alert so you can log into their app and talk to your pet.

Their website says the device will filter out background noise, so you only get alerts that matter to you. You can also select Choose Do Not Disturb mode when you don’t want to be bothered should you be in an important meeting.

Night vision

As you’d expect for a quality pet camera, Petcube Play does have night vision. This means that you will be able to see your pet in low light or dark conditions.

Ease of use

Photo: Petcube

Photo: Petcube

You download the app and create an account or log in using your Facebook account. Once in the app, you tap “Connect Petcube device” and select Petcube Play.

You will need to plug one end of the USB cable into the device and connect the other end of the USB cable to the adaptor and plug into an electrical outlet.

The light on the Petcube Play should turn yellow and after 40 seconds, the light should turn to green. From here, the app will guide your through the rest of the set-up steps.

Design and size

Petcube Play is a relatively small device with a compact design. The exact dimensions are 3x3x3 cm.

Their website advises that with a rubber non-slip bottom and standard tripod mount, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to finding a place in your home.

Petcube suggest a flat surface like a table or shelf, or you can position higher using a standard tripod.


The device is moderately priced at $199 (USD) / £195 (UK) / €169 (Euro) on their website.

While it isn’t as expensive as some other dog cameras on the market, it still represents a significant investment for pet owners.

Given the features in the device, it’s a fair price.

What people are saying about it

Photo: Petcube

Photo: Petcube

Their website has a review section with over 1,000 reviews, boasting an average of 4.5 out of 5.

To their credit, they have left some of the negative feedback on display, so you can get a real feel for what people think about the product.

One satisfied customer revealed how her pets are now obsessed with the device:

“Petcube is easy to setup and the tech support is amazing if needed. Petcube has been so much fun and my animals are crazy over it too. Worth the purchase.”

Another consumer was quick to praise all the features available on Petcube Play:

“The Petcube is a great device. It was so easy to set up, it has a very good camera quality. So many features to use, there is a motion detector which gives a notification on my phone right away. I watch my pet when I am at work and anywhere. It has a night vision option which is a great feature, I can see clear images even when the lights are not on.”

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Petcube play has 33 reviews on Amazon UK with an average rating of 3.8 stars.

Some Amazon customers have experienced issues with the laser, which is epitomised by this one-star review:

“My dog does not react to voice through the cube, and the calibration of the laser is awful – even after running through the calibration on the app it does not point where pressed.”

Any negatives?

Petcube Play does not have a treat dispenser.

The product is marketed towards cats and dogs, which explains the inclusion of the laser game.

However, we feel a treat dispenser would be a great addition to reward dogs who are following commands and behaving appropriately when home alone.

Is this the best dog camera?

There is a lot to like about Petcube Play, especially their laser game. It is a thoughtful idea designed to keep dogs who need stimulation entertained.

However, helloBARK! prefers dog cameras that have the ability to dispense treats to allow pet parents to give their furry friends a nibble for being good.

You can check out our updated guide on the best dog cameras available right now by clicking on this link.

Anything else to consider?

Petcube Play has limited amounts of cloud storage – you can only rewind four hours.

However, with a subscription to Petcube Care, you can avail of their video cloud recording service with 1, 3 or 10 days of history.


Photo: Petcube

Photo: Petcube

Petcube Play is a good product with a lot of great features.

For pet owners with dog that need constant entertainment or stimulation, the laser game will allow you to interact with your pooch wherever you are.

But helloBARK! would recommend considering some other options that have a treat dispenser to ensure you have the full dog camera package.

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