Pawstruck Dog Chews And Treats Review

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 28 June 2023

Does your dog love a good chew but you’re struggling to find a high-quality product?

If you walk into any pet store, you’ll be greeted by hundreds of different options that cater to small dogs to big dogs, gentle chewers to big chewers.

It can be even more overwhelming if you head online to a retailer because the choice can feel unlimited and some chews from different brands look incredibly similar.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at one of the leading suppliers of dog chews: Pawstruck.

We’ll take a close look at Pawstruck’s different options so you can make an informed decision on the best chew for your canine companion.

You’ll learn a little bit more about Pawstruck as a company, how their chews are created, the different options available, hear our verdict as well as read some customer reviews.

With the introduction over, let’s get started on our Pawstruck Dog Chews review.

Who Are Pawstruck?


Pawstruck chews and treats (Photo:

Pawstruck chews and treats (Photo:

Pawstruck was founded by passionate dog lover Kyle Goguen in 2014.

He decided to start Pawstruck after becoming frustrated with the sheer number of pet treats made using artificial ingredients.

Reading labels at the pet store, Goguen noticed that many were confusing and full of complex scientific jargon.

So he ditched his career in engineering to set up Pawstruck and begin his quest to create wholesome pet products at an affordable price.

With help from his chief canine office – aka Tyson, Goguen created a range of chews and other pet products to promote a happy and healthy life for our dogs.

While Pawstruck are perhaps best known for their chews, they’ve also got a range of treats and wellness and grooming products.

What Do Pawstruck Sell?

Pawstruck chews and treats (Photo:

Pawstruck chews and treats (Photo:

So Pawstruck have a diverse range of products that they hope can cater to all dogs – whether you’ve got a purebred dog or a mixed breed rescue.

Their mantra remains the same irrespective of the dog – providing our much-loved pets with the very best in dog chews and treats to keep them happy and healthy.

Pawstruck offer a Natural Product range, a Limited Ingredient range, a Made In America range and a Long Lasting range. So they can cater to all dogs and all preferences.

Their website displays that there best-selling products include Beef Jerky Joint Health Treats, Beef Collagen Sticks, Meal Topper and Mixer and Daily Dental Chew Brush.

Really, these options are just a small sample size of everything that Pawstruck has on offer for dog owners and their beloved pets.

Pawstruck Bestsellers

Pawstruck chews and treats (Photo:

Pawstruck chews and treats (Photo:

For the purposes of this article, I’ll be taking a look at four Pawstruck bestsellers but I’ll also touch upon some of the other chews and treats within their range.

Beef Jerky Treats – Pawstruck offer Beef Jerky Treats that contain one ingredient – beef esophagus. Sourced from South America, you can be confident that your dog is eating a jerky treat free from artificial ingredients and with a great taste to keep your dog’s tail wagging. Priced at $12.79.

Daily Dental Chew – If you’re passionate about your dog’s dental hygeine, you may want to try their Daily Dental Chews. Made in the USA, the Daily Dental Chews contain nine ingredients of which the majority you’d be very familiar with. There was one ingredient – Sunflower Lecithin – that I did have to research but I was pleased to see it was a natural product. Priced at $15.

Monster Pig Ears – Their Monster Puffed Sow Pig Ears have a light and crunchy texture and are made from 100% natural pig ears. It’s another example of a single-ingredient treat made in the USA so you can have peace of mind that your dog is eating a high-quality treat without artificial additives, preservatives or flavors. Priced at $25.

Yak Cheese Puffs – The Yak Cheese Puffs are always a favourite with my dogs. They contain milk (from yaks and cows), lime juice and salt. That’s it! Pawstruck explain on their website that the Yak Cheese Puffs are made in the Himalyan mountains by local craftsman using an ancient reccipe. They’re 100& natural so your dog can enjoy and you can feel good about the quality of the treat. Priced at $25.

Our Verdict

Skye enjoying a Pawstruck chew (Photo:

Skye enjoying a Pawstruck chew (Photo:

I’ve got two Alaskan Klee Kai dogs who love a good chew or a tasty treat (like most other dogs out there).

We started with the Yak Cheese Puffs that were an instant hit with my dogs. They were happy to munch down on the cheese puffs which was a great sign. I loved reading about the ancient recipe used to create them.

My dogs have bad breath so I was interested to see how the Daily Dental Chews would help. They were certainly popular with my dogs who looked forward to their dental chew every evening as we settled down in front of the television.

Who doesn’t like some beef jerky? It felt good to provide my dogs with a tasty beef treat that was made from a single ingredient with the source clearly displayed on the ingredients label.

My dogs haven’t tried pig ears before so I was interested to see their reaction. Again, I had peace of mind knowing these treats were 100% natural. These ears were really big so it kept my Alaskan Klee Kai occupied for quite some time.

Overall, Pawstruck passed the taste test and as a dog owner, I felt good about feeding my dogs chews and treats knowing exactly where they came from and each ingredient in the recipe.

What Are Customers Saying About Pawstruck?

Pawstruck chews and treats (Photo:

Pawstruck chews and treats (Photo:

Pawstruck has an average rating of five stars based upon over 22,000 reviews on their website. So there’s a lot of happy dogs enjoying Pawstruck!

Nicole revealed that Pawstruck remains the only brand that her fussy dog will happily munch on.

I just ordered my second batch of 100 chews. I have the pickiest dog in North America, probably the world. First I bought a small bag, then two bags, now I’m buying these treats 100 at a time. He’s 8 and never eaten anything this consistently. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered a second bag of something & then had to just give it way. Not these!

Delisa highlighted Pawtruck’s impressive range of options that’s great for keeping picky dogs motivated.

My dogs loves the variety. That had pig ears and this was a nice change. The cow ears were big and lasted a while.

Niki gave Pawstruck a glowing five-star review based upon her experience using the dental chews.

I think it’s 5 star. I use 4 per day, every morning they each get one. I have used them for a minimum of 5 years, Olivia is 12yrs old and teeth and gums look great.

To cover all bases, I checked out Pawstruck on Amazon where they tend to get a rating of 4.5 stars or higher for most of their products. So they seem to be universally enjoyed by dogs!

Where To Buy

Pawstruck chews and treats (Photo:

Pawstruck chews and treats (Photo:

You can buy Pawstruck’s products via their official website where you can access their full range of products. To buy some Pawstruck chews or treats now, click this link.

Alternatively, you can head to their Amazon page where Pawstruck have a lot of their products listed. To head to their Amazon Shop, click here.

Anything Else to Consider?

Pawstruck offer a happiness guarantee to cover your purchase should you be unhappy with the quality of their products. Their website explains:

We’re a small business run by dog lovers, and we only sell wholesome products we use with our own pets. If for any reason you and your dog are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a refund or try a different product free of charge.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Skye and Copper enjoying their Pawstruck chews (Photo:

Skye and Copper enjoying their Pawstruck chews (Photo:

We’ve reached the end of our Pawstruck dog chew and treats review.

They’re a great USA company that are looking to provide dogs with the option to eat healthy chews and treats free from any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

You’ll only find natural ingredients in their recipes, with most of their products made in the USA. If the product is sourced from outside the USA, it’s clearly displayed on the label.

My dogs were big fans of the Yak Cheese Puffs so I would highly recommend but my Klee Kai also enjoyed the Daily Dental Chews, Natural Beef Jerky and Pig Ears.