Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food Review

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Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 11 November 2022

Are you looking to make the switch to raw dog food?

There’s been a noticeable shift towards balanced and complete dog food in the UK over the past five years or so.

A popular dog food format amongst health conscious pet parents includes raw dog food for the potential benefits that it can bring to dogs.

However, there are some risks associated with feeding raw pet food to your dog so you’ll need to carefully consider whether a raw diet is a good fit for your home.


Paleo Ridge are one of the leading providers of raw dog food in the UK at the moment.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at Paleo Ridge, the ingredients in the recipes, the different raw food formats and what customers are saying as well as giving our verdict.

Editor's note: It’s important to be aware of the risks associated with raw pet food, as it can be contaminated with harmful bacteria (such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and E. coli). The UK government website offers the following advice to pet owners: wash your hands with hot water and soap immediately after handling raw pet food or treats; clean and disinfect all surfaces and utensils that the raw pet food touches; store and defrost raw pet food away from where human food is stored. Young children should not touch or eat raw pet food, as they’re more at risk of illness because their immune system is still developing and they’re more likely to put their hands in their mouth. You can check out the UK government’s guidance in full via this link.

Paleo Ridge – The Basics


Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge are an award-winning raw dog food company that are based in Hampshire.

Their story starts with Herbie – the founder’s dog. When Herbie was given a year to live, they switched him to a raw fed diet and noticed a huge improvement to his health.

Remarkably, Herbie lived an additional seven years and his success story prompted the family to start their small business before it flourished into one of the UK’s leading raw dog food companies.

Their website explains that Paleo Ridge want to provide outstanding quality products and excellent service to both customers and their dogs.

You can have peace of mind that Paleo Ridge only use the highest quality ingredients that have been ethically sourced from sustainable farms that adhere to high animal welfare standards.

Paleo Ridge explain that they have a firm commitment to organic, free range or wild where possible. So you can be confident your dog is eating healthy and natural pet food.

What Raw Dog Food Options Do Paleo Ridge Offer?

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge offer three different raw dog food options on their website alongside their range of supplements, treats and their DIY raw food.

For the purposes of this article, we’re focusing on their Classic, Paleo Plus and Classic Mini ranges.

The Classic range uses an 80-10-10 formula which follows the prey model of raw feeding. Paleo Ridge’s website explains that their recipes contain 80% human-grade, outdoor-reared meat, 10% offal and 10% bone.

You can get Lamb Tripe And Turkey, Lamb Tripe & Duck, Lamb Tripe & Chicken, Lamb Breast & Heart, Lamb Tripe, Kangaroo & Chicken, Beef Tripe & Chicken, Beef Heart, Tripe & Chicken, Beef & Duck and Beef Trip & Duck.

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Their Paleo Plus range has been carefully formulated and hand made with 95% High-welfare, outdoor-reared and grass-fed meat, offal and bone with a 5% unique blend of sustainably-sourced natural superfoods.

You can select from Lamb & Mint, Pork & Apple, Totally Duck, Totally Chicken, Surf & Turf, Turkey & Fish, Berry Good and Special Diet.

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

The Classic Mini feature five of Paleo Ridge’s best-selling Classic recipes in convenient 250g packages. The raw dog food company explain that they designed the range to make life easy and convenient.

The recipes include Lamb Breast & Heart, Lamb Tripe & Duck, Beef, Rabbit & Duck, Beef Tripe & Chicken and Turkey. It’s suitable for all life stages, as well as being aimed at fussy dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

Their website lists some key benefits to the Classic, Paleo Plus and Classic Mini ranges which are all grain-free. They claim that these ranges are perfect for fussy dogs, sensitive tummies, puppies and seniors.

Price And Delivery

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Unlike some raw dog food companies, Paleo Ridge don’t work on a subscription basis where you sign up through a questionnaire and your dog’s food is tailored to meet your pup’s specific needs.

Instead, you can shop on their website and select the recipes that you’d like to try, whether you want to give their Classic, Paleo Plus or Classic Mini ranges a go.

A single packet of Classic costs from £4.29 to £7.59 depending on the recipe, a Paleo Plus packet costs from £3.69 to £4.29 depending on the recipe and Classic Mini will cost from £2.29 to £3.49.

Paleo Ridge have some hamper options so you can buy a collection of recipes for your dog to try. They’ve got Herbie’s Hamper and Herbie’s No Tripe Hamper that features some classic ranges, Paleo Plus Hamper, Classic Mini Taster Box and a Switch To Raw Hamper that features the three ranges.

The price of their hampers ranges from £36.92 to £62.14.

Paleo Ridge use environmentally-friendly packaging – all of their packaging is either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable. So you can feel good about adopting a healthy approach to your dog’s diet while taking care of the planet too.

They offer a woolcool return service which is a brilliant feature that not a lot of companies offer. Paleo Ridge get full marks for this service – once you’ve collected 12 woolcool liners, you can arrange collection and you earn loyalty points on your account.

Paleo Ridge offer 24 hour delivery and 48 hour deliveries depending on your postcode. The cost of delivery will depend on the weight of your Paleo Ridge box.

Our Verdict

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

I feed my Alaskan Klee Kai human-grade dog food that is cooked at low temperatures before being frozen and shipped to my door. They love it! I felt obliged to point this out as they don’t typically eat raw dog food.

However, I was happy to give Paleo Ridge a try based upon their award-winning raw food ranges and positive customer reviews.

I was impressed by the size of their range with a lot of different protein sources which should cater to even the fussiest dogs.

It was brilliant to see that Paleo Ridge have an enviromentally-friendly and sustainable approach to their business so I felt good about feeding their raw dog food to my dogs.

Paleo Ridge provide clear instructions on how to store your dog’s raw food and how to feed it to your dog so you’ll have a helpful guide if your new to raw fed diets.

Of the three ranges, I preferred the Classic Mini because the packaging was most suitable for defrosting and easiest to store in my freezer (and fridge once defrosted).

As I mentioned, my dogs don’t typically eat raw dog food so I was interested to see their reaction to the meals. My male dog enjoyed the addition of raw food and particularly enjoyed their Classic Mini Rabbit & Duck recipe.

My female dog, who is the fussier of the two, was less interested but she has this reaction with all raw dog food brands that I’ve tried to feed her in the past. So this is reflective of raw dog food rather than the brand.

While the environmental packaging is great, they recommend storing the food in a container and it’s certainly required if your dog doesn’t get through a packet in one sitting to avoid leaks.

What Are Customers Saying?

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge have an average score of 4.8 stars based upon 900 reviews on independent review website Feefo.

One customer who recently made the switch to a raw fed diet for her dog was full of praise for Paleo Ridge’s team.

We’re new to raw feeding and the team at Paleo Ridge have been excellent in helping and advising us on what’s best for our dog. I had 1000’s of questions and they were happy to answer all of them.

Zoe praised the food but questioned the price of delivery.

I think the company makes great dog food and my dog loves it. It’s always delivered promptly. My one criticism is the delivery charge which I think is a bit steep and is the one thing stopping me from ordering on a more regular basis.

Raechal revealed that she switched all three of her dogs onto Paleo Ridge.

Having been recommended to feed raw to my rescue dog, by a canine nutritionist, I was at first a little worried about the hygiene and convenience (I am a vegan which can make feeding raw a little strange), but with Paleo Ridge, it’s super easy and my rescue loves it! So much so that I am now feeding my other 2 raw.

Any Negatives?

While Paleo Ridge have a glowing 4.8 rating on Feefo based on over 200 reviews and 4.8 stars based upon over 250 reviews on Google. Their score is lower on Trustpilot.

We recommend doing thorough research on both Feefo, Google and Trustpilot before deciding whether this brand is a fit for you and your dog.

Is This The Best Raw Dog Food?

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge are one of the leading raw dog food companies in the UK so if you’re thinking about switching your canine companion to a raw fed diet, Paleo Ridge are certainly a brand to consider.

They’ve got three ranges to cater to dogs of all ages and dog owners who may want to ease into raw dog food before fully committing to this particular type of pet nutrition.

You can read more about the best raw dog food in the UK here.

Anything Else To Consider?

The UK government website offers extensive guidance where handling raw pet food is concerned.

They warn that raw meat can be contaminated with harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria and E. coli. And they go on to explain that humans can become unwell after handling raw pet food and treats.

You can read their extensive guidance where raw pet food is concerned by clicking here.

We urge British dog owners to consult with their vet before deciding to make the switch to raw dog food. They can educate you about the pros and cons of feeding raw as well as offering help with the transition process.

In our experience, raw dog food companies are more than happy to speak to pet owners about any potential concerns or answer any questions you may have.

Paleo Ridge Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

Paleo Ridge (Photo:

We’ve reached the end of our Paleo Ridge raw dog food review.

They’re one of the leading companies in the UK for providing raw dog food to British pets.

Paleo Ridge have a Classic, Paleo Plus and Classic Mini ranges to cater to all dogs.

While my male dog appeared to enjoy trying his Paleo Ridge dog food, my female was less interested. This goes to show that every dog is different with different preferences.

However, they’ve got lots of encouraging reviews online that suggest their food is a hit with British dogs.