Reviews and selections of the best pet products.

Copper and Skye at the Ladywell Tavern (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)
20 Dog Friendly Bars and Pubs in London

London is without doubt a dog friendly capital. Having returned to the UK following a stint in California at the start of 2019, I was reminded just how dog friendly […]

Dyson v11 Review
Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Review

Most dog owners can relate to the constant battle with pet hair. The majority of dog breeds will be moderate to high shedding canines so having a good pet vacuum […]

The Best Pet Vacuum Cleaners in 2019 (Photo: Adobe Stock)
The Best Pet Vacuum Cleaners 2020

Are you tired of the constant battle with dog hair? Most people who have owned a canine will be familiar with the never-ending quest to vacuum dog hair. We love […]

Colloidal Earth (Photo: Colloidal Earth)
Colloidal Silver For Dogs review

We don’t like to use potentially harmful products on our bodies – so why would we subject our dogs to potential treatments filled with chemicals. There is a growing trend […]

Copper wearing PitPat activity monitor (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)
PitPat Activity Monitor Review

Dogs can be a great source of motivation to stay fit. Our canine companions require daily exercise to stimulate their minds and senses, as well as working off those tasty […]

Chow Chow enjoys some suds during bath time (Photo: Adobe Stock)
The 7 Best Dog Shampoo In 2020

Owning a dog can sometimes be a challenging and messy experience. Our precious pups have a knack for finding a puddle to splash around in or play in mud with […]

Alaskan Klee Kai originate from Alaska (Photo: lifewithkleekai / Instagram)
Best kit for camping with dogs

If you decide to go on a outdoor holiday with your family and dogs, you want to make sure your four-legged friends are provided for like any other family member. […]

Victure Review
Victure Wifi Camera Review

If you worry about leaving your pup at home alone, a dog camera could provide some peace of mind. Separation anxiety can affect a lot of dogs, irrespective of breed […]

Bioxo Pet Camera Review
Bioxo Pet Camera Review

If you’re looking for peace of mind when you leave your dog at home alone, you may want to consider a pet camera. These devices allow concerned dog owners to […]

Kamtron Pet Camera Review
KAMTRON Pet Camera Review

Separation anxiety is a condition that can occur when your dog is left alone. The symptoms include persistent barking, destructive chewing or digging and even defecting in the home. However, […]

Skymee Review
Skymee Petalk AI Dog Camera Review

Do you worry about leaving your dog at home alone? If so, you should consider a dog camera to give you peace of mind. Dog cameras are usually equipped with […]

Tooge Review
TOOGE Pet Camera Review

Imagine being able to watch your house anywhere, anytime and keep your dog safe. Well now you can thanks to the many dog cameras and monitors available on the pet […]

Petzi Review
Petzi Treat Cam Review

Leaving your dog at home alone can be a difficult experience for pet owners, especially for those who have dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. While we all love to […]

Pet Chatz Review
PetChatz HD Review

Do you worry about your dog getting into trouble when they’re left at home alone? It’s a concern that most dog owners will have experienced at some point during their […]

Furbo Dog Camera Review
Furbo Dog Camera Review

Do you worry about what your dog is doing when you leave the house? This is a real headache for owners of dogs with separation anxiety or destructive chewers of […]

Best Dog Cameras 2020

It’s never easy leaving your dog at home alone. While some dogs may suffer from separation anxiety, many pet owners struggle with the same emotions. For those who don’t have […]

Different Dog Review
Different Dog Review

Every dog needs a balanced and healthy diet – but making home-cooked dog meals can be time consuming. Over the past couple of years, some dog owners have switched from […]

Just Food For Dogs Review
Just Food For Dogs Review

Have you ever considered what ingredients you are putting in your dog’s body? Most dog parents have relied up dry food such as kibble or wet food to feed their […]