Reviews and selections of the best pet products.

Open Farm Gently Cooked Review

Are you looking for natural, nutritious dog food? You may be looking to make a fresh change to your dog’s diet by moving away from store-bought kibble in favour of […]

JustFoodForDogs vs Pet Plate
JustFoodForDogs Vs Pet Plate Reviews

Did you know that between 40% and 60% of dogs in the USA are overweight? Obesity is one of the biggest health issues affecting dogs in the USA and across […]

Trusted Housesitters Review
Trusted Housesitters Review

Are you planning your summer holiday or trip to see your family? Most pet owners have been stuck inside over the past year or so since the coronavirus pandemic swept […]

Australian Shepherd in training (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Dog Sitting Services UK 2022

Do you like to travel but want peace of mind your dog and home is left in good hands? While going on holiday is supposed to be a relaxing experience […]

Photo: Adobe Stock
Best Grain-Free Dog Food UK 2022

Have you considered a grain-free diet for your canine companion? British dog owners have started to take pet nutrition extremely seriously over the past decade or so with a lot […]

Frenchie enjoys some dog treats (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Vegetarian Dog Treats UK 2022

Have you recently switched to a vegetarian, plant-based or vegan diet? In the past five years or so, we’ve seen a big shift towards plant-based and vegan diets for a […]

K9 Sports Sack Review
Best K9 Sports Sacks 2022

Do you like to go everywhere with your dog? If you live in a busy city where you have to commute on the subway or underground, it may be quite […]

Yora Dog Food Review
Yora Insect Protein Dog Food Review

Do you want to feed your dog balanced and delicious food while doing your bit for the planet? There’s a growing shift amongst dog owners in the UK and across […]

5 Strands Review
5Strands Pet Food Intolerance Test

Are you worried your cat or dog is struggling with a food intolerance? Your canine or feline companion may have an intolerance to a particular type of food and you […]

Plant-Powered Pooches by Barking Heads
Barking Heads Plant-Based Dog Food Review

Do you eat a plant-based diet? If you’re a vegan, you may be looking for a plant-powered dog food to introduce to your pup’s diet on a semi-regular basis. There’s […]

Easy DNA Review
Easy DNA Cat Intolerance Test Review

Are you concerned that your cat may be suffering with an intolerance to something in their food? If you’re worried that your cat has a sensitivity to food, environmental or […]

Kitten sits in travel crate (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Cat Intolerance Tests 2022

Are you worried your cat is suffering from a food intolerance? If you notice that your cat has dry or irritated skin, they’re licking or scratching a particular area, or […]

Weenect Vs Pawfit
Weenect Vs Pawfit Dog Tracker Reviews

It can be a stressful experience when your dog runs off and you can’t find them. If you allow your dog to roam off leash when you’re out for walks […]

Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker Review

Do you need to get a GPS tracker for your dog after a scary experience? I own two mini huskies who are expert escape artists so I’ve had a few […]

Tractive GPS Dog 4 Review

Do you worry about your dog running away when you’re out on a walk? Perhaps you have an escape artist as a pet and your dog has previously managed to […]

Weenect Dogs 2 Review
Weenect Dogs 2 GPS Tracker Review

Do you worry about losing your dog when you go for long walks in the countryside? As a dog owner with two mini huskies with a high prey drive and […]

Best Dog Tracker UK
Best Dog Trackers UK 2022

Does your dog have poor recall or high prey drive? As an owner of Alaskan Klee Kai, I’m cautious about allowing my dogs off leash because they’ve got high prey […]

The Innocent Hound review
The Innocent Hound Air-Dried Dog Food Review

There’s no shortage of dog food options available to pet parents in the UK. Whether you’re looking to improve your dog’s diet or your veterinarian has recommended fresh, real food […]