Reviews and selections of the best pet products.

Lily's Kitchen Review
Lily’s Kitchen Review

Lily’s Kitchen are adopting an eco-friendly approach to dog food. Given the increasing awareness around climate change and how it’s affecting animals around the world, Lily’s Kitchen strive to make […]

Best Dog Food Delivery in the UK
Best Dog Food Delivery UK 2020

We all want our dogs to have a balanced and healthy diet to ensure they have active and happy lifestyles. Just like humans, dogs have certain requirements that need to […] review

Tails have set out to tick all the boxes when it comes to dog food. The British dog food company was created out of a desire to find the best […]

Pet Munchies
Pet Munchies Buffalo Chew review

Pet Munchies are a British company aiming to create dog treats based upon human consumption standards. They put great care into creating their natural pet treats to give dog owners […]

Bounce and Bella dog treats
Bounce and Bella Dog Treats Review

Bounce and Bella are a British company providing dog treats for your pups. They’re aiming to get dog owners in the British Isles to spend more time with their canine […]

Pooch and Mutt
Pooch & Mutt Christmas Gift Box review

Pooch & Mutt are looking to bring some festive cheer to your dogs. They’re a health food company whose products happen to be consumed by canines. Pooch & Mutt wanted […]

Best Dog Subscription Boxes 2020

Have you ever considered a dog subscription box to treat your pet? Most pet parents will have heard of these dog boxes, even if they haven’t personally tested out the […]

The 10 Best Bully Sticks 2020

Most dog owners will know about bully sticks. They’re a very useful treat to give dogs, whether you want to keep your dog distracted, switch a puppy’s attention from chewing […]

The Best Pet Insurance For Dogs 2020

Pet insurance is something all dog owners need to consider. Our dogs are valued members of our family so you need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. All it […]

Best Dog Dna Kit
The Best Dog DNA Kit in 2020

We all love our dogs whether their purebred, mix breeds, rescues, have three legs or their blind. Our canine companions enrich our lives beyond measure with their positive outlook on […]

Nom Nom Vs Just Food For Dogs Reviews

Have you ever thought about what you’re feeding your dogs? As dog owners, it can be a difficult and overwhelming experience trying to find the right food for your canine. […]

Just Food For Dogs vs Ollie
Just Food For Dogs Vs Ollie Reviews

Finding the best dog food for your beloved pet can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. There’s an array of different options available to pet parents who are looking to […]

Nom Nom Vs Ollie Reviews

Have you ever thought about what goes into traditional dog food that you buy at the grocery store? More and more dog owners are moving away from the traditional brands […]

Nom Nom can tailor meals to each individual dog in the household (Photo: Nom Nom)
Is There A Nom Nom Coupon Code Or Discount?

Nom Nom are a dog food delivery company that offer freshly cooked meals using human-grade ingredients. If you’ve read any of our content about dog food in this category, then […]

Ollie vs The Farmer's Dog
Ollie Vs The Farmer’s Dog Reviews

Finding the right dog food for your pooch can be an overwhelming ordeal. There are so many different options on the dog food market, it’s difficult to know which is […]

Ollie Vs Grocery Pup
Ollie Vs Grocery Pup Reviews

Choosing the right dog food for your pup can be a confusing experience. There are so many different options to choose from that it can be an overwhelming experience. The […]

Petcube Play 2 (Photo: Petcube)
Petcube Play 2 Review

No dog owner enjoys leaving their dog at home alone. The process can be very stressful – and that’s even before you step out of the door. If you’ve got […]

Petcube Bites 2 (Photo: Petcube)
PetCube Bites 2 Review

Do you find leaving your dog at home alone a worrying experience? Well, you can now keep tabs on your precious pooch when they’re left unsupervised. There are lots of […]