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Kitten sits in travel crate (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Cat Intolerance Tests 2022

Are you worried your cat is suffering from a food intolerance? If you notice that your cat has dry or irritated skin, they’re licking or scratching a particular area, or […]

Weenect Vs Pawfit
Weenect Vs Pawfit Dog Tracker Reviews

It can be a stressful experience when your dog runs off and you can’t find them. If you allow your dog to roam off leash when you’re out for walks […]

Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker Review

Do you need to get a GPS tracker for your dog after a scary experience? I own two mini huskies who are expert escape artists so I’ve had a few […]

Tractive GPS Dog 4 Review

Do you worry about your dog running away when you’re out on a walk? Perhaps you have an escape artist as a pet and your dog has previously managed to […]

Weenect Dogs 2 Review
Weenect Dogs 2 GPS Tracker Review

Do you worry about losing your dog when you go for long walks in the countryside? As a dog owner with two mini huskies with a high prey drive and […]

Best Dog Tracker UK
Best Dog Trackers UK 2022

Does your dog have poor recall or high prey drive? As an owner of Alaskan Klee Kai, I’m cautious about allowing my dogs off leash because they’ve got high prey […]

The Innocent Hound review
The Innocent Hound Air-Dried Dog Food Review

There’s no shortage of dog food options available to pet parents in the UK. Whether you’re looking to improve your dog’s diet or your veterinarian has recommended fresh, real food […]

A Pup Above (Photo:
A Pup Above Dog Food Review

Are you thinking about making the switch to a new type of dog food? You may have grown tired of feeding your canine companion a regular brand of dog food […]

Pooch and Mutt dog food review
Pooch & Mutt Dog Food Review

It can be a confusing and difficult process trying to select the right dog food for your precious pooch. There’s no shortage of options available to British dog owners who […]

Pure Pet Food v Different Dog
Pure Pet Food Vs Different Dog Reviews

Have you ever considered what goes into your dog’s food? You’d be forgiven for not paying close attention given it can be confusing and overwhelming when presented with lots of […]

Pure Pet Food Vs Reviews
Pure Pet Food Vs Reviews

Have you decided it’s time to feed your dog balanced, complete and healthy pet food? You may have gotten into the habit of buying your dog’s food at your local […]

Corgi eats dry food (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Tailored Dry Dog Food UK 2022

Have you ever taken a close look at the ingredients in your dog’s store-bought dry food? Most pet parents will be accustomed to buying their dog’s kibble from the local […]

Butternut Box Vs Pure Pet Food Reviews
Butternut Box Vs Pure Pet Food Reviews

Have you decided to make a change to your dog’s diet? You may have learned that your store-bought food contains additives and nasties in their food that aren’t necessarily healthy […]

Pure Pet Food For Dogs Review
Pure Pet Food For Dogs Review

If you’re looking to transition your dog onto healthier meals that are balanced and complete, have you considered air-dried food? A growing number of pet parents in the UK are […]

Dog opens wide for fruit and vegetables (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Air-Dried Dog Food UK 2022

Are you considering a change to your dog’s diet? If you’ve been feeding regular store-bought dog food to your canine companion, you may be looking for a fresh, healthier alternative. […]

Samoyed at the vet (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Best Dog Allergy Tests UK 2022

Do you suffer with allergies? You may be surprised to learn that dogs can suffer from allergies just like humans. These allergies could be related to food, household products or […]

Raised Right Cat Food Review
Raised Right Cat Food Review

Have you thought about the nutritional value of the food that you feed your cat? You’d be forgiven for opting for store bought food that you pick up during your […]

Raised Right Dog Food Review
Raised Right Dog Food Review

Have you thought about what goes into your dog’s food? You may already be feeding your dog fresh meals but lots of pet parents in the USA are relying upon […]

Smalls Vs Nom Nom Cat Food Reviews
Smalls Vs Nom Nom Cat Food Reviews

There are a number fresh cat food delivery companies providing feline owners with the chance to feed their beloved pets a balanced and healthy diet. You can find a growing […]