Open Farm Vs The Farmer’s Dog Reviews

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 20 January 2023

Are ready to make a change to your dog’s diet?

You may be thinking about feeding your dog a new type of pet food that is healthier and fresher than their regular kibble purchased at the pet store or supermarket.

You might be surprised to learn that store-bought kibble can contain additives, fillers and nasties or displaying confusing labels with ingredients and stabilizers.

This is a problem you won’t face if you decide to make the switch to fresh dog food as they usually contain real ingredients that you’ll recognise and can pronounce.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at two of the leading dog food companies in the USA at the moment in the shape of Open Farm and The Farmer’s Dog.

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Open Farm – The Basics


Open Farm Grass Fed Beef (Photo: Open Farm)

Open Farm Grass Fed Beef (Photo: Open Farm)

Open Farm is a dog food company with some key pillars to their business that we believe most pet owners can get behind.

They believe in transparency, premium nutrition and ethical sourcing so you can feed your dog their food and feel good about it.

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to be taking a look at Open Farm’s Gently Cooked range because it’s the most suitable comparison to The Farmer’s Dog food.

Open Farm explain that they track each ingredient in every meal to its source so you can have complete confidence that your dog is eating a high-quality diet.

Their website highlights that Open Farm use humanely-raised meat free from antibiotics and growth hormones along with non-GMO fruits and vegetables plus functional superfoods.

Open Farm cook their food at a low temperature to lock in all the nutritional goodness and ensure optimal taste before they’re flash frozen preserve freshness.

The recipes that they have on offer include Grass-Fed Beef Gently Cooked Recipe, Surf & Turf Gently Cooked Recipe, Harvest Chicken Gently Cooked Recipe and Homestead Turkey Gently Cooked Recipe.

It’s pre-portioned so it’s simple as rip-and-serve when it comes to feeding your dog once you receive your first Open Farm delivery that is sustainably delivered and kept cold using sustainable products.

The Farmer’s Dog – The Basics


The Farmer's Dog have three different recipes (Photo: The Farmer's Dog)

The Farmer’s Dog have three different recipes (Photo: The Farmer’s Dog)

The Farmer’s Dog are nother dog food company who are providing American pet owners with the chance to feed smarter, healthier pet food to their canine companion.

They believe that we shouldn’t be the only ones who get to enjoy a healthy diet so they’ve create a range of balanced, freshly made pet food with simple recipes that are guided by science and driven by love.

The Farmer’s Dog make their meals in their USDA kitchens that ensure a quality cooking process that they claim has never been available to pets before.

You can feel confidence about feeding The Farmer’s Dog to your pooch because their meals have been developed with the help of vets to ensure it exceeds industry standards for dogs.

Like Open Farm, you won’t find any meals, preservatives, brown pellets or label tricks, and their food has also been tested on humans to ensure their high standards are met.

The Farmer Dog’s will require pet owners to fill out a questionnaire so they can get key details about your dog before their vet-designed plan is customized to meet your dog’s needs.

They offer a range of different recipes for dogs, including Turkey, Beef, Pork and Chicken. Once you’ve finished The Farmer’s Dog questionnaire, they’ll recommend recipes for you and your dog.

Open Farm vs The Farmer’s Dog – Our Recommendation

Open Farm (Photo: Open Farm)

Open Farm (Photo: Open Farm)

So we’ve reached the key part of this comparison article – do we recommend Open Farm’s Gently Cooked meals or The Farmer’s Dog?

We believe that Open Farm’s Gently Cooked meals have a slight edge on The Farmer’s Dog if you can’t decide between the two.

Open Farm have complete transparency with regards to where they source all the ingredients in their meals so you can have confidence your dog is eating sustainably and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Open Farm have a sustainable approach to all aspects of their business so if you’re concerned about the environment and the planet, you can feel good about feeding your dog their Gently Cooked meals.

Their meals are like “home cooking without the cooking” so it couldn’t be simpler to prepare your dog’s meals once you’ve taken them out of the freezer and allowed them to thaw.

Open Farm have a good range of recipes so they can also cater to picky eaters or dogs who like a lot of variety in their meals.

While Open Farm would be our picks, it’s a close call between Open Farm and The Farmer’s Dog and if you go with the latter, your dog’s diet will certainly be in good hands.

What Are Customers Saying About Open Farm And The Farmer’s Dog?

Open Farm get an average score of 4.89 out of 5 based upon over 200 reviews in their review section under their Gently Cooked section.

Jennifer revealed her success feeding Open Farm to her picky dog.

Birdie never looked forward to meal time until I switched her to Open Farm. She really likes the gently cooked recipes with a freeze dried raw topper. Finally neither of us is stressing about her diet.

Paula shared that her dogs have had no digestive issues since switching to Open Farm.

My dogs love the gently cooked recipes. We use beef and surf and turf. No problems at mealtimes and no digestive problems. Very important factor. We also use freeze dried for variety.

Case described Open Farm as the best choice for dog owners.

My little Skye Terrier absolutely goes nuts for the sous vide/gently cooked beef. Whenever I’m getting her meals ready, she very patiently, but with some anxiousness, stares at me and then bolts over to her raised food bowl before I can even get there. It’s done wonders for her hyper-sensitive stomach, energy, and of course overall well-being.

The Farmer’s Dog has 4.8 out of five stars based upon 1,000 reviews on Trustpilot.

Eileen gave The Farmer’s Dog a glowing five-star review.

My dog McKenzie, a small lab-mix, is 9 and never seemed excited about kibble (even though it was a specialty expensive kibble) and never wanted to get out of bed for breakfast. Now, after 18 months on Farmer’s Dog, she is enthusiastic about mornings. She licks her lips when she even thinks about meal time. And licks the bowl for a long time after she finishes. Her weight is perfect. Health is good. Lots of energy. She needs more and longer walks. Customer service has been 5 Star!

Jennifer shared the massive difference The Farmer’s Dog made to her pup.

The Farmer’s Dog changed our life…..we had moved to multiple places during the first year of my pup’s life and this made her digestive issues worse…we struggled for weeks at a time with poop problems. Since we found and transitioned to The Farmer’s Dog Lucy (my pup) is much healthier and happier then ever!!

John revealed that he’ll never go back to store-bought dog food.

I have been using farmers dog for about 3 years for our 9 year old Shih Tzu. I will never go back to mass produced store bought food. Her vitality, coat and energy level has shown a marked difference since being on this diet. It is somewhat on the expensive side but you save twice as much on vet bills, there are some recipes she won’t eat, but most she eats. It could get quite expensive for larger breeds, but my little girl will never get anything else! worth it!

Open Farm or The Farmer’s Dog Coupon Code Or Discount?

The Farmer’s Dog are offering a discount at this time. However, you can save 25% on your Open Farm order when you click here.

Anything Else To Consider?

If you’ve decided to go with Open Farm or The Farmer’s Dog, you should make a slow transition from their old food to their new food.

Dog food delivery companies will usually provide clear and thorough instructions on how to transition your pup onto their new diet. You should also speak to your vet to ask for advice and tips on making a smooth changeover.

You don’t want to make an immediate switch because your dog could suffer with an upset stomach leading to diarrhea or vomiting. It’s a good idea to introduce the new food over a period of a couple of weeks.

Wrapping Things Up – Final Thoughts

Open Farm Gently Cooked (Photo:

Open Farm Gently Cooked (Photo:

We’ve reached the end of our Open Farm vs The Farmer’s Dog comparison article.

Our pick is Open Farm based upon their ethical and sustainable approach to pet food.

If these are elements that are really important to you, there aren’t many US-based pet food brands who have a more open stance to their processes than Open Farm.

However, The Farmer’s Dog aren’t far behind and represent a good option too.