Ollie Vs The Farmer’s Dog Reviews

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 20 January 2023

Finding the right dog food for your pooch can be an overwhelming ordeal.

There are so many different options on the dog food market, it’s difficult to know which is the right fit for your dog.

We all want to know that our pets are eating a healthy and nutritious diet, but some companies aren’t always transparent.

Dog food delivery companies have shaken up the pet food market with their freshly prepared meals that are cooked using human grade ingredients.

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We’re going to take a look at two such companies, Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog.

This article will examine what the customer experience is like, what recipes they have to offer, and how their meals are packaged.

Let’s take a close look at Ollie and Grocery Pup, while seeing whether either make it onto our list of the best dog food delivery companies around right now.

Ollie – The Basics

Website: ollie.com

Ollie provide fresh and healthy dog meals (Photo: Ollie)

Ollie provide fresh and healthy dog meals (Photo: Ollie)

Ollie have a very clear ambition: They want to help dog owners feed their dogs the smart way.

Their website outlines that they plan to do this by creating fresh dog meals using human grade ingredients, such as USDA-approved meat and fresh vegetables.

If you’re searching out a dog food delivery company, you don’t want any artificial ingredients in your canine’s grub. Ollie proudly declare on their website that they don’t use any.

Ollie write online that they use human-grade ingredients you can trust, such as high-quality meat, fruits and veggies, and superfoods. Ollie add that all their food is free from filler


Ollie’s website is simple to use but they don’t skip any of the key questions. All the bases are covered to ensure they get a thorough idea of your dog’s age, activity level, body type and any potential allergies.

They’ve got a neat little graphic that shows you how much progress you’ve made through their questionnaire before you’re given a variety of meal plans to choose from.

Ollie offer four different recipes to dog owners looking to feed their pups in a new way: Hearty Beef Eats, Chicken Goodness, Healthy Turkey Feast and Tasty Lamb Fare.

Their convenient and flexibility delivery schedule should make the life of pet parents a little easier. Ollie’s trays of dog food arrive in special modified atmospheric packaging.

You’re provided with a custom scooper so you know exactly how much to feed your precious pooch at meal time.

The Farmer’s Dog – The Basics

Website: www.thefarmersdog.com

Dog eyes cooked meal (Photo: The Farmer's Dog)

Dog eyes cooked meal (Photo: The Farmer’s Dog)

The Farmer’s Dog have a clear mission statement displayed on their website: they’re rethinking dog food.

This company are promising pet parents that they’ll provide balanced, freshly made pet food using simple recipes.

The Farmer’s Dog website assures dog owners that their meals are guided by science and created with love.

The Farmer’s Dog website really emphasises that they avoid using any artificial ingredients, chicken meal, preservatives or brown pellets. Your dog will only get the good stuff!

In fact, they claim that humans have tested their meals, which really does show how much they care about dogs all around the world.

The Farmer’s Dog offer three different recipes: turkey, beef and pork.

Their food arrives in pre-portioned rip-and-serve packaging to make the lives of pet parents as easy as possible.

Things To Consider When Picking Dog Food Delivery

• Ingredients – If you’re willing to spend a little extra on a dog food delivery company, you’ll want to know that only the best ingredients are going into your pup’s meals.

• Recipe Variety – For someone with picky dogs like me, it’s vital that companies offer a variety of different recipes to give pet parents the ability to try out different sources of protein.

• Expert Input – We all like to see that an expert or two have had a hand in the creation of a dog food company’s recipes. It provides some peace of mind.

Best dog food delivery
We've picked out eight dog food delivery companies that can provide your pet with complete, balanced and fresh meals

• Packaging and Preparation – It’s vital the packaging can withstand the journey to your home, while keeping the meals fresh. At meal time, you don’t want to be fumbling around with utensils. You want an easy system that’s hassle free.

• Ordering Experience – Not all dog owners are tech savvy, so a dog food company’s website needs to be easy to navigate and not unnecessarily complicated.

• Price – This is a premium service so pet parents will have to be prepared to pay a premium price. If you’re digging deep into your pockets to protect your dog’s health, you want to know it’s value for money.

• Delivery Schedule – It’s important that you’ve got flexibility to receive the meals at a time that suits your schedule, especially if you commute or you’ve got a busy family lifestyle.

Ollie vs The Farmer’s Dog – Our Recommendation

So it’s time to pick our preferred choice: Ollie or The Farmer’s Dog.

We really like Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog so this isn’t an easy choice. Going with either company is a good decision.

However, we believe Ollie are the better option out of these two good dog food delivery companies.

We enjoyed Ollie’s sign-up process which is user friendly and the steps were simple to follow.

They’ve got four different recipes to select from, which is one more than The Farmer’s Dog.

Ollie provide a customized scooper so you know how much to feed your dog. This scooper is a useful tool that we really helped our taste tester Mercer and his mom.

Ollie have different meals plans, ranging from 100%, 50% and 25%, which allows dog owners to slowly switch their canine’s diet.

Having said all that, The Farmer’s Dog are still a good option for dog owners. We especially like their pre-portioned rip-and-serve packaging.

While we believe Ollie have a slight edge on The Farmer’s Dog, you won’t go too far wrong by selecting either subscription service.

What Are Customers Saying About Ollie And The Farmer’s Dog?

Ollie have an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 based upon over 140 reviews on TrustPilot.com.

One customer called Theresa opened up about the positive impact Ollie’s dog food had on her pet:

I love everything about Ollie! My dog’s health and skin condition have dramatically improved. In fact skin condition is 100% gone! And customer service is the gold standard. Very happy we found you!

Another dog owner called Clara raved about their customer service:

I feel super comfortable feeding this food to my dog. It comes on time and the one time it was delayed I was offered a new shipment (due to concerns of freshness). The price is also comparable to kibble/canned food but a lot better. You can customize how often you get it, how much is included in each shipment, and what type of meat you receive.

The Farmer’s Dog has 4.9 out of five stars based upon 322 reviews on Google.

One customer called Marina felt The Farmer’s Dog meals were worth the extra cost:

Excellent quality food, great customer service, my dog LOVES her fresh food from The Farmer’s Dog, delivery has always been on time, well worth the money, this healthier diet may cost a little more than the dried or canned food but it has saved me hundreds of dollars on vet bills since we rarely need to go anymore.

Another The Farmer’s Dog subscriber Victoria revealed how great the company’s customer service is:

I love this company. My dog is very sick and this is the only food she’ll eat, when I ran out of food early, their kind team took the time to pull some strings and rush my order. Even without the 5-star customer service, the food packages are super convenient and the food looks fresh and healthy. Love Farmer’s Dog!

Ollie or The Farmer’s Dog Coupon Code Or Discount

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Wrapping Things Up – Final Thoughts

So we’ve come to the end of our Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog comparison article.

We really rate both dog food delivery companies but Ollie gets the nod just ahead of The Farmer’s Dog from us.

Ollie’s simple but thorough sign-up process, their recipe variety, their customer service and customized scooper are all things that we really like about the company.

You can also get 50 per cent of your first Ollie order, regardless of whether you go for a full meal plan, half meal plan or quarter meal plan.

Having said that, The Farmer’s Dog is also a great option for dog owners, and you won’t go wrong if you choose this subscription service.

Best dog food delivery
We've picked out eight dog food delivery companies that can provide your pet with complete, balanced and fresh meals