Nom Nom Vs Spot & Tango Reviews

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 23 May 2023

Pet nutrition has taken enormous steps forward over the past decade or so.

As a dog owner, you no longer need to rely on store-bought pet food that’s full of potential additivies, fillers or nasties.

Instead, you can find freshly prepared meals, custom baked kibble or raw dog food options.

We believe in the benefits of using a dog food delivery company to fuel your pet every day for life by your side.

They can tailor their meals to meet your specific dog’s needs, ensuring they get a balanced and complete diet.

Editor's note: The content on this website is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as veterinary, medical or professional advice. The content of our articles does not constitute veterinary advice. It’s always best to speak with your vet or a certified pet nutritionist before making any changes to your pet's diet or feeding routine.

In this article, we’re going to compare two of the leading dog food delivery companies in the USA in the shape of Nom Nom and Spot & Tango.

We’ll take a look at the meals that Nom Nom and Spot & Tango provide as well as what customers are saying about these dog food delivery companies.

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Nom Nom – The Basics

Where To Order:

Labrador pup eyes Nom Nom (Photo: Nom Nom)

Labrador pup eyes Nom Nom (Photo: Nom Nom)

Nom Nom are a dog food delivery company based in Nashville, Tennessee with facilities in California, too. They provide freshly prepared, high quality meals to dogs around the USA.

Their website outlines their belief that we shouldn’t feed anything to our dogs that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. And I’ve got to say, Nom Nom’s meals look and smell great.

Perhaps that’s because Nom Nom only use restaurant-quality USDA-grade A proteins and vegetables. They add on their website that all their food is sourced from trusted and reliable US growers and suppliers.

It was interesting to learn on Nom Nom’s website that they gently cook each ingredient to ensure they don’t cook “the health out”. So Nom Nom don’t use high temp vats to ensure that all vital nutrients are sealed in and the food is highly digestible.

Nom Nom’s meals are cooked and handled with great care at Nom Nom’s dedicated kitchen where the meals are also packed, Nom Nom write online.

You can have peace of mind knowing that their meals are formulated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg. Nom Nom’s website states that Dr Shmalberg is a practicing veterinarian, a professor of veterinary medicine, and one of less than 100 board-certified veterinary nutritionists in the country.

Nom Nom offer four different recipes: Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck and Turkey Fare. You can also select a variety pack if you’d like to try some different recipes to learn if your dog has a preference.

If you’re unsure which recipe will best suit your dog, you could always purchase Nom Nom’s Variety Pack at a one-off $20 cost. You’ll receive four 200g packets of their four recipes without having to sign up to a subscription plan. New customers can purchase the variety pack here.

Once you’ve entered some key details about your dog, Nom Nom will suggest a tailored plan that can meet your pet’s unique needs. Your first order of Nom Nom meals will be shipped direct to your doorstep so that’s one task taken care of.

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Spot & Tango – The Basics


Spot & Tango Unkibble (Photo: Spot & Tango)

Spot & Tango Unkibble (Photo: Spot & Tango)

Spot & Tango write on their website that they’re looking to reimagine the way we think about dog food.

This dog food delivery company promise to build a personalized feeding plan for your dog using honest guidance and real ingredients.

Spot & Tango’s website explains that they only use natural and real ingredients in their recipes. In fact, their meals are comprised of just 12 ingredients.

Once you’ve provided Spot & Tango with all the key details about your furry friend, they’ll create a custom meal plan for your dog to ensure all the needs are met.

Like Nom Nom, Spot & Tango write online that their meals are balanced and complete because they’ve been formulated by veterinary nutritionists to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO.

Their website lists some of the benefits of their food, including relieving allergies, boosting energy levels, less dander and building immunity.

Spot & Tango list their eco-friendly values on their website. For example, they use recyclable packaging so you and your dog can have peace of mind knowing that you’re leaving green paw prints on the planet.

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Things To Consider When Picking Dog Food Delivery

Australian Shepherds eat Nom Nom (Photo: Nom Nom)

Australian Shepherds eat Nom Nom (Photo: Nom Nom)

You may be giving serious consideration to adopting a new way to feed your canine companion, but you’d like to learn a little more about some of the things to consider. Here are some of the factors that I took into consideration before making the switch to a dog food delivery company.

• Ingredients – We take great care to learn about the ingredients that go into our meals so why shouldn’t we show the same duty of care for our pets? Dog food delivery companies usually use high quality ingredients and they’re transparent about what goes into their recipes. Hence, providing pet parents with peace of mind that there are no additives or fillers used.

• Recipe Variety – If you’ve got picky eaters like my Alaskan Klee Kai dogs, you’ll be familiar with the agony and pain of seeing your pups turn their nose up at the contents of the dog bowl. Making the switch to a dog food delivery company helped to solve this fussiness at mealtime but I still like to have a variety of recipes to keep my Klee Kai guessing.

• Expert Input – It’s all very well making the switch to these freshly prepared dog meals but who created the recipes? You’ll often find that these dog food delivery companies have enlisted the help of veterinarian experts to formulate their meals, ensuring they’re balanced and complete.

Best dog food delivery
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• Packaging And Preparation – Given the investment that you’ll make in these meals, it’s vital that dog food delivery companies strive to deliver your meals to your doorstep on time and in perfect condition. When it comes to serving your dog their food, it needs to be easy and hassle free to justify paying for this premium service.

• Ordering Experience – While it’s great that you can order dog food online, these dog food delivery companies must take into consideration that dog owners will have varying levels of computer ability. The order experience should be simple and concise.

• Price – If you’re planning to make the switch to a dog food delivery company then you should expect to delve a little deeper into your pockets to pay for these balanced and complete meals. While you should expect to pay more than you would for traditional dog food, it shouldn’t be extortionate either.

• Delivery Schedule – Sometimes life can get in the way so dog food delivery companies need to show some flexibility to ensure pet parents will be home to receive their order or the food won’t be left on the doorstep for hours and hours.

Nom Nom vs Spot & Tango – Our Recommendation

Alaskan Klee Kai Skye eyes some Nom Nom during a walk in San Fransisco (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Alaskan Klee Kai Skye eyes some Nom Nom during a walk in San Fransisco (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Nom Nom and Spot & Tango are two excellent options if you’re looking to subscribe to a dog food delivery service.

There’s really very little to choose between the two companies, so whether you go for Nom Nom or Spot & Tango, you’ll be in good hands.

Speaking from personal experience, my dogs really enjoyed Nom Nom’s meals. I really appreciated how Nom Nom offer four different recipes.

I liked that I had the ability to first order a variety pack to see which of the recipes my Alaskan Klee Kai really enjoyed before settling on a couple.

It was great to have so much transparency around how Nom Nom cook their meals. I loved that there’s a personal touch to how they cooked the meals.

We appreciate that Nom Nom have a variety pack that requires zero commitment, just a one-off $20 fee. You can allow your dog to taste test their recipes without being tied into a subscription plan.

Having said that, I really liked the simplicity of Spot & Tango’s meals. They stick to 12 simple ingredients in each of their three recipes.

As a environmentally conscious dog owner, I liked Spot & Tango’s eco-friendly approach to cooking and delivering their dog food.

While Nom Nom have a slight edge over Spot & Tango thanks to their greater recipe variety, your dog will be in safe hands irrespective of whether you go for Nom Nom or Spot & Tango.

What Are Customers Saying About Nom Nom and Spot & Tango?

Great Dane eats Nom Nom (Photo: Nom Nom)

Great Dane eats Nom Nom (Photo: Nom Nom)

Nom Nom get an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 based upon over 400 reviews on independent review website Trustpilot.

One customer called Janette was delighted that her dog has really taken to Nom Nom’s meals.

Nom Nom Now has been a great find. The service is amazing and our pup loves the food. I was making her food, but she likes this better and now I know she’s getting all the right nutrients.

Michele explained some of the benefits that she has seen since feeding her dogs their Nom Nom food.

Our pets have so much more energy, their coats are shiny and soft and they can’t wait for mealtime since we started feeding them the fresh food from Nom Nom. The customer service has been outstanding the few times we have reached out and everyone is so friendly! We couldn’t be happier with the decision to switch our pets to Nom Nom!

Amy shed light on just how excited her dog gets about mealtime thanks to Nom Nom.

My dog, Finley loves Nom Nom. He is excited to have it every meal and eats every bite. His coat and skin are healthy and shiny. His allergies have seemed to have gotten much better – nearly gone!

Spot & Tango don’t have any reviews on an independent review website like Trustpilot. They do have a review section on their website but we could only find five-star reviews rather than testimonials with some negative feedback.

Elisa gave Spot & Tango a glowing review after their meals had a positive impact on her 11-year-old Greyhound.

I have a very picky 11-year-old retired racing Greyhound, so the challenge of finding high quality food she will actually eat that doesn’t cost a small fortune was a big one.

A Golden Retriever owner gave the dog food company a big thumbs up.

Our dog Georgie loves his Spot and Tango dog food. Like most Golden Retrievers he lives to eat and frequently needs to nudge me when it is time for his dinner. Your new packaging is very nice and the double box with the dry ice on the bottom keeps the food frozen solid.

Finally, Stephanie was delighted to see her fussy eater tucking into Spot & Tango’s meals.

Kyrie has historically been a horrible eater and she loves Spot and Tango. when I take the package out of the fridge, she spins and dances around waiting for the food to hit her bowl! Thanks to you, meals are no longer stressful because she eats!

Nom Nom And Spot & Tango Coupon Codes or Discounts

Black Lab eats Nom Nom (Photo: Nom Nom)

Black Lab eats Nom Nom (Photo: Nom Nom)

We contacted Nom Nom to see if we could get a dedicated discount for readers of and the dog food delivery company obliged.

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We also reached out to Spot & Tango to see if we could get a special offer for our loyal readers so you can give their balanced and complete meals a go.

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Anything Else To Consider?

It’s a good idea to speak to your vet before you make a change to your dog’s diet.

Some dogs can be particularly sensitive to a change in diet so it’s a good idea to learn about how to make a gradual transition.

This is something that your vet can help you with in terms of guidance.

Having said that, Nom Nom and Spot & Tango provide lots of reading material on their websites to help with this process.

Wrapping Things Up – Final Thoughts

Copper and Skye the Alaskan Klee Kai with their first Nom Nom delivery (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

Copper and Skye the Alaskan Klee Kai with their first Nom Nom delivery (Photo: @lifewithkleekai / Instagram)

So we’ve reached the end of our comparison article taking a look at Nom Nom and Spot & Tango.

They’re both excellent options for pet parents in the USA who are interested in feeding their canine companions balanced and complete meals.

Nom Nom have four different recipes that have been formulated by one of the country’s leading veterinarian nutritionists.

You can select their variety pack if you’d like to try their beef, chicken, pork and turkey options before settling on whatever recipe suits your dog best.

Spot & Tango use 12 simple ingredients in their meals so it couldn’t be more transparent in terms of the foods in your dog’s custom meal plan.

They’ve got three recipes to keep your furry pooch food motivated at mealtime.

Having tried both Nom Nom and Spot & Tango, I felt that Nom Nom had the tiniest advantage but you won’t go wrong with either of these companies should you opt for Spot & Tango.