KAMTRON Pet Camera Review

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Updated on 8 December 2020

Separation anxiety is a condition that can occur when your dog is left alone.

The symptoms include persistent barking, destructive chewing or digging and even defecting in the home.

However, dog cameras have proven to be a useful aide to help reassure dogs suffering with separation anxiety.

The ability to speak to your dog can help to soothe their worries with the sound of their companion’s voice.

It can also provide concerned pet parents with peace of mind.

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In this review, we will take a close look at the KAMTRON home wireless pet camera.

Our team of researchers have taken a close look at the product’s breakdown, what reviews are saying about the device and whether it represents value for money.

So let’s start our assessment of KAMTRON pet camera.

KAMTRON Pet Camera – The Basics

The KAMTRON pet camera provides dog owners with the opportunity to watch each room in your house and keep your family safe.

So no matter if you’re in the office or take a trip, just take out your cell phone and remote control the camera freely.

It gives pet parents the ability to keep in contact with their beloved four-legged furry friends.

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KAMTRON market their device as a security camera and a baby monitor as well as a pet camera.

While you can use this product to keep an eye on your dogs, it’s primary function is not as a pet cam.

Nevertheless, it does have some key features that will suffice for those looking to buy some equipment to keep tabs on their dog.

Treat Dispenser

KAMTRON pet camera doesn’t have a treat dispenser, so you won’t be able to reward your pupper when home alone.

While this isn’t a make or break feature for a dog camera, it is a useful accessory to have, especially for those with dogs who need a lot of stimulation.

HD Camera And Two-Way Speaker

The device has a full HD camera with 350°horizontal & 100°vertically rotation, so you’ll be able to cover every corner of your home, according to their website.

Using their app, you’ll have the flexibility to pan, tilt, zoom, and capture the action from all different vantage points.

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KAMTRON has two-way audio thanks to their built-in microphone that gives pet parents the opportunity to have talk to their pet freely, providing “great comfort for the one your care about”.

Audio And Movement Detection

It wouldn’t be much of a security camera without movement sensors. The device will send activity alerts while you’re out, so you can get first-hand information in real time.

KAMTRON claim you’ll never miss a moment. It is worthing point out that there is no audio detection. If your dog is barking, you won’t receive a push notification.

Night Vision

KAMTRON has night vision which uses IR LED to provide video up to 20ft. You won’t have to worry about returning home before dark thanks to this feature with round the clock visual on your pet.

Ease Of Use

You’ll need to down the app to start the set up process. The device requires a connection with 2.4GHz WiFi (it doesn’t support 5Gz WiFi) or ethernet cable connection with router .

Amazon customers generally have positive things to say about the set up process, which is an encouraging sign.

Design And Size

KAMTRON is a security camera – so we can’t really complain that it looks like one. We do prefer the all-black colour to some other similar looking white models on the pet cam market.


The device costs $45.99 (USD) on Amazon.com. It’s a budget option for those who are unwilling to invest a large amount in a dog camera.

Considering the features available, it is reasonable value for money, although there are some omissions that we would’ve liked to see included.

What Are Customers Saying About This Product?

KAMTRON pet camera has an average of 4.2 out of 5 based up over 1,200 reviews on Amazon. However, not all these reviewers bought the device to act as a pet cam.

One satisfied customer gave a five-star review after the product gave her peace of mind when leaving her dog at home alone:

Happily, I found that this is a great camera! It is very easy to install, very easy to use and control via the free smartphone app, and has given me great peace of mind when I need to leave my dogs at home alone for a bit.

Another satisfied Amazon user felt the camera was good value for money:

My primary purpose is to check in on my pets while away at work. I’m so happy with all the aspects of the camera and it was completely within my budget!

One final consumer offered one area of improvement for KAMTRON:

We use it for our pets so we only use it sometimes. One complaint I have is that it takes a while to connect when we plug it in again. I wish it would remember the network and automatically set up.

Any Negatives?

KAMTON have delivered a product that is decent value for money.

However, it’s primary purpose isn’t to act as a pet camera – and it shows. There is no treat dispenser, no laser games and no sound detection.

Is This The Best Dog Camera?

The reviews on Amazon are very encouraging but we feel there are better options for those looking to invest in a dog camera.

We would like to have seen sound detection to help pet parents with dogs who bark when left home alone.

You can check out our updated guide on the best dog cameras available right now by clicking on the link below.

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Anything Else To Consider?

One cool feature that KAMTRON have included is the ability for multiple users to be able to view the same camera simultaneously with different devices anywhere.

We also like how you can pan, tilt, zoom, and capture the action from all different angles using their MIPC app, which is a feature not all cameras have.


KAMTRON is one of the better options out of the cameras that have been marketed as both security and pet cams.

However, for those who want the full package, there are better options available on the market at the moment.

The absence of a treat dispenser and sound detection mean this camera has some work to do to establish other premium products.

If you want further information about dog cameras and food dispensers, we found Pet Feeder Tips to be a useful resource.

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