JustFoodForDogs Vs The Farmer’s Dog Reviews

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 27 January 2023

Are you looking to make a change to your dog’s diet?

If you want to feed balanced and complete dog food to your canine companion rather than store-bought kibble, there are some fresh options available to you.

You can find fresh dog food using high-quality ingredients that are customised to meet your dog’s specific needs whether your pup needs to gain or lose weight.

They don’t use any additives, nasties or preservatives in their vet-formulated meals so you can have peace of mind your pup is getting a healthy diet comprised of quality food.

In this article, we’re going to take a close look at JustFoodForDogs and The Farmer’s Dog to learn more about their cooking processes, their recipes, what customers have to say about their food and give our verdict.

You can check out our dedicated reviews of JustFoodForDogs and The Farmer’s Dog if you want to learn more about either brand.

Editor's note: The content on this website is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as veterinary, medical or professional advice. The content of our articles does not constitute veterinary advice. It’s always best to speak with your vet or a certified pet nutritionist before making any changes to your pet's diet or feeding routine.

JustFoodForDogs – The Basics

Website: www.justfoodfordogs.com

Just Food For Dogs (Photo: Just Food For Dogs)

Just Food For Dogs (Photo: Just Food For Dogs)

JustFoodForDogs have over a decade’s worth of experience providing American dogs with balanced and complete dog food that is free from any nasties.

They’re an incredibly transparent dog food company that have 10 kitchens across the country, eight of which are open to the public if you want to see how they cook your canine companion’s dog food.

JustFoodForDogs have an unrivaled menu of recipes to cater to all dogs, whether you’ve got a puppy, a young adult or a senior dog. Even the pickiest eaters should find a meal to devour amongst their 15 recipes.

If you want peace of mind knowing that your dog is eating balanced and complete meals, you’ll be encouraged to learn that JustFoodForDog is the only fresh pet food on the market to have undergone extensive clinical research.

The results of clinical research on their food have been published in scientific journals. Their team of 14 vets have a range of expertise, from clinical nutrition to toxicology.

You can tailor your dog’s JustFoodForDogs meals to meet their needs with help from their customer service team who can provide guidance. So if you’ve got a dog with an allergy, sensitive tummy or health issue, they can help.

The Farmer’s Dog – The Basics

Website: www.thefarmersdog.com

Dog eyes cooked meal (Photo: The Farmer's Dog)

Dog eyes cooked meal (Photo: The Farmer’s Dog)

The Farmer’s Dog are aiming to provide dogs in the USA with fresh pet food.

They aim to deliver balanced and complete dog food thanks to their vet-approved recipes, which have been created and guided by science.

The Farmer’s Dog will cook your canine companion’s recipes in their USDA-approved kitchens, cooked with care and love for pets in America.

They’ve tested their dog food on humans – highlighting that their food is less processing with higher safety standards.

Their human-grade food has personalized plans are pre-made and pre-portioned to meet your dog’s specific needs.

The Farmer Dog’s website write on their website that they’ve delivered over 100,000,000 meals, with customers reported to be pleased with fewer vet visits, increased vitality, clean skin and shiny coat, less dog odor.

Things To Consider When Picking Dog Food Delivery

• Ingredients – We look to review dog food brands that only use high-quality ingredient. Their protein, fruit and vegetables are usually sourced from local suppliers or USA farms.

• Recipe Variety – For pet parents with picky eaters like me, you’ll want to have a range of recipes to tickle the tastebuds of even the fussiest pups.

• Expert input – You can get peace of mind knowing that vets have helped to create these recipes to ensure your dog is eating a balanced and complete diet.

• Packaging and Preparation – We like to see dog food companies use eco-friendly packaging so you can feed your dog high-quality without damaging the planet. If your dog food is pre-portioned, you won’t have to worry about fussing with utensils.

• Ordering Experience – Not everyone is a tech whizz so it’s important that dog food companies have websites that are easy to navigate so you can place an order, amend a subscription or pause a delivery with ease.

• Price – You should be prepared to pay a premium price for your dog food considering they use high-quality ingredients cooked in USDA-approved kitchens.

• Delivery schedule – If you want to schedule a delivery to suit your work schedule or pause a delivery if you’re going on holiday, it’s important companies are flexible.

JustFoodForDogs Vs The Farmer’s Dog – Our Recommendation

We’ve reached the key part of our comparison feature.

JustFoodForDogs and The Farmer’s Dog are both experienced dog food companies in the USA. Having taken a close look at both, JustFoodForDogs is a slightly better option.

We really like that they’ve got 15 different recipes to cater to fussy eaters, like my Alaskan Klee Kai dogs.

I really appreciate that they’ve got a team of experienced vets with a range of expertise so you know your dog’s food has been prepared by experts.

For curious dog owners who want to see exactly how JustFoodForDogs works, you can call into one of their eight open-to-the-public kitchens.

Having said that, The Farmer’s Dog are still a good option for pet parents. So you won’t go wrong with either brand but I prefer JustFoodForDogs.

What Are Customers Saying JustFoodForDogs And The Farmer’s Dog?

JustFoodForDogs get an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 based upon nearly 200 reviews on Yelp.

Deborah described her successful transition to JustFoodForDogs.

I’m so happy we finally made the decision to discontinue our other dog food subscription and try Just Food For Dogs! Every meal had become a battle of wills and we were throwing money down the sink daily for weeks. Lucy absolutely loves every flavor we’ve tried so far and it gives me so much pleasure to see her lick the bowl clean. The staff here are all so friendly, funny, well informed about their products and genuinely interested in Lucy’s health. It’s also very reassuring to know they have prescription diets available for the future should we need them.

Sarah revealed her Doxie has been tucking into JustFoodForDogs meals.

My little Dachshund had to get a lot of her teeth removed, so we needed a non-kibble option for her. Green Dog Dental recommended JustFoodForDogs’ balanced remedy meal after her surgery since it’s very gentle on the stomach. We have since had her try almost all of the other recipes. She absolutely loves the chicken and rice and the macaroni turkey options.

The Farmer’s Dog have an average review of 4.7 based upon over 1,000 reviews on Trustpilot.

Michelle gave a glowing five-star review based upon her experience.

My dog LOVES this food! The first time she had it, she licked the bowl for at least 10 minutes and then walked around the kitchen looking for more. She hasn’t been picky like she was with kibble and she hasn’t had stomach issues like she used to get occasionally. We store the food in a container and divide it up so that it’s easier to scoop out the portion each time. I needed to change the recipe selection and portion early on and my experience with customer service was amazing. They really care about customers and the health of dogs!

Ma believes The Farmer’s Dog has improved her pup’s overall health.

The ONLY food you should be feeding your dog! A healthy fresh diet is critical to your dog’s life. Our dog’s health was deteriorating until we switched her food. I know the Farmer’s Dog is the reason we had an additional four years with her. I will be eternally grateful for the extra time the Farmer’s Dog gave me with my best friend. Their food is nutritious and dogs love it. My dogs became more lively, energetic, and overall more healthy.

JustFoodForDogs and The Farmer’s Dog Coupon Code Or Discount

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Anything Else To Consider?

It’s a good idea to speak to your regular veterinarian to learn more about how to transition your pup to JustFoodForDogs and The Farmer’s Dog.

They can also give pet parents advice on whether they believe the meals will be a good fit for you an your dog.

Wrapping Things Up – Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our comparison feature taking a look at JustFoodForDogs and The Farmer’s Dog.

These are two of the leading dog food companies in the USA at the moment but JustFoodForDogs is our pick here.

We really like their range of recipes as well as the fact that they’ve got open-to-the-public kitchens so you can check out exactly how this dog food brand operates.

If you want to give JustFoodForDogs a try, we can offer our readers 20% off their first order.