Is There A JustFoodForDogs Coupon Code Or Discount?

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 11 May 2021

Just Food For Dogs are one of the leading companies in the fresh dog food market.

They’ve been creating complete and healthy dog meals for canines in the United States since 2010.

If you’re a regular helloBARK! reader, you’ll probably know that we consider Just Food For Dogs as one of the best dog food delivery companies available at the moment.

As a dog owner with picky eaters, I understand the importance of giving my pups the best possible food to make sure they’re as happy and healthy as possible.

Like many other dog owners, once I made the switch to the fresh dog food movement, I haven’t looked back.

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In this article, we’re going to take a look at whether you can get a coupon code or a discount on Just Food For Dogs meals.

Is There A Just Food For Dogs Coupon Code Or Discount?

Just Food For Dogs (Photo: Just Food For Dogs)

Just Food For Dogs (Photo: Just Food For Dogs)

Initially, we were unable to find a Just Food For Dogs coupon code or discount.

However, we reached out to the Just Food For Dogs team and they kindly created a coupon code for our readers.

So if you’d like to give Just Food For Dogs a try, you can save yourself a 20% discount by using the code HELLOBARK20 at the checkout.

This coupon code is only valid for new customers, so that’s something to be aware of.

You can avail of Just Food For Dogs’ 20% discount by clicking this link.

To get this discount, simply visit the official Just Food For Dogs website at:

Just Food For Dogs – The Basics

Just Food For Dogs deliver within California (Photo: Just Food For Dogs)

Just Food For Dogs deliver within California (Photo: Just Food For Dogs)

Just Food For Dogs is well established within the fresh, whole dog food market. They’ve been creating tasty meals for canines since 2010.

They offer human-grade, all-natural ingredients to ensure your dog is eating the best possible food to enhance their lives.

In fact, their website reveals that two independent universities have given Just Food For Dog a healthy seal of approval.

You’re spoilt for choice in terms of recipes. They’ve got a wide range of meals to keep all dogs happy, whether they’re picky or not.

A team of ten in-house veterinarians formulate the meals utilizing only fresh, whole food ingredients USDA certified for human consumption, in recipes nutritionally balanced for dogs as well as cats.

Their recipes include: lamb and brown rice, beef and russet potato, turkey and whole wheat macaroni, chicken and white rice, fish and sweet potato and venison and squash.

Furthermore, if your dog has a prescription or requires a custom feeding formulation, they explain online that you can speak to one of Just Food For Dogs’ nutrition consultants today about your pup’s unique needs.

Just Food For Dogs vacuum seal their meals before being immediately frozen after chilling to ensure the nutritional integrity of the meals is retained.

Their website reveals that vets in the USA recommended Just Food For Dogs ahead of all other human-grade, fresh pet food brands combined.

JustFoodForDogs offerings include daily meals, veterinary support diets, snacks and supplements available in kitchens across California as well as in Seattle and New York City. In addition to the kitchens, the company has pantries and store-in-store formats within veterinary clinics, Pet Food Express and Petco locations.

For more information or to order now, click here:

What Are Customers Saying?

Just Food For Dogs get an average rating of 4.8 or 4.9 stars for all their recipes on their website. We couldn’t find any reviews on an independent website.

One dog owner revealed that their fussy eater was now obsessed with Just Food For Dogs’ venison and squash recipe:

I am so glad I found this food! My little boy hates everything and has a very sensitive stomach. This venison and squash is a hit! While it is pricey, it’s worth it to see him eat! And it does not upset his belly! So glad I can buy it at my local Petco! Never stop making this, please!

A Chihuahua owner was delighted with the impact of this food on her little dog:

After a thousand dollars in vet bills trying to figure out what was wrong with her stomach, I turned to Just Food For Dogs’ chicken, rice and turkey. I’m so pleased my little long haired Chi is feeling so well and is back to normal with no stomach issues.

Where To Buy Just Food For Dogs?

If you’d like to give Just Food For Dogs a go, you can order some of their meals directly from their website.

They provide an array of different recipes, with lots of little extras such as healthy treats for your canines.

Their website is easy to use and it’s straightforward to place an order.

If you’re looking to find out more about these healthy dog meals, be sure to check out our Just Food For Dogs review for more information.

To sign up to Just Food For Dogs from the official website, visit:

Anything Else To Consider?

If you’re thinking about making a change to your dog’s diet, we recommend speaking to your local veterinarian before making a change.

While Just Food For Dogs meals are healthy and nutritious, you should consider slowing introducing their human-grade meals.

Some dogs can have sensitive stomachs so a change in dog meals can prove problematic.

Just Food For Dogs’ offerings include daily meals, veterinary support diets, snacks and supplements are available at stand-alone kitchens in California and Seattle, with additional kitchens opening in new geographic markets in the near future.

Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

Just Food For Dogs (Photo: Just Food For Dogs)

Just Food For Dogs (Photo: Just Food For Dogs)

So, we’ve reached the end of our article on Just Food For Dogs and whether there is a coupon code or discount available right now.

Having reached out to Just Food For Dogs, they kindly created a coupon code so helloBARK! readers can get a discount on their first order.

Indeed, pet parents who sign up to their dog food delivery service can avail of a 20% discount on their first order.

All you need to do to apply the 20% discount to your first order is enter HELLOBARK20 at the checkout. It’s that simple!

To make the most of this offer now, check out the official Just Food For Dogs website for more information: