Impact Dog Crates Review

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 22 November 2022

Are you thinking about getting a new, versatile dog crate for your canine companion?

Dog crates can play a big role in a dog owner’s life and provide an area of comfort and safety for our beloved pets.

There’s no shortage of options available to pet owners, whether you want a basic option on Amazon or you’re willing to invest a little more in a quality crate.

You will also need to think about whether you plan to transport your dog in the crate and whether it’s easy to fold away if you do intend to take it on road trips.


In this article, we’re going to take a close look at Impact Dog Crates and the crates that they’ve got on offer.

They’re one of the leading dog crate companies with a versatile range of options for dog owners.

We’ll take a look at Impact Dog Crates as a company, what products they have on offer, what other dog owners have to say about their crates and share our exclusive discount code.

Who Are Impact?


Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact want to protect your pet and protect your home with their durable, lightweight, state-of-the-art premium dog crates.

They started in 2012 when CEO Michael Bailey recognised the need for superior dog protection and set about building an aluminium dog crate that could withstand a lifetime of indoor and outdoor use.

Since launching, Impact have established themselves as one of the leading premium dog crate companies in the USA thanks to their heavy-duty dog crates and accessories that always put your dog’s safety first.

If you like to support American-made products, you’ll be glad to know that Impact manufacture all of their crates and accessories in their Northern Idadho facility.

Impact’s crates are comprised of 99% recyclable aluminium so you can protect your dog with a premium dog crate and do your bit to protect the environment.

Impact have a wide range to cater to all breeds, sizes and temperaments so you should be able to find an option that works for your dog, whether they’re a destructive or suffer with separation anxiety.

Impact Dog Crates

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

At the time of writing, Impact offer three different types of dog crates: High Anxiety Dog Crate, Collapsible Dog Crate and Bantam Dog Crate.

Impact High Anxiety Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact High Anxiety Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

The High Anxiety Crate is described as being escape-proof and designed to protect and outsmart dogs with severe separation anxiety. It comes in six different sizes, ranging from 30 inches to 48 inches in length.

It has a welded structure and four butterfly latches to provide security, while there are carefully designed ventilation holes to make your dog feel safe. You can only purchase the High Anxiety Dog Crate in one color.

Impact Collapsible Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact Collapsible Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

The Collapsible Dog Crate has a sleek folding design that should make traveling with your dogs on the road a lot easier. It’s available in six different colors and caters to dogs from 34 inches to 54 inches in length.

While it may be lightweight, it remains durable with lots of ventilation to allow for optimal airflow. If you have two dogs and buy two of their crates, they’re stackable.

Impact Stationary Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact Stationary Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

The Bantam Dog Crate is available in two sizes and six colors. It’s suitable for smaller dogs, ranging from 20 inches to 24 inches in length.

Impact explain that the Bantam Dog Crate has been designed to offer maximum protection for small dog breeds. They hope their crate can provide a calm and soothing environment.


Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

The High Anxiety Crate starts at a price of $939 or you can opt for financing that starts at $78 per month. You will also receive 30% off all accessories with purchase of crates.

The Collapsible Dog Crate’s price starts at $854 or $71 per month on financing. You will also receive a free gift of a vinyl pad to use in the crate (correct at the time of writing).

The Bantam Impact Dog Crate is the cheapest option as it’s considerably smaller seeing as it caters to more compact breeds. It starts at $427 or $35 per month. Your crate will usually be shipped within 1-3 days of your purchase.

What Customers Are Saying

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact Dog Crates have a stellar 4.9 rating out of 5 stars based upon over 2,180 reviews on their website. Of all the reviews, over 2,000 customers gave a five stars. So it seems this company do deliver for dog owners.

Their High Anxiety Impact Dog Crate has the best rating and most reviews of all three crates mentioned in this feature.

Anna was delighted to find a crate that could handle her anxious Belgian Malinois.

Wow. I have never been so impressed with a crate before. I went through 3 because my high anxiety Belgian Malinois escaped or just broke the crate. This was my last resort when it should have been my first. There is absolutely NO WAY my dog can get out OR hurt himself. I can leave him without worrying about his safety and it is incredible. The crate is heavy duty but I surprisingly can move it by myself. The customer service department is friendly and so kind. This is what every dog owner needs and I know all of my future dogs will be using this crate as well.

Shawn revealed that his escape artist Husky was no match for Impact’s crate.

Expensive but worth EVERY penny! My Husky escape artist cannot get out of this bad boy and we don’t even use all the locks. I’ve spent thousands of $$$ on his paws because he’s injured himself escaping from many other crates in addition to chipping all his teeth. He’s nice and safe in this crate. I use it in my house but will also use for travel when needed. I like it so much I purchased a second one for my new puppy. Just in case he’s a jerk escape artist like his big bro! Plus the customer service is 5 star!

Jessie shared that his German Shepherd had escaped out of all previous crates until he turned to Impact Dog Crates.

We have a 120lb German Shephard with extremely high separation anxiety. This dog has destroyed every crate we have bought. Wire crates are a joke that she opens with a single paw. And the “heavy duty” metal crate we bought on Amazon was close but no cigar. She figured out how to open the latch so we chained it shut…. so she tore the door off at the welds of the hinges!

We finally decided to go with the this crate and we finally have caged her safely! The first day, you can tell she tried looking for weak points in the corners with her paws and teeth but nothing. For the first time, we can be at ease when we’re away from home that she’s not going to injure herself attempting to escape, or actually escape and take out her anxiety on our furniture. Impact is the only crate I will buy from now on. 12/10 highly recommend

Do Impact Dog Crates Have A Discount Or Coupon Code?

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

We have an exclusive discount for our readers if they want to save 15% on their Impact Dog Crate order. All you need to do is click this link and enter the coupon code HELLOBARK at the checkout to save 15% on your order.

Anything Else To Consider

Impact will work with dog owners to figure out the best crate for their dog. They’ll consider factors such as whether the crate will be use for transport, ensuring that it can fit in the car.

You can potentially use the Collapsible crate if you plan to fly. Impact write on their website that the Collapsible crate can become airline compatible with the Door Guard attachment and IATA brackets, which can be found on their Accessories page.

However, they recommend calling the airline you plan to fly with ahead of time, as each airline has specific requirements for flying with pet cargo.

If you decide to purchase their High Anxiety Crate, you will be covered with their 10-year Dog Damage Warranty. This doesn’t apply to their Collapsible or Bantam crates.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

Impact Dog Crates (Photo: Impact)

We’ve reached the end of our Impact Dog Crates review.

It’s clear that Impact provide durable, sustainable and versatile dog crates that can protect both your dog and your home if you plan to use Impact Dog Crates to keep your pup safe when you’re not home.

They’ve got a range of different crates on offer, so whether you need a crate to keep permanently in your home or you plan to do roadtrips with your canine travel companion, you’ve got lots of options.

If you do decide to get an Impact Dog Crate, don’t forget that you can save 15% by using our exclusive discount code HELLOBARK when you click here and get to checkout.