Holi Chow Review

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Updated on 19 November 2020

Have you ever considered there’s a better way to feed your dog?

You may be accustomed to feeding your dog a traditional dry food brand that you can buy in your local pet store or supermarket.

It’s not always clear what ingredients go into big kibble brands, with some dry food containing mystery additives.

However, there’s a growing shift towards balanced, complete and healthy dry dog food in order to protect our canine’s health.

Website: www.holichow.com

Holi Chow are a fine example of a dog food company that are looking to help pet parents improve the way they feed their four-legged friends.

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In this article, we’re going to take a close look at Holi Chow, the recipes that they offer as well as their customer reviews.

Holi Chow – The Basics

Website: www.holichow.com

Holi Chow co-founders Wes and David (Photo: Holi Chow / Instagram)

Holi Chow co-founders Wes and David (Photo: Holi Chow / Instagram)

Holi Chow are a relatively new company that provide a customized dog food subscription service.

They explain on their website that they started their custom superfood kibble in an attempt to find the perfect meal for their pups.

In doing so, they’ve adopted a grain-free, non-GMO approach to their slow cooked kibble to ensure your dog gets the very best in nutrition.

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You can have peace of mind knowing that Holi Chow doesn’t include any rendered meats nor no meat meals. In fact, their meals don’t contain any meat at all, according to their website.

So, if you’re looking to adopt a veggie approach to your dog’s diet, Holi Chow have got you covered with their unique kibble that contains superfoods such as blueberries, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, flaxseed and much more.

Holi Chow’s tailored veggie kibble is unique within the dog food market given that they’ve formulated it using a boarded vet nutritionist.

How Holi Chow Works

Holi Chow’s subscription service works just like lots of other dog food delivery companies that we’ve reviewed.

Pet parents will need enter key details about their canine companion to allow Holi Chow to tailor their meals to meet your dog’s needs. This covers some of the basics such as breed, weight and activity level.

Holi Chow go one step further by asking about eating habits as well as other potential issues such as bad breath, passes gas, tear stains and much more. They’ve really covered all the bases with their questionnaire.

best dry food for dogs
We've picked out six great dry food options for dogs to help you keep your pets motivated at mealtime

Once you’ve entered information about your dog, Holi Chow will suggest a variety of toppers that will compliment their grain-free, veggie-based superfood kibble. This is the source of protein for your dog, so it includes turkey breast, beef liver, lamb liver, rabbit and salmon.

You’ll pair this protein topper with your veggie-based kibble and you’re ready to go when your first box of Holi Chow arrives. It’s worth pointing out that their website explains that their toppers all come from USDA facilities so rest assured Holi Chow are using high quality meat.

They provide a detailed feeding plan as well as nutritional information about their kibble and protein.

Lastly, Holi Chow will deliver their meals direct to your doorstep so you won’t have to worry about going to the shops ever again to get your dog’s meals.


As you’ll know by now, Holi Chow offer their superfood kibble complimented by a tasty protein topper. If you’re wondering what ingredients go into their kibble, Holi Chow’s website displays a list of fruit and vegetables used in their dry food. Their grain-free kibble contains carrots, sweet potatoes, chicory root, lentils, eggs, flaxseeds, peas, blueberries and pumpkins.

You can also find the nutritional information of their protein sources. You can be rest assured they never use processed meat or meat meal. Each protein pack is a freeze-dried raw, single-ingredient, single-animal topper that has maintained its full natural nutrition and flavor. Everything is transparent so you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting the very best food!

Meal Preparation

Holi Chow will provide pet parents with a feeding guide to follow. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding your dog.

While it isn’t as simple as dry food for dogs brands that use pre portioned packaging, Holi Chow use a simple formula that take the guesswork out of feeding your pup a healthy and tasty meal.

You’ll be provided with a scooper for your kibble, mix in your protein topper and then you’re ready to serve to your canine companion.

Price And Delivery

Like any other tailored dry food for dogs, pet parents can expect to pay a little more than big-name brands that you’re probably accustomed to seeing at the supermarket.

Based upon my three-year old 10-pound Alaskan Klee Kai, I can expect to pay $0.90 a day to feed my mini husky Holi Chow’s superfood kibble and protein topper. That works out at about $27 – £28 a month.

In their FAQ section, Holi Chow suggest dog owners with a small dog will usually pay around $1.25 a month.

Holi Chow state on their website that your first order will arrive within two days of placing the order. You’ll have a month’s supply of food. They’ll get back in touch a week before your next order is due.

What Are Customers Saying?

Holi Chow get an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on independent website, Trustpilot. Let’s take a look at some of the reviews.

A customer with a dog called Oliver was thrilled with Holi Chow’s service.

My dog has been doing amazing on Holi Chow. His coat is shiny and his energy level is like a puppy even though he’s technically a senior. The customer service is great also. They were able to address my concerns and questions before I switched Oliver to their food.

A New Jersey family were delighted to see their dog make an seamless transition to Holi Chow.

Our 16 lb super picky dog has been eating Orijen for almost 5 years and has transitioned successfully over to Holi Chow. She absolutely loves the food and the toppers have eliminated the need to add human food to entice her to eat the kibble. Highly recommend Holi Chow to anyone!!

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Finally, Deanna explained that she was thrilled to see her dog wolf down Holi Chow.

Holi Chow has been great for my dog, Zoey. She has been hooked on it ever since she first tried it. We all love that there are different flavors for her to change between so that she doesn’t get sick of the same tasting food. It is most amazing how they tailor the food according to the dogs specifications. I also love that the ingredients are pure and much better than the stuff you normally find on the shelves.

Any Negatives?

We can’t see any real negatives to Holi Chow. As we mentioned above, they don’t use pre portioned pouches. This isn’t a big issue but there’s no doubt in my experience that pre portioned packaging really removes the hassle of feeding your dogs.

Is This The Best Dry Food For Dogs?

If you believe in veggie kibble, you won’t go wrong with Holi Chow. They offer a grain-free, superfood approach to their customised kibble.

Their protein topper uses one ingredient so you can have peace of mind knowing that your pup is eating a natural and whole diet.

We consider Holi Chow to be a good option for pet parents looking to adopt a fresh approach to their dog’s kibble.

You can check out our updated best dry food for dogs guide below.

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Anything Else To Consider?

Holi Chow explain on their website why they decided against adding meat to their kibble. This is the unique selling point of Holi Chow and makes them stand out against the other dry food options for dogs on the market. They’re also confident that their kibble has a fresher smell than their rivals on the dry food market.

Many pet allergies are caused by animal protein. Removing the meat from our kibble allows pet parents to choose their pup’s favorite protein to pair with it and avoid any allergens. It also lets pet parents rotate proteins without upsetting sensitive stomaches. Removing meats from our kibble also allows us to provide pups with the highest quality animal proteins in our protein packs.

Holi Chow Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our review of Holi Chow.

They’re got a unique approach to dog nutrition with their grain-free, superfood veggie kibble. You can be full of confidence knowing that your dog is eating fresh and whole ingredients.

Holi Chow offer a protein-sourced topper to add even more flavour to their meals. By doing so, they offer pet parents the chance to mix up the protein to keep picky eaters guessing.

While this may result in a little more preparation at mealtime, if you’ve got fussy dogs like me, it’ll be worth the effort.

For more information: holichow.com.

best dry food for dogs
We've picked out six great dry food options for dogs to help you keep your pets motivated at mealtime