Hive View Indoor Smart Camera review

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helloBARK! staff
By helloBARK! staff
Updated on June 24, 2019

Do you find leaving your dog at home alone a difficult and traumatizing experience?

You may want to consider investing in a dog or pet camera to keep a close eye on your furry friend when you’ve got to leave the house.

Such devices afford pet parents the luxury of being able to talk to their four-legged companions and provide a level of comfort to them.

Not only that, but you’ll benefit from getting some peace of mind that your canine pal is doing ok until you’re able to return home.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at Hive View Indoor Smart Camera, what features come with the device, what customers are saying about the product and if it’s good value for money.

So let’s get down to business and start our review of Hive View Indoor Smart Camera.

What is Hive View Indoor Smart Camera?

The Hive View Indoor Smart Camera is a modern-looking device that is packed with must-have features, like HD live streaming and person detection.

While the product isn’t marketed as a dog camera, their website lists the ability to see and talk to your pets as one of it’s potential functions.

It starts recording when it detects audio or movement inside the home, while the device will send a push notification to your smart phone.

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You can access a live steam day and night through the Hive app, while there’s the possibility to view playback videos from the last 24 hours.

The Hive View Indoor Smart Camera comes with the option to customise what you want the device to detect, whether it’s humans or pets.

Given the product was designed by San Francisco-based Yves Behar, it’s little surprise that the device has a contemporary and stylish appearance.

Treat dispenser

As mentioned above, the Hive Indoor Smart Camera wasn’t designed to act as a pet camera but rather a security cam. So it’s not a surprise that there’s no treat dispenser.

This is a feature that we like to see on dog cameras because it gives the ability to pet parents to reward their furry pals for good behaviour. Alternatively, it can be used as a tool to encourage mischievous pups to behave when left at home alone.

HD video and Two-way speaker

This Hive product streams 1080p video which can be accessed through their app. Their website says you can get the best possible view with a choice of wall, shelf or magnetic mount – with a wide 130° field of view and up to 8x digital zoom.

Hive Indoor Smart Camera (Photo: Hive website)

Hive Indoor Smart Camera (Photo: Hive website)

The device has a two-way speaker that allows you to say something if you see something. Their website shows a photo of a dog next to the camera, highlighting that Hive clearly feel their product can serve a purpose to dog owners.

To speak to your dog, you just need to hit the mic emoticon on the Hive app.

Audio and movement detection

A lot of security cameras that look to tap into the pet cam market have movement detection but few include sound sensors. Here at helloBARK!, we believe it’s important to have the ability to receive alerts if your dog is barking, howling or whining given these are all symptoms of separation anxiety.

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The great thing about Hive View Indoor Smart Camera is that it includes both audio and movement detection. So whether your dog is running around the room causing havoc or barking up a storm, the device will send a push notification to your phone so you can address the problem.

Night vision

The Hive Indoor Smart Camera has night vision, so you can check on your pet whether it is day or night. Night vision means you won’t have to worry about rushing home from work in those autumn and winter evenings.

Ease of use

Their website claims that set up can be completed in minutes: “Just plug in your Hive View and set it up in the Hive app via Bluetooth. That’s it!”

Design and size

Hive Indoor Smart Camera (Photo: Hive website)

Hive Indoor Smart Camera (Photo: Hive website)

Like we mentioned earlier in this review, the Hive Indoor Smart Camera is designed by Switzerland’s Behar, who is based in tech hub San Francisco. The industrial designer looked to come up with an appearance that “fits seamlessly into your home”.

You can purchase the camera in either black and brushed copper or white and champagne gold.


The Hive Indoor Smart Camera is available on Amazon for $125.98 (USA) / £159 (UK).

What people are saying about it

Hive Indoor Smart Camera has an average of 3.9 out of 5 stars from nearly 170 reviews on Amazon.

One satisfied customer gave the product five stars after giving her peace of mind that her dogs are ok at home alone:

“Amazing quality camera really pleased with my purchase. I was lucky enough to purchase in prime sale, was easy to set up and I now have peace of mind when I leave my dogs for the day. I can tune in and watch them and also know if they were barking, as camera reacts to noise as well as motion.”

An Amazon customer gave five stars but did feel there was room for improvement with the audio quality:

“This was easy to install and set up, we use it in out kitchen to watch over our fur babies (dogs) when we go out, the audio, although not great allows us to re-assure them. Overall a really good product.”

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A number of consumers complained about the sensitivity of the audio and movement detection, including this customer:

“I would probably not choose to use the sound detection all the time because we have a rabbit and a dog, both of whom trigger the camera to start recording sound multiple times each day and night.”

Any negatives?

The Hive Indoor Smart Camera doesn’t come with a treat dispenser, which is a disappointing omission from an otherwise good product.

While it does appear to be quite sensitive to audio and movement, we’d rather an over sensitive camera than one that doesn’t pick up anything.

Is this the best dog camera?

It’s difficult to describe Hive Indoor Smart Camera as the best dog camera as it doesn’t come with some additional features that helloBARK! like to see.

However, if you’re willing to go without a treat dispenser or games and are content with a home security camera then this is a great option.

You can check out our updated guide on the best dog cameras available right now by clicking on this link.

Anything else to consider?

If you want to move your camera to a different room, you can just grab Hive View and go. Their website says it’s light, portable and has over 1-hour built-in battery life.

You can also download recordings straight to your smartphone. So if your dog is doing something funny, you can share it with family and friends in an instant.


The Hive Indoor Smart Camera is one of the best security cams that we’ve seen. While it isn’t specifically designed to function as a pet cam, it can do a good job with both audio and movement detection.

The device doesn’t have some additional features that can be great tools for pet parents, such as a treat dispenser. But it does come with sound sensors, which sets it apart from a lot of security cameras that we’ve reviewed.

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