Furbo Dog Camera Review

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 7 July 2022

Do you worry about what your dog is doing when you leave the house?

This is a real headache for owners of dogs with separation anxiety or destructive chewers of furniture.

Well you no longer need to stress about what mischief your pup could be getting into unsupervised.

Dog cameras are becoming increasingly effective and have seen a surge in popularity in the past couple of years.

One of the first devices to hit the market was the Furbo Dog Camera.

Website: www.amazon.com

In this review, we will take a close look at the latest version of the Furbo to see what it can offer pet parents and what improvements the company have made to their device and service since their initial release.

We will examine the device’s specs, what customers are saying about the product and whether it is good value for money.

So let’s get down to business and start our review of the Furbo Dog Camera.

Furbo Dog Camera – The Basics

Furbo Dog Camera (Photo: hellobark.com)

Furbo Dog Camera (Photo: hellobark.com)

Furbo Dog Camera is an interactive smart dog camera that lets dog owners see, talk and toss treats to their dog from anywhere.

It can help pet parents who are concerned about what their dog is doing when unsupervised or worried about a potential emergency.

Their website explains that the device uses smart technology to detect if your dog is barking and can send push notifications to your phone.

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There is a motion sensor that will also alert you should your dog be on the move.

Their website says that they have worked closely with vets and dog trainers to help train, comfort, and reward dogs.

Given anything can happen to our dogs when they’re at home alone, Furbo is designed to give peace of mind to dog parents and keep pups happy.

Treat Dispenser

Furbo Dog Camera (Photo: hellobark.com)

Furbo Dog Camera (Photo: hellobark.com)

The Furbo Dog Camera can hold over 100 treats so you’ll never have to worry about going through all the treats in one day.

After downloading their app and creating an account, you will be able to throw treats to your dog to keep them entertained when you’re not at home.

You simply hold down the treat animation and flick it in the air to dispense a little nugget of joy for your pup.

With a bamboo cover, it is easy to refill but solid enough that mischievous dogs won’t be able to open it up.

Furbo have a useful four-step guide to help dog owners familiarise their canine companions with how the device works, including the sound of the device and seeing a treat being flung from the camera.

1080p HD Camera

The Furbo has a top-notch camera with 1080p HD, 160° wide-angle lens, 4x digital zoom and automatic night vision.

Their website claims that it’s the best of the best pet cameras on the market right now.

Two-Way Speaker

The device has a two-way pet camera to hear and speak to your dog when you’re at work or at a friend’s house.

You can hear what’s happening and talk to your pet to keep their behaviour in check or provide some reassurance.

Furbo Dog Camera uses noise and echo suppression so you can hear your dog clearly and your dog can hear your voice without any problems.

Audio And Movement Detection

Photo: Furbo Dog Camera

Photo: Furbo Dog Camera

If your dog is barking, there could be something wrong. The device will send a push notification to your phone so you know when your dog is making a noise.

For dog owners who have pets with separation anxiety, this feature is priceless. You can customise the detection sensitivity based upon your dog.

Furbo’s website states that they’ll only alert dog owners of important dog-related events, such as dog barking alert, dog activity alert, home emergency alert and person alert. On a lighter note, they’ll also provide a selfie alert if your dog gets up and close to the dog camera.

Night Vision

Photo: Furbo Dog Camera

Photo: Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera’s website explains that the device has a 1080p Full HD, 4x zoom, 160° wide-angle camera along with night vision.

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Their website proudly declares that it’s the best of the best pet cams in the market.

Ease Of Use

Furbo Dog Camera (Photo: hellobark.com)

Furbo Dog Camera (Photo: hellobark.com)

It’s easy to set up. Once the Furbo is plugged into an electrical outlet, you download the app, create an account and the app will guide you through set up. It’s really quite simple and you’ll have the device set up in under five minutes.

All that’s left to worry about is filling up your Furbo with treats as they don’t provide any treats in your Furbo purchase, which would have been a nice touch.

Design And Size

The Furbo Dog Camera is 5.91×4.72×8.86 inches (15x12x22.5cm) and weighs 2.1 pounds (950g).

It’s perfect for a shelf on a bookcase or a coffee table.

The modern design means the device won’t take up too much space in your house or apartment.

It is easy to disconnect and place in different areas around your home.

Doggie Diary

If you want a 1-minute time lapse of your dog’s day, you can sign up to Furbo Dog Nanny.

This is an extra layer of cover and peace of mind offered by Furbo for a monthly fee.


Furbo Dog Camera is competitively priced at $199.99 (USA) and £169 (UK).

If you want to sign up to their Nanny service, it’ll cost you an extra $6.99 (USA) and £6.99 (UK).

What Are Customers Saying About It?

Photo: Furbo Dog Camera

Photo: Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera has an average rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon based upon nearly 30,000 reviews.

Coincidentally, their website claims that they’re the best selling dog camera on Amazon.

A customer who recently purchased a puppy was delighted with the product after soothing her anxiety about leaving her fur-ball alone:

Best. Purchase. Ever. It works like a dream. I was worried that it might not pick up because our wi-fi isn’t the strongest or the fastest, no problem. The app (mine is on an iphone) is very easy to use. The quality of the image, both regular and nightvision, is excellent. The audio is solid, there is a bit of lag, but that’s to be expected. We use her kibble as treats and it fires several at a time, which doesn’t bother me. We angled it so it shoots into her kennel.

One Amazon customer left a humorous post but gave the product five stars all the same:

I love being able to watch my pug literally just sleeping for seven hours a day and my coworkers really enjoy the constant updates of me telling them where my pug is sleeping and forcing them to watch his small, fawn body laying in the same spot.

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Another purchaser felt the Furbo dog camera was worth the cost price.

I bought this to give myself some peace of mind while I am away from home. It definitely does that. My dogs recognise when it is in use as the light changes from yellow to blue (colours dogs can see). They usually look up immediately when I turn it on to watch them, even if I don’t activate the microphone or dispense any treats. They quickly learned to recognise the noise it makes to signal that treats are coming and come to get them very eagerly. They also seem to recognise my voice when I speak to them through the microphone and will obey commands I give them.

Any Negatives?

Furbo Dog Camera (Photo: hellobark.com)

Furbo Dog Camera (Photo: hellobark.com)

We didn’t encounter any real negatives with the device. It would have been a nice touch if Furbo included some dog treats in the box so you could use the camera straightaway, especially as the device does require treats of a particular dimension.

Is this the best dog camera?

The Furbo Dog Camera is a solid option within the dog camera market that is available right now.

The crispness of the video and accuracy of the audio and movement sensor makes it a useful tool for dog owners.

You can check out our updated guide on the best dog cameras available right now by clicking on the link below.

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Anything Else To Consider?

Furbo Dog Camera (Photo: hellobark.com)

Furbo Dog Camera (Photo: hellobark.com)

Furbo’s website claims that their device is the only pet camera with treat dispenser designed just for dogs.

The dog treat camera lets you see, talk, and toss treats to your dog when you’re not home.

Most other brands have focused on pets as a whole rather than just dogs.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

Photo: Furbo Dog Camera

Photo: Furbo Dog Camera

If you’re looking to purchase a device to give you peace of mind when you’re not at home, Furbo Dog Camera could be the right product for you.

It has the two-way video system, a treat dispenser with a large capacity and the sleek design makes it easy on the eye.

There’s no doubt that if you’re looking to purchase a dog camera, you won’t go too far wrong with the Furbo Dog Camera.

However, if you want some additional features, you may prefer to go for an even more premium dog camera.

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