Doggie Shusher Review

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Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 12 September 2023

Do you have an anxious dog?

You may have a dog that suffers with separation anxiety when you leave the home resulting in persistent barking and whining.

Alternatively, your canine companion may become stressed at night if your dog sleeps downstairs but you sleep upstairs.

Holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a stressful time for your furry friend with fireworks and loud celebrations.

There’s even acts of nature to consider with some dogs suffering from storm anxiety when they hear the sound of thunder and lightening.

Where To Buy:

Doggie Shusher is a dog relaxation device that uses a real human voice to relieve anxiety in your dog.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the Doggie Shusher, how it works, what customers are saying and how much the device will cost.

Who Are Doggie Shusher?

The Doggie Shusher (Photo:

The Doggie Shusher (Photo:

Doggie Shusher has been created and designed with dogs specifically in mind based upon the success of the Baby Shusher.

The Baby Shusher was created to calm fussy babies thanks to the device’s consistent soothing sound. It proved a massive hit.

So the company have now launched the Doggie Shusher to cater to dog parents who are hoping to soothe their anxious pets.

Their website explains that the Doggie Shusher builds on the technology behind the Baby Shusher to provide “quick, effective relief to dogs struggling with anxiety”.

You’re probably thinking what’s the difference between the Baby Shusher and the Doggie Shusher if they serve a similar purpose.

Doggie Shusher explain that the the “shhh” sound plays at an altered frequency that’s just right for dogs.

They’ve also redesigned the Doggie Shusher to give it “chew-proof edges” and a more durable finish to withstand dogs with a tendency to destroy everything.

How Does Doggie Shusher Work

The Doggie Shusher (Photo:

The Doggie Shusher (Photo:

When you first receive your Doggie Shusher, it’s a good idea to use the fast-charging USB charging cable to get a full charge before putting the device to the test.

To operate, you simply turn the dial on the bottom to set the time and the device will start to shush.

The Doggie Shusher can play these shushing sounds for up to two continuous hours so it’s perfect if you need to pop out to run errands, go to the gym or head to an appointment.

It has been designed to operate indoors and outdoors to give you complete flexibility thanks to its weatherized interior.

Doggie Shusher’s website explains that the tear drop shape should prevent even the most rambunctious dogs from chewing or biting the device.

There are no batteries required but dog owners will need to keep the device charged to ensure full functionality.


The Doggie Shusher costs $39.99 and is available to purchase direct from their website or on Amazon.

Our Verdict

I’ve got two Alaskan Klee Kai dogs who suffer with separation anxiety. I usually play a dog separation anxiety playlist on Spotify or YouTube when I have to leave my dogs at home.

Using a pet camera, I regularly check in on my mini huskies to see if they’re asleep and relaxed. Usually, there’s some whimpering and whining for the first 10-20 minutes before falling asleep.

I found that the Doggie Shusher worked well with my younger Alaskan Klee Kai who seemed more relaxed than normal. He slept most of the time without too much whimpering.

My older dog did appear more alert with the Doggie Shusher’s “shush” sounds. She’s extremely cautious by nature so the dog relaxation device appeared to trigger her curiosity more than anything.

I think the Doggie Shusher is a useful dog relaxation device if you’ve run out of alternatives and you’re eager to find a solution. It won’t hurt and it might help!

I’ve used the device a couple of times and while it’s hard to say with certainty it’s improved the situation when I’m checking in on a dog camera, I do feel it’s a positive way to attempt to combat separation anxiety.

What Customers Are Saying About Doggie Shusher

The Doggie Shusher (Photo:

The Doggie Shusher (Photo:

The Doggie Shusher only launched in the second half of 2021 so there’s limited reviews of the device. The device has some five-star reviews on Amazon with three 5-star and one 3-star review.

Terra felt like the Doggie Shusher did appear to help her dog.

It seems to work. I have yet to try it in every situation yet; but so far it has worked during some of our challenging times of the day. It is sturdy, and well made. Easy to set up and use.. you just twist the bottom to turn it on, and adjust the volume. It comes with a cord to recharge it. Mine came charged and ready to use. I am impressed, we had tried a few things; but not everything works 100%. I am happy that we have this to add to the mix.

Another Amazon customer felt like the product definitely helped her small dog.

My smallest dog has separation anxiety and is nervous about anything and anyone other than me and my wife. He barks at every noise or passer by. From the first second I turned on the Doggie Shusher, he quieted down. I then kept it on few minutes and he really relaxed! He is not cured yet but this has really helped lessen his anxiety. Thank you for such an innovative product to help wary dog owners!

But another Amazon user wasn’t convinced by the Doggie Shusher.

This is a nicely designed, high-quality little item – a cousin to the Baby Shusher – but sadly, it did not even register on my dog’s consciousness. The design really is great. Easy to operate, wide range of volume control, charges quickly, maintains its charge for several hours, attractive looking, etc etc. But, my dog did not even seem to know that it was in the room with her. No awareness or acknowledgement on her part whatsoever. I tested it out during three separate “stressful” occasions, either when she was wound up or we were leaving her alone in the house. Each time it was a fail and our dog was as stressed out as usual. The cat definitely noticed it (and seemed annoyed by it- but that’s typical cat).

Anything Else To Consider

The Doggie Shusher (Photo:

The Doggie Shusher (Photo:

Separation anxiety is a chronic canine condition that can affect any dog irrespective of breed.

It usually occurs when a dog owners is about to leave the home or has left the home. Symptoms of separation anxiety include persistent barking, howling or whining, destructive chewing or digging and in some cases, defecating inside the home.

You can check out our interview with a dog separation anxiety trainer here.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our review of the Doggie Shusher.

This is a dog separation anxiety device that plays the sound of a human shushing for up to two hours.

In doing so, Doggie Shusher hope to alleviate anxiety that your dog may be suffering from, whether it’s separation anxiety, nervousness during storms or calming car rides or fear of loud noises.

We can see the potential benefits of the device to nervous dogs – and it could be worth a try if you’ve got a dog with separation anxiety.

While it may not cure your dog’s anxiety, it could help.