Denzel’s Natural Dog Bites And Chews Review

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Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 27 October 2022

Are you looking for natural dog treats for your well-behaved pup?

There’s no shortage of dog treats available to British dog owners in the UK, with a wide range of tasty nibbles available at supermarkets, pet stores and online.

However, we like to pay special attention to the ingredients in the dog treats because some dog treats could contain additives, fillers or other nasties.

That’s why we’ve researched some healthy dog treats made from natural ingredients that are balanced and healthy, made in the UK and use plastic-free packaging.

Where To Buy:

In this article, we’re going to take a look at Denzel’s Natural Dog Bites, how their treats are made, provide our verdict and hear what other dog owners have to say.

So let’s get into the meat of our Denzel’s Natural Dog Bites review.

Denzel’s Natural Dog Bites And Chews – The Basics

Denzel's Bites (Photo:

Denzel’s Bites (Photo:

Denzel’s Bites are a UK-based dog treat company that offer healthy, everyday snacks for dogs.

They wanted to provide British dog owners with an alternative to some traditional dog food brands that provide treats high in sugar, made with cheap fillers, colourings and preservatives.

So Denzel’s Bites set about creating snacks that are made with all-natural ingredients, sourced from local UK suppliers.

They’re hand-baked in Denzel’s Bites local bakery to retain all their nutritional goodness as well as remaining fresh.

They come in a bite-size shape so they’re perfect for training your dog, while Denzel’s Bites use 100% plastic-free packaging that is biodegradable and compostable packaging.

You can find approximately 110 bites in a bag so that’s got dog owners covered for a lot of training sessions.

How Denzel’s Works

Denzel's Bites (Photo:

Denzel’s Bites (Photo:

You’ve got plenty of choice if you’ve decided to give Denzel’s a try.

If you like to train your dogs on a daily basis, you could opt for their Bites. These are low calorie training treats.

They’ve got a range of recipes, including Nut Butter, Superfood, Plant Based, Tropical, Puppy, Pure Paleo, High Protein and Brunch.

Alternatively, you may want your dog to enjoy a Soft-Baked Dog Chew. These include Superfood, High Protein, Pure Paleo, Nut Butter and Brunch.

While there’s a big health element with Denzel’s, there’s fun to be had. They’ve got limited edition and season specials.

For instance, Denzel’s have a spooktacular Halloween Treats so you and your dog can celebrate Howl-a-ween together.

You could opt for the Haunted House Gift Box that includes some Toffee Apple Soft-Baked Sticks and Spooktacular Bones and Pumpkin Bites,


Denzel's Bites (Photo:

Denzel’s Bites (Photo:

We really like that Denzel’s have a transparent approach to their chews and treats.

They only use healthy and natural ingredients that you’ll know and recognise. So you won’t find any additives, fillers, colourings or preservatives in their bites or chews.

Unlike some big-name dog food brands that have confusing labels with ingredients you don’t know, Denzel’s only use common ingredients that you’ll feel comfortable giving to your pup.

They don’t have added salt, grain, sugars or nasties, just real meat or fish and fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you like to buy British, you can feel good about supporting a British business that has sourced their ingredients from British suppliers and cooked their treats in their local bakery.

They’ve got a great range that can cater to dogs who may have dietary requirements, whether they need more protein or they could do with a low-fat chew.

Our Verdict

Denzel's Bites (Photo:

Denzel’s Bites (Photo:

I’ve been using Denzel’s to reward my Alaskan Klee Kai dogs for some time – and they love these healthy treats.

They’ve got a fantastic range of flavours so I can always keep my picky Klee Kai on their toes when we’re at the dog park.

I have peace of mind knowing that they’re enjoying healthy treats that are made with natural ingredients and hand-baked.

My female Alaskan Klee Kai has a sensitive tummy so I try to avoid feeding her some traditional dog treats that are manufactured by big-name brands.

I notice when I do feed her some treats from big-name brands, her digestive system is negatively affected and her stools become extremely loose.

I love that Denzel’s have a wide range of recipes with natural ingredients that are oven-baked, including a hypoallergenic range that are a gentle option for my mini husky.

They’re training treats are perfect for bringing on walks if you’re looking to work on basic commands and you want to stuff some treats in your pocket or treat pouch.

Denzel’s have an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to their business which makes me feel good about feeding these treats to my dogs.

Price And Delivery

Denzel's Bites (Photo:

Denzel’s Bites (Photo:

If you’ve decided to give Denzel’s a try, you’ve got a lot of choice when it comes to purchasing some of their healthy treats.

You can pop to your local supermarket or head to Amazon where you can get some tasty nibbles delivered direct to your door.

There’s better value if you buy through Amazon as you can get a Mixed Variety Pack (six packets) for £15.66 or purchase 10 packets of a particular recipe that can range from £24.30 to £29.

If you’d like to give their chews a try, you can get 10 packets of a specific recipe from £21.20 to £25.00 depending on which particular chew you select.

For their limited edition Halloween treats, keep an eye out at your local supermarket.

What Are Customers Saying?

Denzel's Bites (Photo:

Denzel’s Bites (Photo:

Denzel’s get five stars based upon 60 reviews on

Nicola revealed that she’s recommended Denzel’s to all her fellow dog owners.

Love the product and love the company. Faultless customer service. Great ingredients and fully recyclable packaging. Have recommended to everyone I know who has dogs.

Anne revealed that Denzel’s are popular amongst dog walkers.

Mille loves all the flavours and so do her friends. Her BFF Max her dog walker tells me that all his customers love them too. We give him a pack every month and his dog Reggie goes through his pocket to get out the last crumbs.

Claire loves the eco-friendly approach to Denzel’s.

My dog loves these treats. For me I love the fact that they are packed in recyclable packaging and a tree is planted with every order. Love the box they arrive in makes me smile.

Anything Else To Consider?

Denzel's Bites (Photo:

Denzel’s Bites (Photo:

As we mentioned above, Denzel’s release limited-edition themed chews and training treats that can all dog owners to get their pets in on the celebration.

At the time of writing, Denzel’s have a Halloween range containing Haunted House, Toffee Apple Soft-Baked Sticks and Jack’o Lantern Bites.

These limited-edition Halloween-themed treats are only available through their website.

Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts

Denzel's Bites (Photo:

Denzel’s Bites (Photo:

We’ve reached the end of our Denzel’s Natural Dog Bites review.

These are healthy and natural bites and chews that you can feed to your dog with complete peace of mind they’re only eating treats free from added salt, sugar, preservatives, additives or nasties.

They’ve got a wide range of recipes to cater to all dogs irrespective of breed or age.

Their training treats are extremely convenient as you can grab a handful for your treat pouch before heading out on a walk.

We’ve been feeding Denzel’s to our Alaskan Klee Kai dogs for some time and they’re by far one of their favourites.

They’re one of our favourites – too, seeing as they’re healthy and natural, oven-baked and made in the UK.