Buddy & Lola Peaceful Pooch Review

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Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Updated on 29 November 2022

Are you looking for a calming supplement for your dog?

Autumn can be a stressful time to be a dog with lots of different celebrations across a range of cultures.

These festivities usually incorporate fireworks that can be frightening for dogs that are anxious or scared of large noises.

Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and Diwali are all celebrations that occur in late October and early November.

Fortunately, there’s a growing number of calming supplements for dogs that are available to British dog owners at the moment.

Website: buddyandlola.co.uk

Buddy & Lola are one of the leading dog supplement companies in the UK and they’ve got their Peaceful Pooch calming supplement for dogs.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the Peaceful Pooch, how it works, what customers are saying about this supplement as well as giving our verdict on this Buddy & Lola product.

With the introduction over, let’s get started on our Buddy & Lola Peaceful Pooch Review.

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Buddy & Lola Peaceful Pooch – The Basics

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Buddy & Lola are a well-respected dog supplement company in the UK with a range of natural supplements that have helped over 100,000 happy dogs throughout the British Isles.

One of the products within their range is their Peaceful Pooch calming supplement. This is a natural supplement that has been created to help maintain calm behaviour.

Buddy & Lola understand that dogs can become anxious due to a variety of different factors, whether it’s fireworks, going to the vet, separation anxiety and a range of other everyday situations.

The dog supplement company write on their website that they use fast-acting, premium ingredients in their calming dog supplement that could have a calming effect on your dog.

Buddy & Lola explain on their website that Peaceful Pooch looks to help support stress responses, promote a sense of calm with no sedative effect and target stressed or anxious behaviours.

They only use 100% natural ingredients in their products, so they’re non-GMO, don’t contain any artificial flavours or colors and pesticide-free. In fact, they’re all 100% plant-based.

The Ingredients

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Let’s start this section by taking a look at the active ingredients in Buddy & Lola’s Peaceful Pooch supplement.

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Buddy & Lola)

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Buddy & Lola)

Please note that the ingredients label is a screenshot taken directly from Buddy & Lola’s website and is accurate at the time of writing. However, you should carefully check the details of any supplement you’re thinking of buying, as the formulas may change from time to time.

The active ingredients include Passion Flower, Lemon Balm Extract, L-Tryptophan, Brewer’s Yeast and Taurine. These are common ingredients that you would find in a calming supplement for dogs.

Buddy & Lola don’t use a proprietary blend so we can see the specific doses of all the ingredients which are clearly disclosed on the label, which we like to see.

Editor’s note: The information about the ingredients mentioned below were shown on the Buddy & Lola website at the time of publishing.

Price and Where To Buy

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Dog owners who are interested in Buddy & Lola’s Peaceful Pooch have flexibility when it comes to purchasing the calming dog supplement.

You can visit Buddy & Lola’s website where you can make a one-time purchase or subscribe and save 30% on your order.

Dog owners will need to select whether their dog is small, medium, large or extra large and how long they want the Peaceful Pooch to last with options of 60 days, 120 days and 180 days.

Buddy & Lola’s Peaceful Pooch comes in the form of a pouch if you purchase the calming dog supplement directly from their official website rather than another supplier.

For instance, I could expect to pay £34.95 (£0.58 a day) for a 60-day supply for my 7kg Alaskan Klee Kai dog. However, I could make a further saving if I selected an 180-day supply.

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Alternatively, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you may prefer to purchase their Peaceful Pooch calming supplement on the online retailer.

How To Use A Supplement For Dogs

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Buddy & Lola provide clear instructions on how to feed the Peaceful Pooch supplement to your canine companion.

Small dogs can have 1 scoop per day, medium dogs are allowed 2 scoops per day, large dogs can eat 3 scoops per day and 4 scoops per day is the appropriate dosage for an extra-large dog breed.

The scoop is enclosed in the bag and Buddy & Lola recommend simply sprinkling over the correct amount of powder on to your dog’s daily food.

You should always have water available for your dog when they’re eating their dog food with a calming dog supplement.

Side Effects

You should speak to your vet before you decide to introduce a new dog supplement to your pet’s daily diet or not.

It’s also crucial that you carefully read the product’s entire label and take note of the ingredients, feeding guidelines and warnings, before choosing to give it to your dog.

Our Verdict

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

I decided to give Buddy & Lola’s Peaceful Pooch a try to see if it helped my Alaskan Klee Kai dogs. I was pleasantly surprised with the results after a month of regularly giving them the Peaceful Pooch.

To be clear, my mini huskies don’t get spooked by fireworks but they’re prone to separation anxiety so that was my chief motivation when it came to introducing a calming dog supplement to their daily regimen.

Over the course of a 30-day period, I did notice my Klee Kai were more relaxed when I put them in their crate and left them alone for a couple of hours.

Using my pet camera, I could see that they were calmer than usual in their dog crate. While my male Klee Kai would let out a whimper occasionally, they slept for the most part.

Typically when I returned home, my Klee Kai would leave their crate in a less boisterous fashion. I even found them asleep a couple of times which never happened before!

While Peaceful Pooch didn’t cure their separation anxiety, I believed it did make a small difference when it came to promoting a slightly calmer behaviour.

Buddy & Lola Peaceful Pooch Reviews

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Buddy & Lola’s Peaceful Pooch gets an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 based upon 16 reviews on Amazon.

One Amazon customer noticed a difference with their “crazy” Spaniel.

Our crazy Spaniel was so wired all the time. Any little thing would set him off pacing. After only a week on Peaceful Pooch, we can see a difference in him and we hope this continues. We have used the Happy Tummy products for over 6 months and I cannot speak more highly of this brand.

Michael gave a four-star review for the supplement, with his only issue the price.

I have two German Shepherds – one is hyper and gets overexcited when it’s time for a walk and barks at everything when in the car. [I’ve] been using for two weeks now and although she still gets excited she’s not as bad and her barking in the car is getting less so hopefully she will settle more as time goes on. [It] was very easy to use, just added to her food in the morning [and] no problem with her eating it. It’s quite expensive but as you only need three or four scoops it will last a very long time.

Mac believes Peaceful Pooch helped his dogs but questioned the price.

My dog tends to be stressed during travel and vet visits and I must say that this really helps a lot. I have used this a couple of times recently before going to the vet and it works. I haven’t noticed any side effects on my dog and it is easy to use, you just have to sprinkle this on your dog’s food and let them enjoy their meal as usual. To sum it all up, it works and has a good amount of product, but I feel like it’s a bit expensive especially if you will be using this frequently.

Is This The Best Calming Supplement For Dogs?

Buddy & Lola are one of the leading dog supplement companies in the UK at the moment. Their Peaceful Pooch calming supplement appears to be a another good product from this respected and top-rated company.

If you’re looking for a calming supplement for your dog, you could do worse than give the Peaceful Pooch a try. Alternatively, you can check out the best calming supplements for dogs here.

Anything Else To Consider?

We’ve already touched upon this but we can’t emphasise enough that a dog supplement should not be treated as a replacement for a balanced and complete fresh dog food diet.

If you have any questions or concerns about any supplements for dogs, you should speak to your vet to get their advice and guidance.

Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Peaceful Pooch (Photo: Adobe Stock)

We’ve reached the end of our Peaceful Pooch review.

It’s another good product from Buddy & Lola to go along with their Bouncy Bones supplement and Super Tummy probiotic.

In my experience, the Peaceful Pooch did seem to have a calming effect on my two dogs.

While it wasn’t a massive impact, it was noticeable that they were slightly calmer when I returned home.

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