Bounce and Bella Dog Treats Review

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 19 November 2020

Bounce and Bella are a British company providing dog treats for your pups.

They’re aiming to get dog owners in the British Isles to spend more time with their canine companions rather than technology.

Bounce and Bella provide grain free dog training treats to help pet owners reward their furry friends for good behaviour.

These tasty hypoallergenic treats can be used as training treats for dogs of all ages.

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In this review, we’re going to take a look at Bounce and Bella, what type of treats they offer and what customers are saying about these little bites.

Bounce and Bella – The Basics

Bounce and Bella was created by two childhood friends called Darren Clunie and Tom Irvine.

Having spent their childhood playing outside with their dogs, their website explains that they’re now striving to make sure our pooches grow up to be happy and healthy like the rest of the family.

After investigating the amount of sugar, additives and ingredients that go into dog food and dog treats, they decided to create Bounce and Bella to provide a healthy and tasty option.

Their website goes on to explain how having a happy and healthy dog can enrich our lives too, highlighting how they make us happier, healthier, more social.

Bounce and Bella hope to provide dog owners with peace of mind that we’re giving our precious pets the best possible diet.

They follow up on this promise by being completely clear on the ingredients in their food – and showing you exactly what’s in it.

What Treats Do Bounce And Bella Offer?

Bounce and Bella offer grain free treats. Their website explains why:

Grain has never been a natural part of a dogs diet and they struggle to digest it. Grain is used not as a nutrient but as an inexpensive filler to bulk out dog food and treats making it cheaper for big business to produce.

Bounce and Bella go on to add that the benefits of a grain free diet include better digestions, more energy, better breath and healthier skin.

The only ingredients in their poultry training treats are freshly prepared chicken, duck and turkey meat (80%), potatoes and chicken gravy (20%).

They stress that their treats have no additives, no preservatives, no flavourings, no sugars and absolutely no grain (or gluten) to bulk up the food cheaply.

If you dog has a taste for fish, their treats use six different ingredients: fresh salmon, trout, white fish & salmon stock (80%) plus potatoes and sweet potatoes (20%).

These treats include omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D3. These vitamins can help with eye health, immune system functioning, calcium absorption and bone growth and development. Omega-3 fatty acid will help make your dog’s coat thick, shiny and healthy which in turn reduces shedding.

Our Verdict

Bounce and Bella

Bounce and Bella

We tried both Bounce and Bella’s poultry and fish treats, as well as some of their 100% pure beef strips.

As a dog owner who is still training my dogs, I appreciate the small size so I didn’t have to worry about overfeeding my dogs. They were easy to store in my dog training bag for our daily walks.

My Alaskan Klee Kai Skye and Copper were big fans of their Just Fish recipe. I used these as a premium treat during training sessions.

They were less motivated by Just Poultry, but that could be because their regular dog food is chicken. The Just Fish was something a little different.

The 100% Pure Beef Strips were a huge hit and durable enough that they kept Copper and Skye entertained for a little while.

It was great to have peace of mind knowing that the products used natural ingredients and no additives.

Customer Reviews

Bounce and Bella Just Poultry treats have an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 based upon over 870 reviews on online retailer Amazon.

One customer was impressed by the products having been skeptical initially:

My dog goes crazy for these! He’s raw fed so finding training treats can be tricky, but these are ideal being mostly meat with just a little potato added. They are small enough to be given out repeatedly and they must taste great as he couldn’t wait to get started as soon as the packet was opened. I was sceptical that a product could have so many 5-star reviews but it’s true, they really are that good!

A Jack Russell Terrier owner wrote a glowing review on Amazon:

These are the best treats I have ever bought. Excellent quality, no nasty additives or grains, just excellent ingredients. Our pup gets so excited when his delivery of Bella & Bounce arrives and he helps to open the box at speed! The treats are a good size & perfect for training

Their Just Fish dog treats get an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 based upon over 300 reviews on Amazon.

One dog owner revealed just how useful these treats were:

These are the perfect treats for training / walking with a dog that needs constant distractions from picking up rubbish or barking at motorbikes. He sometimes goes through tons of them on a walk and never gains any weight, as they are mainly made of fish and very healthy. We keep a steady supply of them at home and I never leave the house without a bag of them in my pocket.

Another pet parent revealed other dogs love these treats as much as her own:

Small and hard, a bit like a coffee bean, but nice and smelly to your dog (reminds me of Thai fish sauce). I have these in my treat pouch and when in the park I usually quite popular with the other dogs, like a dog only version of Snow White as they follow and stare at me.


You can buy Bounce and Bella’s Just Poultry dog treats for £8.99 on Amazon. If you opt for a five pack, you pay £30.99.

Bounce and Bella’s Just Fish dog treats are also priced at £8.99 on Amazon. To get the best value, you may prefer to buy a five pack for £30.99.

Anything Else To Consider?

Bounce and Bella send a free PDF following purchase of these dog treats.

‘Training with Treats’ will be emailed shortly after your purchase.

It has been written specifically for you and your dog to thoroughly enjoy your time together bonding over tasty treats and fun training.

We considered this to be a nice touch.

In Conclusion

We’ve reached the end of our review of Bounce and Bella dog treats.

My dogs were big fans of these treats, especially the Just Fish recipe. Their an ideal size to bring with you on walks as training treats.

They’ve got glowing five-star reviews, which should give pet owners peace of mind – and they’re natural and additive free.