Best Raw Dog Food 2023

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By helloBARK!
Updated on 5 January 2023

Raw feeding has become increasingly popular amongst pet owners in recent years.

Disclaimer: We must stress that we’re not experts on dog nutrition. You should speak to your local vet or a qualified pet nutritionist before making the switch to a raw diet. This article doesn’t constitute expert, veterinary or medical advice.

It’s something that you’ll regularly see on social media and pet websites as dog owners make the transition to a completely raw diet.

You’ll see many pet parents on Instagram referencing the fact that their canine companion is “raw fed” or “fuelled by raw food”.

Naturally, if you’re a dog owner who is unfamiliar with raw dog food, you’ll have many questions about this type of nutrition.

In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the Best Raw Dog Food options by highlighting a number of companies who are offering the opportunity for pet owners to make the switch to “raw fed”.

Current Top Rated Raw Dog Food

Rating Summary Website
Instinct Instinct • Two lines • Made in USA • No Fillers Buy Now
Stella and Chewy's Stella and Chewy's • Grass Fed • Vet Approved • Organic Fruit or Veg Buy Now
Raw Wild Raw Wild • Elk and Deer • 99.4% meat • Made in USA Buy Now

What Is Raw Dog Food?

A raw dog food diet involves feeding your canine companion raw meat, possibly along with a small amount of fruit and vegetables. The idea behind this is to give your dog a diet that their wolf-like ancestors would have eaten centuries ago.

The types of raw food that you can feed your dog include organ meat, muscle meat, whole or ground bone, raw eggs, dog-safe vegetables, certain dog-safe fruits and berries as well as healthy fats.

Advocates of raw dog food claim that this diet can bring a number of benefits to your pet’s health and wellness.

However, many vets warn against the potential risks involved with feeding your dog a raw diet, such as threats from bacteria and potential bones.

You’ll find that most raw dog food companies follow a 80:10:10 model, which is 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal as well as some added fruit or vegetables. This is often referred to as a BARF dog food diet, aka Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding or Bones and Raw Food.

The idea behind these ratios is that it represents what is called a “whole prey item”, such as a rabbit. However, the modern dog has evolved since their wolf-like ancestors. Therefore, most raw dog food companies will include fruit and vegetables.

There are number of things that dog-safe vegetables can bring to your pet’s diet, such as antioxidants, active bacteria and soluble fibre.

Feeding your dog a raw diet seems to have become a growing trend over the past few years. It’s often viewed as a “natural” option as opposed to kibble. However, there’s no real proof that a raw food diet is better than a dry food.

Potential Risks Of Raw Dog Food

While you’ll find many dog owners who wholeheartedly believe in raw dog food, there are lots of pet parents who prefer to steer clear of this type of nutrition.

The concerns generally stem from number of potential risks associated with raw dog food. As we’ve already mentioned in this article, we recommend contacting your local vet to learn more about the pros and cons of a raw diet so you can make an informed decision. The contents of this article doesn’t constitute medical or veterinary advice.

There are some potential problems and risks that raw dog food can pose, including, but not limited to:

• The bacteria in raw meat can pose a threat to human and dog health. Most raw dog food companies will do a bacteria test on their products, which is preferred to buying meat from your local supermarket or butchers.

• Raw food diets are not recommended in homes with small children or immunocompromised individuals due to the health risk that raw foods can present to members of the household.

It’s important that you are fully aware of the potential risks associated with raw dog food before making a purchase. You can find out more about this by viewing the FDA’s tips and information page about raw pet food.

Best Raw Dog Food

Let’s now take a look at our pick some of the best raw dog food options available at the moment.

1) Instinct by Nature’s Variety

Where to buy:

Puppy Jack Russell Terrier with dogs food (Photo: Adobe)

Puppy Jack Russell Terrier with dogs food (Photo: Adobe)

Who are Nature’s Variety?

Nature’s Variety’s write on their website that they’re on a mission to transform the lives of pets.

They’ve got a lot of experience within the dog food market, having proudly made their food in Lincoln, Nebraska since 2002.

They believe that all pets deserve the best life possible, adding that it starts with food.

Nature’s Variety believe in providing pet parents with the chance to feed their dogs with real food.

They want to stick with what’s natural, simple and pure.

Nature’s Variety add that their food is raw and free from filler, by-product and artificial preservatives.

How does Instinct by Nature’s Variety work?

Unlike Darwin’s Natural Pet Foods, you can’t buy Instinct by Nature’s Variety directly on their website.

Instead, you’ll have to purchase Instinct at an online pet store or at a physical pet store, such as

Nature’s Variety offer a number of different options within the Raw line. These include Raw Signature, Raw, Raw Meals, Raw Boost, Original, Be Natural, Limited and Wet.

Raw Signature and Raw have been minimally processed using real meat, organs and bones, as well as vegetables, fruits and other wholesome ingredients.

Freeze-Dried and Raw Boost provide alternatives for pet parents who want to make a gradual switch to a raw food diet.

Like we mentioned above, you can order Instinct by Nature’s Variety on an online pet store such as

What recipes do Instinct by Nature’s Variety offer?

We’ll dive into some of the options within the Instinct line.

Instinct Raw Signature – Their most distinct recipes that inspire everything they make. Minimally processed, all natural, raw frozen dog food. Made with 95% real meat, organs and bone, 5% vegetables, fruits and other wholesome ingredients.

Instinct Raw – A great introduction to raw frozen dog food. Minimally processed, never cooked, pure, real nutrition – made with 85% meat and organs, 15% vegetables & fruits, vitamins & minerals.

Instinct Raw Freeze-Dried – Upgrade from kibble to freeze-dried raw. Minimally processed, pure, complete nutrition of raw in a convenient freeze-dried form that’s ready to scoop and serve.

Raw Boost – A better way to feed kibble – nutrient-rich food that puts more of the pure, real nutrition of raw in every bowl. Raw Boost kibble puts high protein kibble and freeze-dried raw all in the same bag and Raw Boost Mixers make it easy to add raw to any meal.

Original – Dog food that follows nature’s lead – high protein, grain-free recipes guided by our belief in raw. Made with 70%+ real animal ingredients and nutritious oils, with the pure, real nutrition of raw on every piece.

Be Natural – Where natural dog food nutrition begins: wholesome kibble with freeze-dried raw coating on every piece.

What are customers saying about Instinct by Nature’s Variety?

Instinct by Nature’s Variety get an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on independent website Consumer Affairs.

Louis gave Instinct a glowing five-star review.

Nature’s Variety Dog Food has real meat & fish. It is grain free, inexpensive and great taste & great nutrition. It’s all natural and fortified with vitamins & minerals to support dog’s mental & physical health. It prevents taste fatigue and smells good. It has a good texture. My dog loves it. The only thing I would improve is greater variety & add different sizes of dry food to cover small dogs.

Sharmila shed light on her dog’s passion for this raw food.

I like that it is grain free, all natural and minimally processed. I also like that my dog loves it and feels better because I feed her this food. It is dog food that is meant for dogs and the way dogs are suppose to eat. My dog eats this stuff up.

Any negatives?

You can’t buy Instinct by Nature’s Variety on their website, so you’ll have to visit an online pet store or physical pet store. This may be a slight inconvenience but you can use a website such as

In conclusion

Instinct by Nature’s Variety is a good option for pet parents who are looking to make the switch to a raw food diet.

They use only the best and natural ingredients in their products so you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting minerals and nutrients in their diet.

Like Darwin’s, Nature’s Variety have a wealth of experience in the dog food market, having started in 2004.

Just remember, you can’t order Instinct by Nature’s Variety on their website, but you can purchase any of their Instinct line on

For more information and to buy:

2) Stella & Chewy’s

Where to buy:

Labrador ready for dry food dinner (Photo: Adobe)

Labrador ready for dry food dinner (Photo: Adobe)

Who are Stella & Chewy’s?

Stella & Chewy’s was founded 17 years ago by Marie Moody.

She launched Stella & Chewy’s after being inspired by her dog’s speedy recovery on a new diet.

Starting from a kitchen in a tiny apartment in Manhattan, Stella & Chewy’s has since moved to Wisconsin in order to meet the needs of pet parents around the USA.

Their website explains that they’re committed to making the highest quality and safest food for your pet.

Stella & Chewy’s believe raw is the pinnacle of animal nutrition and that any amount of raw in a dog’s diet will have a meaningful and positive impact.

They offer a unique range of raw products that use pristine ingredients that are thoughtfully and responsibly sourced to meet your canine companion’s unique needs.

How does Stella & Chewy’s work?

You can’t buy Stella & Chewy’s directly from their website, so you’ll have to access an online or physical store.

For instance, respected pet online marketplace have a range of Stella & Chewy’s products for sale on their website if you decide you want to try their raw dog food.

They offer a range of freeze-dried raw food, frozen raw food and raw treats for dogs.

All of Stella & Chewy’s recipes have been approved by three vets: Dr Greg Martinez, Dr Lindsay Butzer and Dr Ashley Geoghegan.

Although you can’t order Stella & Chewy’s food on their website, they do provide a useful overview of the different types of raw food that they can offer pet parents.

Furthermore, they’ve got a product selector that can help recommend which of their products will best suit your dog’s needs. You simply enter their breed, weight, activity level, preferred food type and preferred protein source.

What recipes do Stella & Chewy’s offer?

Stella & Chewy’s offer a range of different options.

Raw Dog Food Patties – 90-95% meat, organs and bone Grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught and farm-raised proteins Pea-Free, Lentil-Free, and Potato-Free Premade and frozen immediately for maximum freshness 100% organic fruits and vegetables (beef, chicken, duck, turkey, lamb, venison and rabbit.

Raw Dinner Morsels – 95% meat, organs and bone Grass-fed, cage-free, and wild-caught proteins Pea-Free, Lentil-Free, and Potato-Free Premade and frozen immediately for maximum freshness Organic fruits and vegetables (beef, chicken, duck, lamb and turkey).

Stella & Chewy’s have other options including Stella’s Solutions, Lil Bites, Meal Mixer Superblends, Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Mixers and Toppers.

What are customers saying about Stella & Chewy’s?

Stella & Chewy’s Raw Dog Food Patties get 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Jill gave their patties a glowing five-star review given her picky eaters love this raw food option.

We recently tried these as a sort of substitute for the Tylee’s brand that has been out of stock. A Chewy employee recommended these patties. My dogs go crazy for them! I have two Teddy Bears that are pretty picky, but I mix these patties with a little water and some wet dog food and the love it!

A dog mom of six revealed her furry friends love Stella & Chewy’s:

I’m blessed to be fur mom of six. My oldest is a terrier of 17 years. It is my goal to do everything i can to keep him with me as long as i can in good health. I just received food today mixed two burgers with current food and gave to my precious boy, christian. He loved it. Cleaned his bowl.

Any negatives?

We couldn’t really find any negatives to Stella & Chewy’s raw food options. Arguably it would be more convenient if you could order directly from their website. However, if you place an order of Stella & Chewy’s through, you can add some extra items to your basket.

In conclusion

Stella & Chewy’s are a great option from dog parents who are looking to make the switch to a raw-fed diet.

They’ve got a good variety of options to meet the needs of most pet parents, whether you’d prefer patties, kibble, toppers and morsels.

Stella & Chewy’s have a wealth of experience given they’ve been creating their unique raw food over 17 years ago.

While their website has a lot of great information about their products, you’ll need to visit or another online pet store to place an order.

For more information and to place an order:

3) Raw Wild

Where to buy:

Who are Raw Wild?

Raw Wild explain on their website that they started their company because they believe there’s a vast difference between manufactured chow and small batch nourishment.

They designed their food to meet your dog’s special needs through a complete, raw dog food diet.

Raw Wild explain that they use nothing but raw elk and venison meet in their recipes, along with a mixture of essentials vitamins and minerals.

Their website even goes as far as to reveal where their protein is sourced: deep in the rocky mountain west, there’s elk and deer who spend their entire lives grazing on wild plants, grasses and drinking from springs.

Raw Wild shed further light on the ingredients in their raw food, explaining that it’s 99.4% wild elk and deer but without organ meat. They decided against adding organ meat from domestically raised animals in order to avoid contamination fo their wild food.

They’ve got a unique selling point with regards to the fact that they use 100 per cent wild game which is completely unprocessed.

How does Raw Wild work?

Raw Wild provide a dog food calculator to help ascertain how much raw dog food you require to feed your canine companion.

They asked for your dog’s weight to calculate the suggested daily portion and the monthly amount of raw food they need.

Based upon the suggest daily portion, you’ll receive a quote for a month’s worth of food.

Raw Wild provide the option to set up a reoccurring order that can save you some money.

Your food will be shipped within three days or less to ensure their high standards of quality and freshness is met.

What recipes do Raw Wild offer?

Raw Wild offer one simple recipe that is made from 100 per cent organic elk and venison meat raised wild in the rocky mountains.

In their description, Raw Wild provide a list of ingredients: 99.4% wild elk and deer, 0.6% vitamins and minerals, meat/bone ratio is 85-87%/13-15%. There are no organs, no growth hormones, no antibiotics, no preservatives, no fillers, corns, grains or rice and no animal byproducts.

What are customers saying about Raw Wild?

Raw Wild have a review section on their website that list 19 reviews, receiving an average of five stars.

Cynthia gave a glowing review of Raw Wild’s raw dog food.

Raw Wild has been a great addition for my dog. She has food allergies and is on Ultamino dry food and then we supplement with Raw Wild. Feeding raw does not flare up her food allergies the way processed dog foods seem. And she LOVES it!

Andrea shed light on just how crazy her dog is about Raw Wild:

My dog went crazy for Raw Wild. The food actually looks like raw meat instead of the light brown bars that I usually get for my dogs. I will be ordering more

Any negatives?

Unlike some of the other raw dog food companies that we’ve taken a look at here, Raw Wild only offer one recipe. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In conclusion

Raw Wild have a adopted a wild approach to raw dog food.

Their high quality food is 99.4% elk and deer, supplemented by minerals and vitamins.

Unlike other regular brands of dog food, you won’t find any growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, fillers, corns, grains, rice and animal byproducts.

By using their short and simple questionnaire, you can get an idea of how much of Raw Wild’s food you’ll need to satisfy your dog’s needs based upon their weight.

For more information and to order:

Anything Else To Consider?

As we have mentioned numerous times, this article doesn’t constitute professional advice and shouldn’t be taken as such.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to a raw-fed diet, we highly recommend you consult your vet to learn more about the potential risks associated with raw dog food.

Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our article on the best raw dog food.

There are an array of options available to pet parents in the USA so it can be difficult or overwhelming to select the best one for your pooch.

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products are one of the leading providers of raw food, with a lot of experience and the ability to create a customised plan.

If you want a raw and wild approach, you may want to consider Raw Wild. They’ve got one recipe but we like that their food is source from wild elk and deer without any domestically raised animal organs.

Alternatively, Stella & Chewy’s have 17 years of experience in the raw dog food market and they’ve got a number of different options in their creative and versatile range.